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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Passions'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Terrible Triangle Tangle

    Thursday, October 19 2006
    Ethan does not get his man, Theresa's actions puzzle Gwen, Endora brings Kay and Miguel back to life, and Sam suspects Spike is blackmailing Jessica.

    Inside the police station, Sam apologizes to his son for arresting him. Noah understands he did what he had to do as chief of police. Paloma wants to go after Spike now. Sam drops the news that both Spike and Jessica moved out of the house. He doesn't know where they are or even worse, what they're doing.

    Noah is outraged. Paloma is frustrated. Sam has taken precautions to have them followed. He is certain Spike has something on her to keep her under his thumb. Paloma's mind goes back when she discovered Jessica's secret. She remembers the blood-smeared knife and Jessica's confession.

    Jessica is under Spike's thumb

    Spike and Jessica are on the back streets of Harmony. Jessica is in her working clothes. Spike is pimping her to whoever will pay. Jessica doesn't want to turn any more tricks and begs Spike not to make her. Spike threatens to tell her father how she murdered the johns if she doesn't. Spike yanks her to make her focus. It's either the gas chamber or prostitution. He sees two potential customers and sends Jessica over to them.

    Sam, Paloma and Noah show up just as Spike is paid by Jessica's johns for services rendered. Sam calls out his daughter's name. Spike and Jessica look across at them. Spike rubs it in their face about what Jessica was doing. Jessica looks pained and helpless.

    Miguel and Kay are still inside Endora's head. Miguel doesn't want to discuss Charity. Kay's the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Kay believes it is important that they do. What would he do if Charity suddenly showed up in Harmony?

    Tabitha watches Miguel and Kay in the magic bowl. Tabitha observes that the course of this love isn't completely smooth. No matter how romantic the setting, mortals seem to muck it up. Endora's bubble says "mortals drool, witches rule." Tabitha agrees that "we witches wouldn't ever subject ourselves to anything as demeaning as love."

    Miguel would choose Kay even if Charity was standing right in front of him. She is his soul mate. Charity was just infatuation. Kay is swayed by Miguel's declarations of love.

    Tabitha watches with concern for poor Fox. She pleads with Endora to bring them back to reality before it's too late. Endora finally decides to bring them back. She uses her magic but nothing happens. It worries Tabitha. She's afraid the two will be stuck in Endora's head forever!

    Tabitha doesn't know what to do. She yells to Kay that she will be rescued soon and not to forget Fox. Kay pulls away from Miguel. She isn't sure if she should believe Miguel. Her marriage to Fox is still on. Miguel continues to woo her away from Fox.

    Kay is in limbo

    Even though the cars are in the driveway at Tabitha's, Fox does not suspect Kay of cheating on him. Julian is not so sure. He convinces Fox to look for Miguel, certain that he will find Kay in his arms. Fox first checks Miguel's room. No one is there. Proof positive to Julian that she is with Miguel. He advises son to find Miguel and take care of him once and for all.

    Fox comes downstairs with Julian. He wants to know where Kay went. Tabitha repeats the story about going to the store for milk. Fox isn't giving up. He is going to call the store. If she's not there, he's going to search the house again. Julian lingers behind. He reaches out to Endora. Tabitha stops him. She orders him away from her daughter. Julian goes but not before he informs her that he wants to be a part of Endora's life. Tabitha vows she will never allow that to happen.

    Fox returns to his father. He checked the attic and didn't find the pair. Julian continues to compare his lost love to Fox's relationship with Kay. Fox decides to keep searching in the house for Kay. Julian leaves to talk with Tabitha again.

    Julian catches Tabitha and her magic bowl full of bubbles. Tabitha explains it's a science project for Endora. She got it off the internet. Julian accepts the explanation. He is there just to repeat his determination to be part of Endora's life. Tabitha repeats her vow that he won't.

    Once the men are gone, Endora tries to bring Kay and Miguel back again. Gray bubbles appear. The magic is working. The bubbles appear in the fairy tale place, also. Miguel begins to fade away but Kay is still solid. Tabitha warns Endora to notch up her magic before Kay is stuck in limbo inside her head.

    Endora gets the magic to work. Both Kay and Miguel are fading from the fairy tale place. They return to reality, together, naked and in a bubble bath. Fox just happens to be outside the bathroom door. He hears their noises. He knocks on the door and calls out Kay's name.

    Ethan stands guard over Rebecca. He's found her in a pile of dirty laundry. Another body struggles beneath. Ethan is certain it's J.T. He declares that "the truth is finally going to come out."

    Theresa and Jared arrive at the scene. She asks what's going on. Ethan answers that Theresa was right all along. J.T. and Rebecca did know each other.

    Gwen fears that once J.T. spills to Ethan that is was her and her mother that revealed his true paternity to him, her marriage will be over. Theresa is afraid that J.T. will also expose Ethan as Little Ethan's real daddy and she will lose her son.

    Jared is concerned about Theresa. She looks like she is on death row. Theresa turns down his offers to help. She is resigned to whatever happens. "There's nothing that anyone can do." Gwen notices the somber look on Theresa's face, too. She doesn't get it.

    Rebecca gets to her feet and runs to Gwen. Gwen remarks to her mother that Theresa looks scared. Instead of enjoying this moment of disclosure. Rebecca sees it too.

    Ethan's untangles the man from the sheets and it's not J.T. It is a bellhop.

    He interrogates the bell hop. He can't believe he is the person he saw on the ledge. The bellhop tells him that it must have been his friend Alberto. He went that away. Rebecca backs up his story. Ethan has to admit that he never actually saw the man's face. That proves that it wasn't J.T. then, Gwen says.

    Apart from the couples, Rebecca slips the bellhop a tip for lying so beautifully.

    Ethan swears he thought it was J.T. Theresa reminds him he didn't see his face. He asks if he could talk to her in private. Gwen doesn't like the sound of that. She wants Ethan to come back to their hotel room. Ethan promises he will after he speaks with Theresa. Gwen and Rebecca hang back so they can eavesdrop on the conversation. They can't figure out her game.

    Ethan is confused. Why wasn't Theresa as eager as he was to catch J.T. What's going on with her? It's like she's given up entirely.

    Theresa can't say what the problem is. Ethan thinks it has something to do with why she made him trustee in her will. It's not making any sense to him.
    Theresa does want him to find J.T. It will change her life when he does but her excuse for her actions is that she is just plain tired. Besides it wasn't J.T. after all. Why would he want to come back to Harmony anyway?

    Ethan thought she wanted this as much as he did. Did she? She thought if the truth came out she would finally have him. But after all the years of loving Ethan and fighting to get him, she realizes it was never going to happen.

    Gwen watches and sees that Ethan is still in love with Theresa.

    Theresa suggest that they all go back to their rooms and their other partners. Ethan gives her one more chance to tell him what's going on. She doesn't use it. After he walks away, Theresa says out loud "I love you but the price is too high." Gwen hears her and wants to know what price Theresa is talking about.

    Jared joins Theresa in the hallway. Gwen and Rebecca comes up to them and ask about Ethan. Ethan appears. He has been apologizing to everybody and now it's their turn. He was wrong. It wasn't J.T. that he saw. Jared just wants to get back to his room with Theresa. The couples split. Gwen turns around and looks at Theresa. What is Theresa up to, Gwen wonders
    Theresa stares back at Gwen. "As much as I hate you, Gwen, as much as I wanted Ethan, it wasn't worth losing my son's future." she thinks to herself.

    Next on Passion
    Fancy and Luis have a chance meeting in the night, Gwen confronts Theresa, and Fox is in the bathroom with Kay while Miguel hides underwater.

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    Posted by de yandr fan at Thursday, October 19 2006 02:25 PM

    I liked this show when it first started; however, its going down hill fast. Prostitution is soap operas is not new but the degrading way Jessica is presented is disgusting. The other storylines in the show are decent but the writers should be a little creative and find some new plots for the show. The triangles are stupid when they aren't ever resolved. Let Theresa have Ethan then only to discover he loves Gwen really, etc.....

    Posted by passionslover at Thursday, October 19 2006 03:15 PM

    I just want Gwen And Rebecca to get exposed. Damn, enough already...I wanna get this over with. Writers are taking too long

    Posted by Nadeen at Thursday, October 19 2006 03:16 PM

    So I have been watching this show for the past eight years; and it's a shame that I can watch an episode every month and figure out what's going on. The dialogue is the same every day. Kay has been in that outfit for the past three weeks. How many ways can you deliver the same line? How long are the story lines going to go on for?
    The storyline doesnt bring any suspense if I can come back a month later and there's no resolution. The whole point is to trap me in to watch it every day so that I won't miss anything.
    Please stop making the characters so naiive about what's going on in their lives. It's a show, but make it realistic.


    Posted by margaretann at Thursday, October 19 2006 06:32 PM

    GET CAUGHT....

    Posted by cookie21 at Thursday, October 19 2006 06:52 PM

    i agree i thank kay and fox should get married and move on with there lives. And I also wish Ethan would live Gwen and be with Thersha. And i wish Thersha will finally realize she owns crane so everyone is gone to listen to her so that mean she should be able to get the baby back and keep lil Ehan.

    Posted by anxiousfan at Thursday, October 19 2006 10:33 PM

    I wish they would stop dragging this story along, and just let ethan find jt, they should just do that then drag along if theresa is going to get back with ethan. She most likely is going to get him back, if he or when he finds out he aint gona stay with gwen. gwen needs to get wat she deserves, jessica needs to stop actin like a wuss and just hope she dont go to jail and get away from spike.. they are just dragging everything along too slow.And sherridan needs to find out that chris is a crook and sherridan niece need some meat on her bones.. lol and she should get back with noah.. they taking too long i shouldnt be able to walk around tha house and not miss nething, if they are dragging this along til they get some ideas, they should get some help from the viewers.

    Posted by sandee1977 at Friday, October 20 2006 08:01 AM

    Isn't the actress that plays Gwen pregnant??? Is she leaving the show? Thats why the secret is close to coming out??? Theresa finally deserves to be happy, and Jared is fiiiiiinnnne!!!!! Now Sheridan...Chris is fiinnnne too. But so is Luis. I want to know what she'll do once Fancy and Luis get close and committed, and find out that as fine as he is Chris is a crook. James is not is and he is working for Alistair. I think she'll committ suicide. We all know how emotional Sheridan is. But maybe this will make her stronger. Look even the softer side (I loved him that way) is hardening. If the writers can read my mind. The two bitter siblings will be a force to be reckoned with. Alistair will probably have to stay dead because he will be when he comes back.

    Posted by sandee1977 at Friday, October 20 2006 08:12 AM

    Oh and I forgot to ask don't Ivy feel bad about whats going on with Jessica. The only Character that really needs to be exposed is IVY!!!!!!! Poison Ivy needs an antedote. She has part in everything thats going on. Kay should just expose her. Her actions with Miguel may cause her to lose Fox anyway. Man then poor Ethan will be devastated. Both of the blonds in his life are frauds. Tsk tsk.....

    Posted by natara at Saturday, October 21 2006 11:30 AM

    i really want kay for miguel but it's seems as if his love is fake so please bring back charity.why is the secret taking so long to come out

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