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    There is Finally Harmony in Harmony.

    Thursday, August 07 2008
    Everyone gets a happy ending as the book on Passions closes.

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    Posted by Mike and Eric Martsolf at Sunday, August 10 2008 09:27 AM

    FIANLLY, the show ended the way i wanted it too...ethan and theresa got married, gwen and rebecca were exposed for the "scheming, caniving, manupulative witches that they are. Although I wish that Luis would of ended up with Sheridan, but he's happy with Fancy.

    How i wish I could have seen the last epsisode too, but because i don't have direc tv or the superchannel: I was unable to watch it and only seen the epsidoes divided into 4 parts on youtube.

    I also wish that Simone, Grace (who could of showed up alive)Whitney and Charity should have been there too. Not to mention Martin, he could have gave his daughter away, that's too bad, he missed her wedding, and Katherine, she could of seen her granddaughter getting married.


    Posted by Mike and Eric Martsolf at Sunday, August 10 2008 09:28 AM

    Sure I'd love to see it!!

    Posted by capt.wife at Sunday, August 10 2008 10:14 AM

    Passions was a great show and will be missed by many. I'm just glad that Teresa and Ethan finally got there happy ending. Paloma and Noah looked grat together. I'm also glad that Luis is happy with Fancey. I loved watching Passions and hope they show reruns from the begining. I was happy with the ending. But wish Passions could have stayed on the air.

    Posted by thinkerbell at Sunday, August 10 2008 03:00 PM

    i have watched passions since the beginnin and their finally getin married that was totally obvious i love both of then their my fav couple and im glad it ended wit a happy endin

    yeah gwen and rebecca got wat they deserve should have benn carful before confessin all that stuuf

    im wonderin hoo gwen mas married 2 besides ethan

    how can hearin a donkey make it to a happy ending stupid rebecca and wats rong wit gwen shes never been over ethan this fast before and now in 10 mintes shes prepared to date a super ugllii guy should get divorced first

    i liked juanita's role she defintly got crazyy she kills anyone hoo aint listenin to her her henchman was even scared if her

    and i just loved the tape where gwen and rebcca werw admittin everythin ethan seemed preety disgusted and i can believe gwen had evn the idea to say its a fake

    and where does ivy get off telling rebecca that rebecca is an accessory to murder apperently so is ivy she was an an accessory murder to graces standish's depth also sams and graces divorce

    i watched the tape confession and theresa;s wedding about 3 times i just loved it

    before takin care of jonathan they should probably do a DNA test well gwen lied soo much hoo can believe anythin she has to say i would do a DNA test for my sake and ethan's and the child's well jonathan

    Posted by thinkerbell at Sunday, August 10 2008 03:04 PM

    DIXIEBABY omg thats soo sweet yeah and i would love it and u know wat it was a grat show and episode and i really loved and i honestly am gonna miss it i tought it would never end i hope general hospital and bold and beautiful never end it would hurt me well from bold and beautiful theres still tops modeles well its the french for bold and beautiful and its kinda behind bold and beautiful so much happend since taylor's depth and taylor is still dead on tops modeles------------ sorry if i talk too much aka i love passions and im one of yr greatest fans and im truly gonna miss it good bye passions and know that i have watched it since the beginnin

    Posted by thinkerbell at Sunday, August 10 2008 03:05 PM

    guys u read the comments just soo u know sorry if i tlk too much hope im not borin its just that i love talkin and since i love passions, general hospital and bold and beautidul soo much and i know a lot of each one of em its very easy for me to talk bout it soo hope im not boring and enjoy the comments

    Posted by thinkerbell at Sunday, August 10 2008 03:07 PM

    well the finale episode u can watch it on youtube all u have to do is go on youtube and wright passions finale

    Posted by thinkerbell at Sunday, August 10 2008 03:16 PM

    tabithas line is a bit weird all those years where she hated god and all that and now she suddently believes in him and gave up her powers honestly wow and since theresa had her secret i knew that ethan would forgive her but gwen i knew he wouldnt unless hes crazy.... theresa ethan im gonna miss u guys u guys had the best line and the best chemistry onlli ethan for a men u fell in theresa;s arms to easiliy but still was hot i just loved where gwen got crazy cux ethan cared for theresa and i just loved all the fights between theresa and gwen ethan must have been toutched all that attention.....

    im a huge fan of theresa and ethan and i love u guys and im gonna miss u i hope yr gonna join GH OR B&B it will be worth it

    all this talk bout faith really paid off

    Posted by thinkerbell at Sunday, August 10 2008 03:37 PM

    by the way anyone interested on where to check passions cuz they aint got direct tv is a great place to looke the part are kinda divided in 4 parts but if u want the last episode u have to wright passions finale and it has 5 parts

    Posted by thinkerbell at Sunday, August 10 2008 03:40 PM

    itsw true that theresa wanted to die fore than and honestly i was thinkin the same thin i mean thin bout yr children ethan was already dead from the poison mushroom and theresa gertrude was the onlii one stickin round for her children and when suddently the bomb was gonna go the bomb that juantia planted she suddently remembered bout her children soo she is not an unfit mother she cared but she loved ethan and can u blame her tha guy is hoot and cute

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