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    There is Finally Harmony in Harmony.

    Thursday, August 07 2008
    Everyone gets a happy ending as the book on Passions closes.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, January 12 2012 11:41 AM

    Poor Brooke, she seemed so disappointed about the clot in Steffy's brain. She can't wait to upset her and tell her Liam is Mope's destiny

    If Amber was such a great designer, why did she have to steal designs. Lord help us if Rick has to draw in front of Ridge and Eric. I don't think stick figures are going to cut it.

    Brooke was showing all her dentures when Eric welcomed Rick to the Design team.

    Why did Mope feel the need to follow Liam all over the plane. Mope, if you want to help trying keeping your face and tongue out of Liam's. And stop with the private hugs. You are sending mix signals but of course you like to tease. Bill, can you shove her off the plane without a parachute?

    Liam, Steffy is not the only that lied, you did too. Did you tell her about thinking of Mope all the while you were on your honeymoon with her. Did you tell her about the kisses and hugs?

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, February 14 2012 11:14 AM

    Listen to Ridge telling Lima Bean he should not be married to anyone right now. Or at least wait the six months. Then here comes Rick, saying some of this is Liam's fault. What is in the water. These two were actually making sense today.

    I tell you, those Beverly Hillbillies can't stand someone taking ther man. But it's ok for them to take yours. I wish Steffy had taken a photo of that homewrecking trash kissing her husband and posted in online for her so called fans to see. Miss Morality she's not. I called her T.I.T. when she first came onto the show. She did not fool me one bit with her so called goody-two shoes arse.

    Mope said Liam will still love her in six months so Steffy asked her what was she so worried about. It ain't like she was going to give it up to Liam on their wedding night. Even with mommie dearest giving her some of her best tips.

    NOpe was all giddy when Liam said it was his choice to marry her dufus arse today. Then she asked Steffy was she listening. Well them Lima Bean said Steffy had the right to demand a divorce and Mope started moaning and groaning. Steffy should have asked her if she was listening to what Liam just said.

    Heart attack seemed surprised that Ridge would take acception to her speaking badly about his daughter. I guess she would be, Lord knows her daddy could care squat about her. Ridge asked the dummy if she would want Liam to be with Hope with only half his heart. I can answer that. Sure she would. She is doing the same with Bill. She has half Bill's heart and Steffy has the other half.

    Steffy told LIam she did not want a settlement. That is another way she is different from the HOgans. That is how they got all their money. Steffy marries for love not money or what's in it for her. The HOgan, aka Beverly Hillbilies are nothing but golddiggers and hypocrites.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, February 21 2012 10:56 AM

    Rick honey give it up. Steffy is not that into you.
    Just like Lima Bean is not that into Mope.

    Dang, Mope is still staring at that signature. I'm surprised she could read.

    Brooke said Rick's heart was in the right place when he was trying to help his baby sister. Stephanie said he didn't have a heart. I missed you Stephanie. And Stephanie was right telling Hogan that Mope was too young to get married so soon. And if they are so much in love, six months shouldn't matter.

    Liam, if you want everybody to stay out of your business why don't you tell them that. You had no trouble telling dear old daddy.

    Ooops, Lima Bean just saw his wife out with Rick. He didn't look too happy. Jealous much?

    Bean left Mope's table to talk to Steffy. He tried to apologize about Rick and the annulment papers. Steffy said she could take care of herself and called him on his jealousy. Right now that six months might as well be six years for old Bean Boy.

    Wow, Mope asked Rick if he was coming through to her and lied when Liam asked her about it. This is a family of pimps. Mope is pimping out her brother and Brooke and Katie are pimping out Mope.

    I do believe Rick was sincere when he told Steffy he was sorry for trying to trick her. And said he apologized for what happened with her Phoebe.

    Steffy, you should have slapped Mope for walking up to you. She said Steffy is messing up her image and her career also with her so called fans. It's Mope's world and everybody else just lives in it. But my girl shut her down. Go Steffy, Go!! Now Hopey, go back to your table and drink your milk.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, March 19 2012 11:05 AM

    Here we go again. Madame Brooke is asking Hope if she boinked Liam last night. And it doesn't bother her that she had to pop pills to do the do.

    And I thought the doctor said it was only a couple of pills in that bottle. Seems like a lot more.

    Lima Bean sure was upset to see his destiny was going out of town. He didn't look too happy.

    I'm glad that Taylor caught Tramp and mini Tramp gloating about Steffy leaving town. If Lima Bean is so happy, what does it matter if Steffy is in town or not. Things that make you go, hmmmm.

    Ahhh, Liam said he can't imagine not having Steffy in his life. Too bad dumb and dumber didn't hear that.

    My girl Taylor set the record straight about Steffy not tricking Liam into marriage. And Hope, you are committing adultery. Look it up in the dictionary if you know how to spell it. It really shows how dumb you are Mope.

    And why did she have to go see Steffy in her office? Oh that's right, to gloat. And keep screaming about living in sin with a married man. It won't be a secret for long.

    I knew that those pills would fall out of Dufus purse. I wish Steffy would mix some ex-lax in them.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, March 27 2012 12:59 PM

    I wish John would tell Kate that Carly was snooping in her office. Then let Connie come out to kick her hippy arse.

    I can't believe that Johnny still wants to get with Kate/Connie. The last time that happened, it didn't go too well. She might bring him up on attempted rape charges.

    Hey McBain, I got some info on the gun found in Kate's office. Come fly into my window and I will tell you about it, you sexy bat. I left the window up for ya!

    I don't know who's holding my little sweet Robin, but I hope they give her the HIV medicine she needs. Did Lisa have a twin?

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, May 15 2012 01:24 PM

    I knew when they showed that annoying Molly that my Shawn would be on, along with T.J. If I have to put up with Molly to get my Shawn on, well, so be it.

    Someone should remind Starr that if Cole had not been running from the law he would still be alive. He should have been in jail where he belonged and her daughter would be alive today.

    Well it appears that Molly and T.J have gotten a lot closer off camera.

    And who is running Kate's magazine? And Kate it only takes a few seconds to tell that annoying Starr that your alter shot out the tires. Trust me, she knows all about alters. Her aunt has about four or five living inside her.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, May 16 2012 12:59 PM

    All Fake Todd does is walk around butting in everyone's conversation and make threats. Hell I'm a woman and I could kick his arse.

    As I stated yesterday. Starr Hope and Cole would be alive if he weren't running from the law. He killed a man. He is faking his death. Which means he is running from the law. If he wasn't, he would have turned himself in. Last I saw he broke out of jail.

    Glad Patrick is back at work. Poor Matt. I'm gonna miss him. He is so cute.

    Can't wait to see the scenes for Tracy and Anthony tomorrow. She came at him with a blow torch.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, May 17 2012 12:59 PM

    How come the police is not asking how is it possible for Cole to have died twice. I guess now they know he was on the run. If he hadn't broken out of jail, he would be alive along with his daughter. And not on the streets running into crazy Anthony. And Starr should be arrested as his accomplice. Glad she was denied bail.

    Who is Fake Todd to blackmail Sonny. Idiot, Kate would be found not guilty by reason of insanity just like your coo coo nest arse.

    Mack said the D.A.'s office will look foolish when the truth comes out. If anybody knows, Mack does. He has been looking foolish for years.

    Loved the scenes with Luke, Spanky Buns and Anthony.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, June 01 2012 01:03 PM

    This was the best episode I've have seen in a long time.

    So big bad Sonny gave Frankenstare orders to get rid of John McBain. And he needs two men to do it. Jason aka Frankenstare, if you are so big and bad, do it yourself. Face John like a man and not a weasel. And remind me once again how you are so much better than Franco. You are both killers.

    You have just really messed it up with Sam. John was getting help for her and her baby. Whom he delivered. When they arrest both you and Sonny for what happened to John, y'all will be looking like dumb and dumber.

    And how many people have you blabbed to, telling them Sam was raped. But let her confide in John and the world comes to an end.

    Johnny told Dante that Anthony was dead. How would he know. Just because two drops of blood was found. Johnny is playing the hurt grandson to the hilt.

    Never thought it would be MY TODD and Tea's baby that would die. I thought it would be Sam's. Will fake Todd switch the babies or will it be Heather, again.

    What got into Carly? She made a whole lot of sense.

    Glad I didn't have to listen to Kristina today. Who knew her character could get worse.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, June 13 2012 01:00 PM

    Oh Lord, Connie/Kate thinks she is seventeen years old. Someone give old girl a mirror.

    Please don't make me suffer and have to endure Starr's singing. And she thinks Johnny is the answer to all her problems and he is really the cause of them.

    Scar Face, aka Fake Todd told Carly the truth. Every time a man says no more secrets, he has more secrets. And loved how he laughed at Carly when he said Johnny was a tattle tale.

    Jason had a lot of nerve saying if Ewen doesn't treat Elizabeth right he would have to answer to him. You mean like you treated your wife right. You unemotional jerk.

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