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    There is Finally Harmony in Harmony.

    Thursday, August 07 2008
    Everyone gets a happy ending as the book on Passions closes.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, April 08 2011 11:57 AM

    Anybody want to chip in with me and buy both Robert Ford and Brody a shirt? Jumps, I know you are in.

    Awww, John told Kelly she looked pretty. He use to lie and tell that to Gnata-lie.

    I'm gonna miss Marty. She asked John if Nata-lie knew him and Kelly. Then she said, must not because Kelly is still standing. Marty child, Nata-lie is all lip service. And if she ever shut her lips, Marty might tell her what she wants to hear about her baby. But Gnata-lie's gums, keep bumping and bumping and bumping. I don't blame Marty, I wouldn' tell the tramp a thang.

    Aubrey asked the question of the day. Why does Joey care about who Kelly is seeing.

    Papa Smurf is worried about Jessica and Ford when he needs to be worried about Cutter. I bet he won't punch on Cutter the way he does tht wussy boy Ford.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, April 08 2011 01:03 PM

    Who is Carly to lecture Brenda on mother hood? Glad Brenda called her on it. Mother of the year, Carly is not. Brenda told her she uses her kids to manipulate the men in her life and that is so true. I could have sworn that Carly had stripped Sonny of his parental rights. I guess it depends on which day you ask her.

    Carly said she has history with Sonny. So does Brenda. Her history with Sonny is longer than Carly's is.

    And Brenda was right to get on Sonny about having a key to their house. Instead of Brenda asking to ban Carly from the house, she should have been asking Sonny to take her key away. Carly needs to ring the door bell and if Brenda wants to entertain the NUT, she can let her in. And if she lets her in, Carly needs to respect Brenda, in Brenda's house.

    Luke instead of trying to punish your father, why don't you work on getting street lights in Elizabeth's neighborhood.

    And is Luke really going to blow up the Haunted Star? Tracy will kill him.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, April 11 2011 11:05 AM

    Steffy was right when she told Bill, it's gonna happen. Bill is Steffy's destiny.

    'Bout time Katie moved in with one of her sisters. But she needs to stop listening to Donna. She should have taken the phone call from her husband. Donna would have taken the call from Justin. If she keeps taking advice from Donna, she might has well gift wrap Bill for Steffy. But as the Logan lovers like to say, you can't steal someone, if he doesn't want to go.

    Brooke told Ridge that Hope was back with Oliver. Ridge asked was Oliver back in the picture and Brooke asked him if he had a problem with Oliver. Tramp, you slept with the boy. Hell yes Ridge has a problem with Oliver. You have to be a straight up Ho to ask a question like that.

    And Hope told a big lie today. She told Tawny she had friends. Where?

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, April 11 2011 11:41 AM

    I'm so sick of Nata-lie and her five gallon head. Stop using your baby to get John back trampie. He does not want you. Take your spring board legs and move along. You only have yourself to blame. You told lie after lie. Now she says, maybe they should move on. YOU THINK!!

    And I'm sick of Brody too. Getting all in Ford's face asking him if he kissed Jessica. Heck, the entire town of Llanview has kissed Jess/Tess. Move along munchkin, before someone drops a house on you.

    Kelly got Joey good when she told Joey she was with somebody else and he can't take it. Right in front of Aubrey. It's obvious he was jealous and almost admitted to making love with Kelly in front of his wife.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, April 13 2011 10:55 AM

    Why doesn't Tramp in Training stay home and leave Liam alone. She claims she does not want to see him anymore but it's Tuesday so it Liam's date with the tongue. She told him he has to move on and so she kisses him again. The the Heaven's opened up and Hope The Great says, she has forgiven him. So let it be written, so let it be done. Liam now has permission from the Chose One, to move on with his life.

    How dare Ridge give shares to Thomas and not Steffy. Isn't that what all the Taylor haters said about her. Let's see them outranged over this. Can't wait to hear all the hypocrisy that will be dished out. Better put on some boots.

    And do we have two Brookes? Yesterday she was on Eric and Thomas's side about the line, today it's Ridge. Is she so old she can't remember what she says from one day to the next. Then she said Thomas was talented it's in his genes, or did she mean jeans?

    Did I hear Dayzee right? She said she wants to be Thomas's girlfriend. And Summer walked in on their liplock. She didn't look too happy. Dayzee looked cute in that dress.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, April 13 2011 01:02 PM

    I can't believe they have not done a dna test on Lucian yet. What are they waiting on.

    Sonny told Dante he didn't want to raise another kid. I Didn't know he raised the last ones. But Sonny if you love the mother, the kids come with her. She's accepted yours.

    What did Dante hope to gain by telling Sonny what Johnny was up to. Now Sonny knows that Johnny got that rapist out on bail to attack Abby, and that Michael would be gunning for him. Nothing good could come from this. Sonny needs to tell Michael this then Michael will have nothing to do with Johnny and will not go to work for him.

    And what's up with Steve. He won't let Elizabeth come back to work, because she might be a danger to the patients. But he will let psyco Lisa, the Freak of the Week work there. Go figure.

    Well big mouth Maxie has read the dna results. Won't be long before the entire town finds out.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, April 14 2011 11:05 AM

    Katie if you had an active brain cell in your head, don't listen to your two bimbo sisters. It's ok for them to support their husbands but you can't support yours. Go home to your husband, if you don't, Brooke will be there to comfort him.

    Katie brought up Storm's rage and the incident when he shot her. Donna called it an accident. But Bill's rage is inexcusable. Talk about double standards. I love how they always have an excuse for all their mess ups.

    I don't understand how Katie didn't leave with Bill after his passionate speech. I would have jumped on his damn back and said giddy up!!!

    I had to laugh at Liam trying to give Bill advice about his marriage, when he can't tell if he boinked a girl or not.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, April 18 2011 01:11 PM

    Suzanne was telling Sonny the truth about Brenda. Brenda will leave Sonny if she thinks her son, who now appears to not be her son, is in danger because of Sonny.

    I told Brenda to get a dna test done. Suzanne don't like you. You killed her son, why would she bring you back yours.

    And what's up with Carly. She wants Sam to give Jason another baby. You can't replace one child with another one. Carly is a mother, she should know better. If Micahel would have died and someone told her she could have another baby to replace him, she would have cursed that person up one side and down the other.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 19 2011 10:57 AM

    Hope told Liam she can't go on this way. That makes two of us. I'm so sick of her. But those were some beautiful flowers Liam gave her. Then she told Oliver she want to let him know where things stand. Then they went to a commerical. Were we suppose to be on pins and needles, waiting in suspense until the commercial was over? Because I could care less.

    Hope needs to be by herself for a few months. Stop jumping from relationship to relationship. Then in a few more months she will find out the Oliver is the father of Amber's baby. Then she will jump back into a relationship with Liam. Tool in Training.

    Well, Thomas got his shares and more money for his line. He should be very happy. And why was Brooke standing by Thomas when he was making his speech? Just asking a question Logan lovers, don't get bent out of shape. I just seemed weird. But she was over-joyed when Ridge told her she was going to Australia with her boy toy. Don't fall asleep on the plane Brooke.

    When Brooke was undressing Ridge she had a scary look on her face. Was that suppose to be sexy? Because she scared me. And that AARP sex was making me ill. It's a wonder Brooke's legs didn't get locked up. Excuse me, while I get my windex to clean my tv. That was some nasty stuff.

    He was too busy mounting that heifer of his, he didn't know he was trying to be reached about the upcoming storm.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 19 2011 01:08 PM

    I love Anthony Zacarra. Everytime I see him, I think about the time Sonny or Jason one of them, was shooting at Anthony and he was running, bawling and screaming like a little girl.

    Anthony planted a bomb on Claudia, so Johnny should hate him like he does Sonny.

    Sam and Jason don't need to have any kids. I don't think they make bullet proof basinets and strollers. Spoiler talk..........It's in Sam's contract that she never has kids........... End of spoiler talk.

    I'm glad Ethan was smart enough to turn down Krazy Kristina. Maybe she should take Loony Lisa to the prom. She would love to go.

    When and if Alexis finds out about Lisa drugging Kristina, I hope she puts her away for a long time. But I won't hold my breath. Alexis never knows what goes on in her kids life. Speaking of Alexis' kids, where is Old Maid Molly?

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