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    There is Finally Harmony in Harmony.

    Thursday, August 07 2008
    Everyone gets a happy ending as the book on Passions closes.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, August 30 2010 01:03 PM

    It's too bad Robin wasn't speeding. Then she could have knocked that tramp, five blocks up the road. But the cops found out that she wasn't and also that she wasn't drunk so that's good.

    Glad Carly was smart enough to not pay Brook Lynn one red penny before she found out if what she was saying was the truth.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, September 17 2010 02:36 PM

    Why are Patrick and Steven talking about their plan against Lisa out in the open for her to hear, with her over-sized ears. Then here comes Maxie with her big mouth, not Lisa knows everything.

    Claire ask Jax what or whom did Sonny take from him. The only person I could think of was Brenda. Don't tell Carly.

    Speaking of Carly, they finally get to her scene and she is talking about her favorite person Brenda. Give it a rest already.

    Carly compared Michael getting into trouble at school to someone trying to kill Brenda. Carly you are Michael's mother. Jason is not his father. You gave that job to your precious Sonny.

    I don't blame Robin for wanting for not wanting to wait until something happens to Emma. That is what I have been saying all along.

    Steven told Patrick that kissing Lisa was unprofessional. I guess sleeping with her is not, that is what Steven did.

    I don't understand Brenda. Someone is trying to kill her and she acts like she does not need protection. Jason do us all a favor and let Balkan kill her and release us from our hell.

    Sonny said when Claire gets a taste of his pasta, she'll be hooked. Ummm, I bet she will. Claire's about to get a taste of the pasta as I type my post. I thought Sonny's eyes were going to pop out, watching her unbutton her shirt.

    Dante walked in on Spinelli looking up stuff on the Balkan and said that Spinelli was going through illegal channels. And threatened to arrest him. He's just mad Spinelli has better at his job then he is. It's ok for Spinelli to go through illegal channels when he is helping Dante. Which he did, not too long ago.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, October 11 2010 10:55 AM

    I think the scandal with Brooke has died down so she should come back. That was the deal.

    Ridge announced to Stephanie that Brooke was coming back and she said ok, what's next on the agenda? I love it. If Stephanie is happy, I'm happy. Stephanie probably realizes that life is too short to hold on to all that anger.

    Steffy and Ridge made up and she got her job back. What a glorious day.

    It was a happy show all in all and everything is right with the world.

    Why do we have to have two women going after one man? We have Hope and Steffy going after Liam. Please find Steffy her own man. Then we have Aggie and Amber going after Rick. Hello, is Thorne gay and nobody told us? He is available, have Amber chase him. I guess it's no fun if they are single and unattached. Man hasn't had sex since Darla died. Well he did have five minutes with Taylor. But that was ions ago.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, October 15 2010 10:57 AM

    I am really enjoying this storyline with Stephanie/Brooke and the homeless people.

    It's something different. We needed that. Tired of the same old stuff.

    Stephanie was looking around at her surroundings and taking it all in. I think watching these people down on their luck but not giving up on life will make Stephanie do the same and get the medical help she needs.

    Stephanie holding that baby and that music playing in the background, lean on me and Stephanie's narrating, made me tear up a little. Her and Brooke started hugging, it was simply beautiful. She told Brooke she would go to the doctor. Stephanie introduced Brooke to her friend Dayzee, and Dayzee to Brooke. The scarf blew away and Brooke screamed Stephanie your scarf. Stephanie said that's alright, somebody else needs it. I need a moment.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, November 12 2010 01:07 PM

    I'm so sick of Lisa. She has zero reasons for being in Robin's room. Scream or no scream. She is always saying that Robin is accusing her of everything, then stay out of her room. That tramp even said Robin should be thanking her for saving her life. She makes Glenn Close look normal.

    Lisa told Steve that she was going to the Hospital Board to report Robin. She said either Robin goes or she goes. I hope the Board knows that she was in the mental hospital for all of 2 days and released.

    Then we have crazy Steve who told Patrick that he would have to testify on Lisa's behalf. I wonder if he will tell the board he sexed Lisa up too. Patrick should have told Steve with his dumb butt, that if Robin goes he goes. Let Steve testify on that fool's behalf if he wants too.

    I really can't stand Lulu. She thought of Sonny as a uncle until he shot her beloved Dante. Forget the hundreds of people Sonny knocked off before that.

    Then she mentions she had so much of her personal stuff at Dante's that she was packing up and she doesn't even live there. You could have fooled me. I think I saw mail with her name on it. She said she didn't want to smother Dante. Waaaay too late for that.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, December 30 2010 11:19 AM

    I had a feeling that Taylor would not believe Ridge. Taylor gave Whip a chance to come clean and he didn't. Big mistake Whip.

    And who does Amber think she is fooling. Acting like she can't lie about Liam being the father of her baby. She's done nothing but lie since she has been on the show.

    I can see what's going to happen with the Hope storyline. She will leave Liam and get back with Oliver, only later to find out that Oliver is the father of the baby. Hope needs to be by herself for a minute and stop jumping from guy to guy. Go to school and learn a trade. You have mastered kisssing 101.

    Hope asked Liam if he used protection. How does she know about protection? Obviously not from Brooke.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, January 31 2011 01:07 PM

    Michael beat the snot out of that weasel. I bet he won't touch Abby any more. Heck, or anybody else for that matter.

    Will Dante ever learn. Jason called him to help as Michael's brother, but he wants to call the police and report it. Dante said Michael did the right thing and won't get into any trouble. Michael did the right thing when he hit a home run upside Claudia's head and he still went to prison. The love of his life, Brenda did the right thing and he still is covering for her. He is too stupid beyond words.

    Siobhan was busted and she kept right on lying to Lucky. Lucky wasn't buying and it and she had the nerve to say she was insulted. Witch shut up, it's over. All she had to do was tell Lucky the truth. He will help her. Finally she did.

    Lulu told Shawn that she didn't know anything. For the first time, I agree with her.

    Jax told Carly when the conversation is about Brenda, her listening skills go out the window. That's the case with anyboyd, Lulu and Dante too.

    Lord, when I think about the fuss I made when they re-casted Michael with Chad Duell, I'm so ashamed. This young man can act his butt off. He finally confessed what that lowlife did to him in prison. He broke my heart today. If he doesn't get a daytime emmy, they are nuts.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, February 01 2011 01:05 PM

    Now that my sweet little Michael admitted what happened to him, he can finally get the help he so badly needs.

    Jax told Carly he's tired of coming in third behind Sonny and Jason. 'Bout darn time. She can have tehm in her life but Jax can't even mention Brenda's name. What a insecure twit she is.

    After Jax told her the truth about herself, of course she goes running to Jason who was in the middle of helping Carly's son with his issues. But Carly must come first, it's her world and everybody else just lives in it. She couldn't bring herself to leave until Michael came out and told her, he told Jason not to tell her he was there.

    Let's see how long she can focus her FULL attention on her son and not herself and her vandetta she has against Dante, Brenda and big headed Lulu.

    Speaking of Lulu, why was she so upset about Dante comforting Brenda. I thought Lulu kicked Dante to the curb. I hate that he went running to her trying to explain himself. He is so weak.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, February 04 2011 12:55 PM

    I'm sitting here in Dallas in 19 degree weather and 6 inches of snow. Then they have the nerve to show Sonny in that black tee, with those bulging muscles and I swear, a heat wave came over me.

    That Lulu has to defend Dante from Dante. She is like a pitbull taking up for him and she is no longer with him. At least, I don't think she is, she confuses me. She is sitll with him 24/7.

    Dante told her you are better off without me. Then this fool said, you are not going to try to get me back. He should have said, Hell to the naw. She wants him back so bad, she can taste it.
    Glad that Michael is going to therapy. He told Jason not to tell Sonny. Too bad mommie dearest already has. If she spent as much time with her son as she does going around bad mouthing Dante, she would know that Michael didn't want Sonny to know. He thinks Sonny will say that he was weak because he couldn't fight off that thug. He should know that Sonny wouldn't think that.

    At least Sonny knows that Michael is going through all this because of the decisions THEY ALL MADE. Not just Dante. He needs to tell Carly that.

    It's so nice to have my Luke back.

    I'm thinking about Theo and his germ phobia thing he has. I think that is what's going to do him in. I bet they find out that the Balkan has the same phobia and put two and two together.

    I loved how Brenda was bad mouthing Carly with Carly listening with her big ears. And Robin called her a stalker that uses her kids to get to Sonny. Then Brenda called her sad and pathetic and said she thinks she owns Jason. All of it was so true.

    I wonder who destroyed Brenda's dress. I know Carly is childish, but I don't think she would stoop to that. I could be wrong.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, February 21 2011 01:13 PM

    Somebody tell Lulu to give that pony back it's tail.

    Carly told Brenda, she doesn't care about her but Sonny is the father of her children. I thought she stripped Sonny's of his parental rights, and turned them over to Jax. Does she have amnesia? Alexis is the mother of one of Sonny's kids and she ain't pitching a hissy fit.

    Loved when Brenda asked her didn't she sleep with her mother's husband and lie about the paternity of her kid. Like we have been saying for months. That's why she doesn't like Robin because she told the truth about AJ being Michael's father.

    Johnny said that Sonny drove Claudia insane. Like that child was ever normal. Her father strapped a bomb to her. She had a whacked out daddy. He's the one that drove Claudia crazy.

    Did Shawn think nobody would see his sticking his head out from behind those white curtains. Sam saw him and tried to go after him hersself, all 50 pounds of her, and he got the jump on her. Let Jason handle it Sam. You are no match for a man.

    So, the Balkan lives in a cave. I thought he resembled a big bat.

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