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    I Wallowed in Love but it's Wrong.

    Wednesday, August 06 2008
    Tabitha is forced to make another huge choice, lava heads for the church, the camera is fixed.

    In the church basement, Gwen tells Ethan that they should be leaving for their honeymoon. Ethan suspects there must really be something on that video tape. Theresa wants them to play it since Gwen is so petrified. "You two witches are going to get exactly what you deserve!" Theresa smirks. Little Ethan repeats what he heard Gwen say. All of the Lopez-Fitzgerald's gather together against her and Rebecca, refusing to let them leave the room. Everyone wants to see what's on the tape and nothing they can say will stop them. As Ethan fumbles with the camera, the two women stand aside and hope it is actually broken.

    As Little Ethan hooks the camera up to a TV, Rebecca still wants to make a break for it. Gwen won't let her. Fancy and Sheridan watch them, sure that someone is about to get hurt. Little Ethan rewinds the tape and it starts to play. Gwen and Rebecca wring their hands while Sam explains that he must have left the camera running. As the tape plays, the sound only works for the first moment and stops. Gwen says that's because there is nothing to hear and she's starting to feel insulted by all of this. Theresa points out that they heard Gwen say that Ethan can never know the horrible things she's done. He demands an explanation. She says that she just splurged on their honeymoon and had to get her mother to help pay for it. "I want to be on this wonderful honeymoon so, please, can we just go?" she asks.

    Upstairs, Tabitha laughs after Kay tells her that she was just in Heaven. Kay's not sure why they let her in, but it was beautiful. Eve's having a hard time dealing with this: "First everyone goes to Hell and then everybody goes to Heaven... who is your travel agent?" Tabs just wants to hear about Timmy but the thought is interrupted when baby Endora suddenly appears. She tells her mother that Timmy told her how to stop the disaster. Eve wants to drink the sacrificial wine. Julian tells her to stop; life may be strange, but they can face anything as long as they're together. Kay explains that Tabitha needs to do something to save Harmony. Endora bursts out laughing. A drunken Esme stumbles in looking for the weddings. She wonders where the priest is; she needs to make a confession again - she was down at the wharf when the fishing boats came in and she became the catch of the day. She strolls out, saying that she saw lava running down the street outside.

    Esme stumbles into the basement and tells everyone how much she was looking forward to sitting through four boring weddings. She stumbles toward the priest's office and knocks the camera on the floor. Theresa clutches at it. "Oh no! I'm never going to be able to prove what Gwen and Rebecca did!" she gasps. Theresa cries about how unfair this is. Fancy prompts Esme to apologize. Rebecca says Fate must not want Theresa to win. Ethan says it looks like nothing was on the tape anyway. Theresa clings to Ethan and refuses to let it end this way. Luis threatens to bring the camera to the crime lab. Gwen is smug. Pilar starts swearing. Gwen declares that the order of the universe has finally been corrected and she and Ethan will be together for good.

    "Poor Theresa," Sheridan tells Gwen. They watch as Ethan and Theresa hold each other. Sheridan wonders how her friend can want to spend her life with a man who loves another woman. Gwen reminds her of their vows to be with the men they love and accuses Sheridan of settling for second best.

    Back upstairs, Kay kneels down and tells Tabitha that she has to be baptized. "Let some decrepit old priest pour water on my head and consecrate my life to the wrong side? No, not me!" Tabs snaps. Kay tells her that God is the right side. "Not where I come from," Tabs insists. There's no way she's doing this. The last time she had anything to do with a baptism, John the Baptist's head ended up on a platter. Kay and Endora beg her to save the town. She refuses. Miguel reminds her that the magma is outside the church. She still refuses; she's always been a Dark Side witch. Julian reminds her she's not a witch anymore. Tabitha still refuses to betray the Dark Side. Julian tells her to give something to the town. She continues to refuse. Kay tells her that being baptized is actually a gift. Tabitha doesn't follow. Miguel explains that it means eternal life. Tabs had that before she gave up her powers. Kay says this isn't the witch version of eternal life where you're condemned to spending centuries doing evil. "Some of us like that sort of thing," Tabs points out.

    Back downstairs, Theresa cries and apologizes for ruining everyone's wedding day. Ethan asks for a moment alone with her. "I don't like to see you cry," he tells her. He just got her back and now he is losing her again, but he doesn't have any hope for them. "I'm only half a man right now without you," he says. She cries about everything they've lost. He knows that everything she did was just because she loves him. He promises that their hearts will always be one. Gwen reminds him that they have a plane to catch. Ivy stops her. "Do you think you'll ever be able to make him happy?" she asks. Gwen does. She breaks Ethan away from Theresa and tells him that he's had enough time with Theresa. Gwen takes Ethan to the door and tells everyone that they have their true loves and she has the right to have Ethan. Pilar tells her that her marriage is a joke. Gwen tells her she and her family are bad Catholics. Esme calls her a word that rhymes with witch. Ethan tells her to stop embarrassing herself. Theresa continues to beg Ethan not to leave. She runs into Ethan's arms again and tells him she can't live without him. He loves her, but Gwen is his wife. Before he can leave, Sam walks in with the camera: It's been fixed. It plays and they can hear that Gwen and Rebecca exposed Ethan to the tabloids. Gwen tries to pull him out but he pushes her away.

    Meanwhile, Kay makes the pitch for Heaven again but Tabitha doesn't like all the singing and dancing or the wings. Kay reminds her that Timmy is there and may never see her again if she doesn't do this. Tabitha misses the boy, but she'd have to die to see him. Miguel explains what eternal life means but Tabs thinks they all just want to save themselves. Eve argues that if Julian can change and use the Crane empire for good, she can be good too. Tabitha wants to stay evil. Kay tells her she stopped being evil when Timmy came into her life. "I wallowed in love but it's wrong," Tabitha insists. Kay has never met another witch who has friends and makes sacrifices for her neighbors. Tabs is tired of being bullied and insists she doesn't have a heart. Endora conjures up a device so that she can hear her heart beat. She's baffled; she doesn't have a heart, she repeats. Kay says that love has made her human. Everyone continues prodding her to be baptized. This is Endora's dream, the only way she and her mother can be together forever. Looking in her little girl's eyes, Tabs finally agrees to do it for her. Everyone except Tabitha is relieved. Kay tries to zap up Father Lonigan to perform the ritual but gets Esme instead.

    Next on Passions:

    "You're going to know everything! We're going to be together!" Theresa smiles.

    Mount Harmony erupts and the lava heads to town.

    "There's no way in Hell I will ever baptize that witch!" Father Lonigan says.

    Theresa walks down the aisle in her wedding dress to a smiling Ethan.

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    Posted by happyasever33004 at Wednesday, August 06 2008 04:09 AM

    I'm new. I know that the show goes off tomorrow but I just have to say that I am happy that it seems that Ethan and Theresa are going to finally get what they want in the end. Its going to be a great ending tomorrow I know it. I just wish I could actually watch it.

    Posted by Marleysmommy2006 at Wednesday, August 06 2008 06:55 AM

    this is getting pretty good now that it's ending

    Posted by kami luvs passions at Wednesday, August 06 2008 07:15 AM

    I love passions and I hate that it is ending. I hate it that I haven't been able to watch it since it moved to directv. Does anyone know what happened with talks between USA and NBC about trying reruns or new shows? One more question to anyone who could answer I got to watch some episodes of passions on youtube for June and part of July but I can't access it anymore is there any other way to be able to watch the last episodes of my favorite show?

    Posted by lacollins26 at Wednesday, August 06 2008 08:15 AM

    OMG I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel like my prayers haver finally been answered.
    How pathetic is Gwen really to stand there while her husband of an hour declares his love for another woman while she watches???
    Tabitha Baptized????? Thats something I never thought I'd see. I like how they are still showing love for Timmy.

    Posted by Theresa16 at Wednesday, August 06 2008 08:15 AM

    at last for a min i think gwen win ...bit sam saved the day

    Posted by Theresa16 at Wednesday, August 06 2008 08:16 AM

    what the hell ivy going to do when she actually hear that is was not theresa exposed her....she must apologized to theresa

    Posted by Beth S at Wednesday, August 06 2008 11:00 AM

    I can not believe this the writing are getting it right and now the show goes off.I hate to see Passions end,at first I thought I can not believe that they have a soap like this but I watched or read the updates daily. I wish it would come back to show Ethan and Theresa life together.

    Posted by mrsrourke at Wednesday, August 06 2008 11:57 AM

    I just hope Theresa and Ethan can be together and nothing stop them ever ever again. Say GOOD BYE GWEN and HELLO THERESA. i been watchin from day one passions started and i have been always a fan of theresa and ethan and i am so HAPPY that Ethan finally found out that little ethen is his son. But the whole part of theresa finally getting even legally with gwen about the tebplodes that is awsome. Now ethan can know the truth and stop takin gwens side about the lies theresa said. Because its all true and everyone in Harmony will know the truth and see for themselves that theresa bein tellin the truth all along and gwen is the one who is the LIER.

    Posted by capt.wife at Wednesday, August 06 2008 01:10 PM

    I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole episode. At the end when Sam saved the day I was so happy. I can't believe Gwen could stand there and watch Ethan want Teresa not her and just act like she has done no wrong. If she really loved Ethan she would have just let him go to be happy with Teresa. I'm so glad that the truth came out and everyone knows just how cruel Gwen is. Teresa was so happy she was crying and I really enjoyed the part when Ethan called Gwen a B***h. Everyone in the room was happy for Teresa but also shocked to hear what the heard Gwen say about her leaking the truth. Everyone has waited 8 long years for this day. I wish the show wasn't going off the air tomorrow. I will miss this show. I hope the US picks up the reruns of Passions so everyone gets the chance to watch their favorite show from the begining once more.

    Posted by gwar1 at Wednesday, August 06 2008 01:46 PM

    Sadly, I refuse to watch the ending. I cannot picture Tabitha doing this. I vomit to think of Theresa with Ethan. The only good thing about Passions ending is that Sam solved a case and Antonio came back. JER ruined Passions. I'll miss it, though.

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