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Wedding Day.

Wednesday, July 16 2008
Tabitha and Endora go to Kay's wedding, Jessica wishes her sister well, Juanita stalks around the church and calls Gwen.

At home, Tabitha reads the newspaper article about the storm when Kay comes down in her wedding dress. Tabs sighs and checks her out. They're giddy until Tabitha tries to back out of going to the wedding. Sam interrupts before she can do so. He takes his daughter's hand and tells her how beautiful she looks. He's sure that she and Miguel will be happy. She just wishes that Jess could have made it back to the wedding. On cue, Jessica runs in and hugs her sister.

Later, Tabitha and Sam talk about what happened at the church. He brings up Vincent's accusation that she is a witch. "I can honestly say that I am not a witch," she claims, somewhat sadly. Sam tells her that she has been a great neighbor and a good friend. Tabs smiles. Meanwhile, Kay wishes that her sister could be her maid of honor. Jessica can't; her sobriety still isn't set in stone and she'll have to get back to the program. She tells her sister that she is planning to go to college when she finishes and then maybe she will hook up with Reese. They've been talking again since she began reforming and he may be moving back. Jessica tells her sister that she deserves to be happy with Miguel after all she's done to get him. Sam and Tabitha walk over to them. Kay wishes her mother could be there to see them so happy. "She knows Kay. Grace knows," Sam smiles as he looks up to Heaven. Tabitha looks away, not having the heart to tell them this happiness won't last. Kay is ready to get to the church. Sam hands her a note from Simone. It tells of how busy she is raising the baby with Whitney and TC and wishes her all the best. Simone also sent along some earrings for Kay's outfit. Jessica remembers how much help Simone gave her and what a good friend she's been. The sisters hug and cry before Sam has to end their tender moment and bring Jessica back to rehab. As soon as they're gone, Tabs looks for a way out of going to the wedding. She hands Kay a gift first. It's what Cleopatra gave her on her wedding day. "Unfortunately I wound up helping her die," Tabitha says, recalling her dozens of marriages. "I've always cherished this bracelet as I cherish you," Tabs says, hugging her crying friend. Kay hurries off and Tabitha holds back her tears: "Unless some miracle happens, this is the last day of everyone's life in Harmony."

Juanita drifts around the church disguised as a nun. She will be able to watch everyone as they arrive. "Little do they know that today marks the end of their lives," she laughs. Pilar's family has made taking her revenge so easy... She decides to call the woman who helped her kill Theresa.

Back at Tabitha's, Endora comes downstairs, materialized as a teenager much to her mother's dismay. "We all make mistakes. Just zap yourself back to being a little witchlet," Tabs says. Endora tries but her magic fizzles. Tabitha imagines that she may be losing her witchiness too. "Bummer," Endora says. Tabitha tells her "pumpkin" that she must have dreamed being a teenager. Endora imagined that she'd be harder to boss around that way. She wants to go to the wedding, sure that nothing else could go wrong. Her mother thinks that's silly. Endora begs her to let them go and instantly zaps them over to the church. "I will not be the pawn of a rebellious teenager!" Tabitha complains. She demands to go home but Sam and Kay spot them first. Tabs explains that she dressed in the car and claims that Endora is her great niece. Kay tells them they will all be living happily ever after. Kay and Endora skip into the chapel. Tabitha stands back and worries.

Pilar and Miguel are in the chapel finalizing preparations. Miguel notices that the aisle runner isn't there. Pilar remembers that it's kept in the basement. The three of them go downstairs. They search around but the closet is locked. They look for someone to help them just as Juanita comes downstairs. Pilar spots her and asks the "nun" for help. Juanita pulls out her knife, ready to kill if she's recognized. She says that she doesn't know where the key to the closet is. Pilar can't shake the feeling that they've met before. Juanita repeats they haven't. Pilar won't argue with a nun. Miguel walks in with the key to the closet. As they fidget with it, Luis comes in and tells them that the runner is upstairs and they don't need to open the closet after all. The family goes upstairs. Juanita is relieved that her plot wasn't ruined by a quest for a carpet runner.

Gwen and Ethan are having breakfast at the mansion. He can't shake the feeling that this is bad luck. Gwen waves it off. Gertrude serves breakfast and Gwen's phone rings. Gertrude picks it up. It's Juanita. "Who am I speaking to?" she demands. The voice seems familiar to Theresa but Juanita refuses to say who she is and demands to speak to Gwen. Theresa hands the phone over. The blood leaves Gwen's head when she hears her voice. She quickly slips into the hall. She's disturbed to hear that Juanita knows where they are and is sure the wedding, "will be a real blast." Gwen returns to Ethan, sending Gertrude off. Ethan wants to give Gertrude a raise. Gwen just wants to leave right after the ceremony. She begs him and he soon agrees. Excited, Gwen leaves, whispering to Gertrude on her way out to remember what she told her this morning. Theresa is perplexed since she didn't hear anything. Ethan thanks Gertrude for her help last night. While he was poisoned, he could feel Theresa's love, as though she were there looking over him. Gertrude tells him that's impossible. He knows, but he still wishes he could be with Theresa and touch her again. Gwen returns and tells Ethan that everything is packed and ready to go. She's eager to get to the church right away and start their, "happily ever after." Theresa knows this is the end of all of her dreams with Ethan.

Luis and Miguel walk through the church. Miguel wants to see his bride. Luis reminds him that's bad luck. He loves her so much that he can't stay away. "Do you think you love Fancy more than Sheridan?" Miguel asks. Luis says it's just different. Miguel says it's the same with him and the two women he's been with. Pilar tracks them down, handing Miguel a note from Kay. Luis makes lewd jokes. Pilar is appalled. Miguel reminds her that he is already a father. They tease their mother and Miguel scribbles a note for Kay.

Theresa arrives at the church carting Gwen's dress along. Ethan tracks her down, explaining that he just visited the place where he thought he saw Theresa. He imagined that he might sense her presence again, but he didn't. The poison must have just played tricks with his mind. He awkwardly leaves. Pilar finds her daughter and asks her how she is holding up. Theresa cries. Pilar doesn't think she should be there.

Luis and Miguel stand at the altar waiting. Luis' phone rings. It's a text message from Sheridan. She tells him he shouldn't marry Fancy and she needs to speak to him. The brothers both realize this can't be good.

Sam tells Kay how happy he is to see his little girl all grown up. He knows that she and Miguel have a special love and he's sure they'll be happy together. Kay tells him that she knows that he loves Ivy the way she loves Miguel and she's finally okay with that. The wedding march begins to play. Sam walks her down the aisle while Endora and Tabitha watch. Endora pouts because they are staying at the back. Tabs may not be a witch but she still has a gut feeling that something bad will happen.

Juanita is in the basement. She kisses her bomb and wishes she could be there to watch everyone die... but then she would die too and that's not part of the plan. "Is this really it? After all these years of wanting revenge, I'm finally getting it in one deadly explosion... very soon, Pilar and her loved ones will be dead," she whispers.

Next on Passions:

"You and Theresa are so similar I'd swear you are the same person," Ethan tells Gertrude.

Fancy freaks out because Sheridan is still in love with Luis.

Sheridan begs Luis to call off the wedding.

Tabitha says they're all going to die if they don't get out now.

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