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    I've Finally Solved a Case!

    Monday, July 14 2008
    Tabitha makes a sacrifice, Sam solves a case, the weddings are back on track.

    "Why doesn't everyone upstairs just go home and get some rest?" an annoyed Juanita shouts to her henchman. She paces in the church basement, wishing that the wedding party would disperse so she could plant her bomb. She laughs about killing Pilar and her family, unaware that everyone has already been poisoned upstairs. "I want tomorrow to come! The day of death for the Lopez-Fitzgeralds! I want my revenge!" she moans. She decided to go upstairs and see what's going on but her henchman tells her she can't risk exposing herself. Juanita can't shake the "bad feeling" she's having. "You have a bad feeling?" the henchman comments sarcastically.

    Tabitha and Esme rush into the church but they are already too late: All of the guests to the wedding rehearsal are dead on the floor dead. Vincent and Viki stare down at the corpses smugly, happy that they have silenced all the irritating voices and gotten revenge. They break into gales of laughter. Esme starts to cry. Viki tells her that she should be proud of her for seeing something through from start to finish. Esme is disturbed to see all of the "hunky men" dead on the floor. "I think they killed women as well," Tabitha points out. "Oh... sorry. I don't usually notice women," Esme says, waving her hands before noticing Fancy is dead. Tabitha decides there's nothing for her to do and it's time to go. Esme blocks her exit. Vincent calls Tabs an old battle ax and that makes her angry. After she throws a few insults at the "winner of the blue ribbon for genetic mutation", Esme repeats her pleas and asks her to redeem herself and make her daughter happy. Tabitha isn't impressed and doesn't see the point in wasting time reanimating corpses when disaster is about to strike.

    The church suddenly starts to shake. Tabitha explains that the dark side is battling with the light. Her presence in the church is wreaking havoc with the laws of time and space. The whole universe could be destroyed! "All I wanted was for you to bring a few dead people back to life. Is that asking too much?" Esme asks. They bicker until the witch starts trying to cast a spell to bring everyone back. Viki and Vincent are baffled as they watch. Viki wishes she'd videotaped the murders. Esme argues with the killers and tells her niece that she has gone way too far this time.

    Tabitha stands at the foot of the cross and, with great difficulty, prays to God. She asks for life for the dead in exchange for the sacrifice of her powers. Beams shoot out from her hands and into the chests of all of the corpses. Soon the ground is shaking and Vincent asks what all of that was. "Goodness! You wouldn't know anything about it," Esme snipes at him. Julian stars to cough. Esme runs to his side. Eve gets up next. They thought they were dead and remember being poisoned. Esme tells them that Tabitha saved them all. "What could she do?" Eve asks. Esme covers for her slip up.

    Noah and Paloma wake up and climb off the ground with Gwen. Ivy wakes up Sam. They find Eve and Julian and recount being poisoned. Sam assumes that someone must have delivered the anecdote and revived them all. Across the room, Sheridan crawls the floor to Luis. He wakes and stares at Fancy. They cling to each other as Sheridan watches sadly. Sam and Ivy bring them water. "That was a terrible end to your rehearsal," Ivy says to her daughter. Luis turns to Sheridan and thanks her for saving Fancy's life. Tonight he's realized what's really important. She takes his hand and gets excited but her hopes are dashed when he tells her that her friendship means everything to him. "Smaller people might have held a grudge after all we've been through," he says. She forces a smile. Sam breaks them up so Luis can help him arrest Vincent. Sheridan starts to choke on her tears.

    Gwen finds Ethan waking up with Gertrude beside him. Ethan really thought he was dead this time. "It was horrible," he says. Gertrude thinks they should delay the wedding. Gwen says they won't be doing that. Ethan looks at Gertrude and has a flash of her revealing herself as Theresa before he died. "Gertrude... you're not Gertrude. You're Theresa," he says. "The poison affected your brain," Gertrude says. She tells him Theresa is dead. He apologizes: Theresa would never deceive him in disguise and abandon him. If she was alive, she would have already found a way to be with him, he insists.

    Esme searches for Tabitha and discovers her hanging on the wall without a pulse. "You were supposed to sacrifice your powers, not your life!" Esme pouts, begging her not to be dead. Tabitha opens her eyes. "If this is being alive, I feel awful," the witch says. "You were like a living sparkler," Esme chirps, telling her that everyone has come back to life and she should be proud of herself. Tabitha doesn't know who she is anymore now that she doesn't have her powers. She suddenly zaps herself to clean up her appearance. Esme claps: "You haven't lost your powers!" The witch says it's impossible. Esme tells her to try something else. She tries to conjure a martimmy. Her powers fizzle: She's got nothing. She slumps in a chair: "There's nothing. I'm not a witch." Esme tells her that she's done something good. Tabitha thinks most of them deserved to die. Esme starts to feel bad for pushing her into this. Tabs tells her not to. Esme thinks that everyone should know what she's done. Tabitha doesn't want that: Showing kindness to mortals doesn't mean that they will show kindness to her. She can't protect herself anymore. Now, she needs to go home and figure out how to raise a witch when she is no longer a witch herself.

    In the basement, Juanita and her henchman cling to the bomb as the ground shakes. He starts to pray. Once the quake stops, Juanita dresses up as a nun and goes upstairs. She hands out water and listens to Paloma and her mother worry. Noah says that the chapel will be okay and the weddings can go ahead. Juanita listens and thinks to herself: "Soon my family can finally rest in peace and yours will lay in pieces." Pilar suddenly remarks on how familiar she looks and asks if they've met before. Juanita insists they haven't. Pilar thanks her for her help and wishes her a good night. "I only helped you tonight so I can kill you tomorrow," Juanita sneers to herself. Pilar walks over to Theresa. She has no hope. "I will never feel joy again. Tomorrow will come for everyone but me," she says.

    Sam and the others confront Viki and Vincent. Sam starts to read them their rights when Esme announces that Viki has more to confess. She tells Sam that Viki killed all her boyfriends, cut off Julian's winky-dink and killed Alistair. "I've finally solved a case!" Sam says, almost unable to believe it. "But she looks so innocent," Ivy says. This only makes Viki freak out and she lunges at Ivy, only to be held back. Vincent asks what happened to the witch and explains what they saw Tabitha do. Viki says that her Aunt can explain everything. "Of all the people to know!" Julian gasps. "She's a grouchy old broad but she's certainly not a witch," he says. Luis accuses Viki of trying to set up an insanity defense. As Vincent is dragged out, he vows to be back when they least expect it.

    Tabitha goes home to see her daughter. Endora watched everything that happened in the magic bowl and thanks her mother for saving Julian. "Now we can leave," Tabitha announces, asking her daughter to materialize so they can go. Endora explains that she's tried, but the spell isn't working. "This is exactly why I didn't want to lose my powers!" Tabitha says. Now, she has no powers to help her. Endora is sure that she can figure something out. Tabitha feels terrible; she can't even hug her daughter. Endora turns into a stuffed animal for her mother to hug. Tabs cries as she clings to her. Endora tells her that they can accomplish anything if they do it together.

    Next on Passions:

    "She's hellbent on killing this entire family," Pilar warms. "Not on our wedding day," Luis insists.

    Kay tells Tabitha that this is a good opportunity for her to reveal to everyone that she was a witch.

    "You never stay dead do you? Well this time, I'm not taking any chances," Gwen says as she points a gun at Theresa.

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    Posted by Theresa16 at Monday, July 14 2008 08:51 PM

    wow gwen point agun on theresa ... that will only prove that gwen is really a bad person...thank u tabitha for saving their lives

    Posted by ilovepassions123 at Monday, July 14 2008 11:29 PM

    wow gwen pointing a gun at theresa
    i hope she doesn't shoot her because my
    favorite character is theresa aka gertude

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