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Wednesday, April 16 2008
Eve tries to tell Sam about Vincent, Julian wakes up screaming, Gwen and Rebecca want to send Little Ethan to boarding school, Paloma confides in her mother, Little Ethan pleads with Theresa to stay, and Pretty decides to terminate her "pregnancy."

It's a new day in Harmony and Esme sits in the waiting room with Viki worrying about Julian. Viki asks if Esme is any closer to adopting her and Esme says she's been too worried about Julian to think about it. Viki thinks that even in a coma, Julian is taking Esme away from her. Sam and Ivy arrive, because Sam wants to question Julian in order to find out who has been attacking all Esme's boyfriends. Esme wonders what kind of sick freak would cut off a man's penis and Viki thinks she's not a freak, she just wants to keep Esme all to herself.

In Julian's room, Eve and Vincent (dressed in a wig and nurse's outfit), marvel at Julian's upside down penis. Eve blames Vincent for what happened because he kept her drugged up during the operation. Vincent thinks there's enough penis left, but notes that even Rebecca isn't limber enough to make it work. Eve says she's going to tell everyone Vincent is alive so he can be arrested for all of his crimes. Vincent insists that Eve will not turn him in because he will escape and then find Whitney and Simone and kill them. Eve says she won't let this go on and Sam enters asking, "You won't let what go on Eve?" Ivy, Esme and Viki enter the room and Sam demands to know what Eve was talking about. No one recognizes Vincent and he tries to leave, but Eve stops him and starts to tell Sam the truth. However, Julian starts to moan and they all turn their attention to him. Sam asks if Julian knows who attacked him and Vincent tells Eve he will kill everyone if she tells the truth about him. Eve relents, while Sam continues to question a comatose Julian. Eve stops him and Sam asks Eve what she was going to say. Eve suggests everyone move out into the hall so Julian can rest peacefully.

Everyone leaves the room except Viki who thinks she needs to finish what she started. Viki holds a knife and tells a sleeping Julian that she won't let him send her off to boarding school and walks towards him. Out in the hall, Eve tries to tell everyone about Julian's penis being upside down, but is interrupted by Julian's screams. As Viki watches, Julian continues to scream in horror. Sam tries to get in the room, but the door is locked.

In another hospital room, Pretty wakes up in a bed and Sheridan tells her she's the dumbest woman on the planet for thinking she'll win Luis over by ending his child's life. Pretty tells her she told Luis she would wait to make her decision and he is coming by later so they can discuss it. Sheridan thinks she's up to something and thinks she's just playing with Luis. Pretty says she lied to Fancy about giving up on Luis, but she isn't up to anything else. The nurse comes in the room and tells Pretty they are ready for the procedure. Sheridan freaks out and asks if she's going through with the abortion. Pretty tells her that she's made up her mind and is having the procedure. She gets in the wheelchair and the nurse takes her away. Sheridan thinks that Pretty isn't stupid and that Luis will hate her for ending the pregnancy. She also thinks Luis will hate her for not telling him so she picks up the phone.

Fancy and Luis wake up in bed together and Luis recalls Pretty telling him she's going to have an abortion. Fancy realizes he's thinking about her sister and the baby and complains that he will always be connected to Sheridan and Pretty because of their children. Luis tells Fancy he loves her and Pretty's baby doesn't change a thing. Fancy insists it does and they argue the point. Fancy asks if she really is important to him. Luis laughs and says she's the most important person in the world to him. He promises that they will be together forever no matter what happens with Pretty and Sheridan. Luis and Fancy have sex and then Fancy gets up to make them some breakfast. After Fancy leaves, Luis thinks he still needs to talk to Pretty to convince her not to end the pregnancy.

Sheridan calls Luis and tells him Pretty is set on having an abortion. Luis says he will be there as soon as he can. Fancy returns with breakfast, but discovers that Luis is gone and wonders where he went.

Gwen and Ethan wake up in their bed and Gwen tells him there's nothing more wonderful than waking up with him. They discuss how fantastic last night was and start to kiss when Rebecca barges in. Rebecca demands to know if Gwen asked him yet. Ethan asks Gwen what Rebecca's talking about and Gwen says she thinks they should send Little Ethan to boarding school. Ethan adamantly tells her no and Gwen says she knew he would react this way, but wants him to hear her out. Ethan tells her not to waste her breath because he is not sending Little E away - end of story! Ethan gets dressed and Gwen and Rebecca say they've found research that proves it's best if Little E does go to boarding school. Ethan says research can be skewed to fit anyone's agenda and Rebecca brings in a doctor who specializes in child rearing to support their argument. The doctor says if Ethan loves Little Ethan, he has no choice but to send him away because studies show that boys who have gone through what Little Ethan has, gain independence at boarding school, but if he stays at home, Little Ethan will be emotionally stunted by all the coddling he will receive. The doctor tells him to do what is best for the boy and not what is easiest for him. Rebecca shows the doctor out and Ethan tells Gwen that some of what the doctor said made sense. Gwen asks if he changed his mind and Ethan says, "Let's send Little Ethan away."

Out in the hall, Rebecca thanks the doctor and he seductively says, 'Oh, Becks, I would do anything for you." She remarks that he was always good in the sack and he assures her he still is. Rebecca wants him to prove it and kisses him. He asks if she thinks Ethan bought his act and Rebecca hands him some money and says Ethan will never know he's a mailman and not a shrink. He inquires after the thing he asked for and Rebecca assures him it's waiting for him. He asks if she'll take photos and she says yes of course!

Pilar looks at a photo of Theresa in the Crane Living room, as Paloma enters and they commiserate over losing Theresa. Pilar notices Paloma is down for other reasons and Paloma says she's confused about Noah because she saw Noah kissing another woman. Pilar tells her daughter to follow her heart and to listen to her inner voice. Paloma brings up Roberto and admits she may still have feelings for him. Paloma says she's confused and Pilar tells her to have faith. Paloma thanks her and they go upstairs to see Little Ethan.

Theresa dreams about Ethan dancing with Gwen and wakes up saying she never should have come back to Harmony. She thinks watching Ethan and Gwen together is too much for her and she should have stayed dead and gone. Little Ethan stands by her bed and says, "Please don't say that." He tells her he's glad she's back and urges her to stay as the nanny, but Theresa isn't sure she can continue to watch Ethan with Gwen. Little E says he and Jane need her. Theresa eventually gives in and tells her son that she will never leave him and his sister and will somehow deal with watching Ethan build a life with Gwen. Since she's sticking around, Theresa prepares to get in her nanny outfit just as Paloma and Pilar enter the room. Paloma exclaims, "Dios Mio!"

Next on Passions:

Ethan asks Gwen if she wants to get rid of Theresa's son.

Pilar and Paloma tell "Gertrude" that she sounded just like Theresa, but Little Ethan says it's impossible.

Horrified, Julian says, "Little Julian is really little!"

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