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    A New Start

    Monday, March 10 2008
    Theresa tries to reason with her guard, Ethan has news for Gwen, Sheridan catches Pretty with the controller, and Fancy and Noah try to explain themselves.

    Theresa is on the phone in the morgue telling Pilar she's alive, but the connection is bad and Pilar can't hear her. While Theresa thinks she's getting through to Pilar and tells her what's happened, the guard comes back. He tells her she is putting herself in more danger and grabs the phone from her. Theresa says that Pilar will be sending Ethan to get her, but he informs her that they disabled the line so all Pilar could hear was static. Theresa is crestfallen and demands to know why she's being kept there. He tells her they are protecting her and her family from Juanita. Theresa tries to appeal to his sensitive side by asking if he knows what her children are going through. He isn't affected, so Theresa then tries to bribe him by saying she can make it so he never has to worry about money again if he lets her talk to her family and go home. The man turns her down and reminds Theresa that if she goes back to see her family, Juanita will track them down and they will all die. Theresa thinks her death may have made news and Juanita could know where her family is anyway, but the man assures her that Mr. Crane kept her death out of the papers. Theresa wants to know when they will catch Juanita so she can stop playing dead. He responds that there's a good chance they will never capture Juanita and she will have to stay dead forever.

    Ethan is in Theresa's room and Gwen returns with some champagne. Gwen wants to toast to them, but Ethan suggests they toast to a new start. Gwen feels their problems are behind them and they can now start a new life with Jonathan. Ethan reminds her, "and Jane." They decide they should find a new place to live and while Gwen rattles on about where they should look, Ethan fantasizes about Theresa. Gwen realizes he's not listening to her and wonders to herself when he will put Theresa behind him and focus on her. When Gwen brings up being a family again, Ethan says he needs to talk to her about something.

    Little Ethan runs into the room yelling for Ethan. Little Ethan had a dream that his mother was lost somewhere in a creepy building and tried to get back to them, but a bad man wouldn't let her out. Ethan consoles him and Little E asks if the hurt of losing his mom will ever go away. Ethan says he doesn't know if it will ever stop hurting, but they have to give it some time. He says she will always be alive in their hearts and hugs Little E while Gwen rolls her eyes and takes a drink of champagne. Ethan takes Little E back to bed and tells Gwen they can finish their conversation when he gets back. Gwen panics, wondering what he wants to talk to her about.

    Ethan returns and tells Gwen he wants to adopt Little Ethan. Gwen is stunned by his declaration and wonders why. Ethan just says he wants to do it and Gwen thinks by bringing Little E into their family it will be like Theresa is always looking over her shoulder. She points out that Little E has a family with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds and wonders how they are supposed to adopt him. Ethan says he will go to Pilar and if she agrees, he will work it out with Julian and then adopt the boy right away. Gwen isn't happy with the plan thinking it will forever keep her in competition with Theresa, but Ethan says he wants to adopt Little E right away. Pilar enters and overhears. She says she can't think of a better idea and hugs him. She says of course he can adopt Little E because it's like he's his real father already and gives Gwen an evil look. Ethan thanks her and says it's the first happy moment he's had since he returned from Mexico, much to Gwen's dismay. Gwen says they should ask Little E how he feels about the idea because he might not even approve and he might resent her. Pilar says of course he will like the idea and Ethan thinks he will grow to love her. Ethan tells Pilar that he will make Little E the happiest boy in Harmony and takes off to start the adoption process.

    After Ethan leaves, Pilar calls Gwen a murderer and then says that justice triumphs. Gwen doesn't want to hear it, but Pilar tells her that from now on she will be reminded through Little E that she was responsible for Theresa's death. She goes on to say that Little E will keep Theresa alive in Ethan's heart and she can't think of a better way for Gwen to pay for what she's done. Gwen threatens to send Little E to boarding school, but Pilar retorts that she will make it a condition of the adoption that Little E be raised by his family in Harmony, therefore, Gwen will be reminded everyday that she killed his mother. Ethan returns and says he called a friend who specializes in adoption and they will be able to adopt Little E almost immediately. Ethan says he wants Pilar to be a big part of Little E's life and she says she wants that too. Ethan tells Gwen that Little E will be a part of their lives forever.

    At the cottage, Sheridan hopes Luis takes her up on her offer to stop by. She plans a seduction for him complete with his favorite chocolates, champagne and a sexy outfit. While Sheridan impatiently waits for Luis, she wonders how far Pretty will go to sink her hooks into him. She thinks she should go find Luis and bring him back because he could be with Fancy or Pretty right now. She calls him, but only gets his voicemail. Sheridan calls Pilar and asks if she knows where Luis is. Pilar tells her he's probably down by the wharf with Paloma. Sheridan gets out of bed to go find her man.

    On the docks, Paloma and Luis confront Noah and Fancy while Pretty sneaks around gloating. Pretty fidgets with the controller trying to figure out how to make it so Luis never wants to be with Fancy again. Noah and Fancy try to explain that they don't know why they keep getting caught together and tell Luis and Paloma that they love them. Paloma and Luis say they don't know if they can trust them and Pretty takes the opportunity to crank up the device in Fancy's head. Pretty wants to make Fancy kill Paloma so she will go to jail. Sheridan walks up and sees Pretty turn the button on the controller. Fancy picks up an oar, which Pretty wants her to repeatedly hit Paloma over the head with, thereby killing her. Fancy walks up behind Noah, Luis and Paloma with the oar, but before Pretty can make Fancy do anything else, Sheridan comes up to Pretty and grabs the controller out of her hand. Sheridan demands to know what it is and Pretty tells her all about the device in Fancy's head and how she can control Fancy's every move. Sheridan says that explains everything, but is appalled. The women fight over possession of the controller and Pretty points out that if Fancy doesn't kill Paloma, neither one of them will have a chance with Luis. Pretty tells Sheridan that if she wants Luis for herself, she will give the controller back.

    Next on Passions

    Pretty tells Sheridan that killing Paloma is a small price to pay to get Luis back.

    Luis, Noah and Paloma look down at Fancy and Luis asks what's wrong with her.

    Theresa's guard tells her she needs to realize that she is up against the devil.

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    Posted by JENNIFER26 at Monday, March 10 2008 01:05 PM

    I am curious to find out why the government agent is really holding Theresa. I think it's great that Ethan wants to adopt LE and that Pilar was able to agree before Gwen could blackmailer her into saying no. I am waiting for Ethan to get Theresa's will and find the letter she wrote him last year explaining that he is LE father.

    It was an overall good show today. Sheridan finds out that Pretty has been using a mind control device on Fancy and now understands why Fancy has been acting so erratic. I can't wait until tomorrow to see what is in store!

    Posted by redds at Monday, March 10 2008 01:08 PM

    Theresa just died and Ethan is already toasting new beginnings with Gwen. He could of at least hold out a little longer before going back to Gwen. Am glad he's adopting little E.

    Posted by passionsobserver at Monday, March 10 2008 05:33 PM

    Sheridan is really becoming more and more devious. Why would she want Luis's sister, "Paloma" dead? She should at least think of the consequences before joining force with SICK! pretty. If Sheridan truly loves Luis then she should report to him what Pretty is doing and why Fancy is behaving the sort of way she is behaving. SHERIDAN MUST TELL LUIS EVERYTHING THAT SHE KNOWS AND SOON.

    I always say, that Ethan is a big fool and what he is doing with Gwenilla, by moving on with her and so soon just after Theresa's death, just proved my point and even goes to show how much of a fool he is.

    Posted by gwar1 at Monday, March 10 2008 05:51 PM

    How can Ethan find someone to adopt LE so fast? First, Ethan and Gwen had custody of LE (and Jane.) No one ever changed that. THEN, Alistair adopted LE. Al isn't dead, so the kid is still legally HIS. And yet, just because Pilar says ok, Ethan can adopt him? Since he and GWEN are still married, Gwen would have to sign the papers, too.

    Posted by angel1973 at Monday, March 10 2008 07:59 PM

    he needs to be given that dang will and see that he is little es father gwen needs to choke on her evilness and die for real and they need to let theresa strange the dream lil e had to isnt it if they only knew how true his dream really think there should be a clause in the addoption that gwen isnt involved somehow she dont need to be. grrrrr where is that dang will.

    Posted by passionsobserver at Monday, March 10 2008 09:00 PM

    Grrrrr, this show is too impossible and complicated. How can Ethan move on with Gwenilla so soon? He doesn't even love the woman for peace sake! Gwenilla should be ashamed of herself and to society with her pathetic manipulative self. I hope she chokes on Ethan and pleeeeeeeeease bring back Jared along with Theresa. Jared is much smarter, wiser, better and sensible person than Ethan. Enough is enough already with this years of wanting to tell Ethan the truth and too scared to talk because of Gwenilla and her trampy mother threats. GOSH! This is about 7 years old now (wanting to talk). LMAO

    Posted by nekeisha at Tuesday, March 11 2008 07:46 AM

    why is ethan toastin to a new life with evil bi????? gwenellia is he crazy he must be goin off or something why is he doing that and why cant that man let theresa go to meet the man that she loves and let her be with her family and tell them the thruth about gwen and her mother after all can someone do something why is this happenning now after everthing that ethan and theresa has been through gwen you need to be put in a mental institute for crazy people like your self you dont need to be actin on passions at all you bi??? you need to die now you just dont know when to stop at all ehtna does not want you cant you see that or do you need someone to read and spell for you, my taughts about this show is growing poorer and poorer everyday after they just learnt that theresa will not be comin back to them in a hurry you done already want to toast cant you see that you are a crazy woman you need help just go please what does it have to take for you to leave passions 4ever.

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