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    Remembering Theresa

    Tuesday, March 04 2008
    Everyone gathers for Theresa's memorial, Gwen tries to get Ethan to commit to her, Esme and Julian discuss their future and Theresa shows up in a strange hospital alive!

    Ethan, Pilar, Miguel, Luis, Sam, Ivy, Kay, Sheridan and Gwen head upstairs to check out Little E's claim that Theresa is alive. Pilar steps aside and tells Gwen that if Theresa is alive her and Rebecca are dead meat! Everyone enters Theresa's bedroom and sees a woman behind a dressing screen with black hair. They think it's Theresa, but Rebecca comes out from behind the screen with a black wig on. Ethan is furious and asks what she's doing in Theresa's room and in her dress no less! Rebecca explains that she wanted first dibs on her stuff. Everyone is aghast at Rebecca's behavior and lashes out at her. Rebecca continues to say callous things about Theresa's death and Pilar throws Rebecca out of the room. Sam asks Sheridan to tell Little E about the mix up and instructs everyone to meet downstairs for the informal memorial.

    Gwen stays behind with a deflated Ethan who says he thought Theresa had come back to him. Gwen wants to talk about the future, but Ethan says it's not a good time. Gwen says their children can't wait and as parents they need to take care of them. Gwen thinks they should be together for the children since they are still technically married, but Ethan tells her to back off. Gwen continues to press the issue and Ethan says it's too soon to think about a future with her right now and that the kids need time to deal with Theresa's death before they are faced with more upheaval. Gwen backs down and says maybe they should go downstairs for the memorial. Ethan agrees and leaves, while Gwen thinks that hopefully she, Ethan and the children will be a family soon.

    Everyone gathers downstairs and Rebecca enters. She apologizes in the tacky way that only Rebecca can and Sam yells at her. He tells her to go some place else because they are planning Theresa's memorial, but she says it won't bother her and sits down with some champagne.

    Ethan starts to talk about Theresa at the memorial, while Gwen and Rebecca snicker over Theresa's death and their blackmailing of Pilar. Luis asks who wants to reminisce about Theresa and everyone takes a turn recalling their fondest memory of her. When it's Pilar's turn, she cries as she tells Ethan how much Theresa loved him. Ethan says he loved her too, more than anyone in the world and Gwen rolls her eyes. Ethan then talks about how they met and even though Theresa caused him pain and anger over the years, he knows that she did it because she loved him. Ethan says he will be reunited with her one day in Heaven where they will be able to share the life they were meant to have on Earth.

    In a hospital somewhere, Theresa lies in a body bag. She is later seen in a bed hooked up to a machine that registers a heartbeat!

    Elsewhere, Esme and Viki enjoy dinner in the kitchen so they can avoid the "crying and wailing" that's going on in other parts of the house. Viki says she feels sorry for Theresa's children because they should have someone to take care of them like she has Esme. Esme assures her she isn't going anywhere, but thinks she should get married in case something does happen to her. She thinks Julian would be a good stepfather to Viki and Viki tightly grips her knife. Esme calls Julian to see if he wants to join them, but Julian is getting drunk in his office. Esme says she'll serve him dessert in bed afterwards if he likes, but Julian says he's busy with work and is upset over Vincent and Valerie. He tells her to drop by if she'd like to later. Esme tells Viki she could really see herself married to Julian and once that happens, they will see her off to her first day at boarding school. Esme drops a glass at the mention of this and is clearly unhappy with the idea.

    Esme imagines her, Viki and Julian as the perfect 1950's family while Viki imagines them as the same 1950's family, but with Julian stashed in the freezer.

    Viki asks when she would see Esme if she is sent off to boarding school and Esme says they will see each other plenty and goes off to get Julian food from the cook to take to him. Viki thinks that Julian better not try to get rid of her and stabs her dessert.

    Esme pops by Julian's office with a basket of food and he is pleased by the effort she made. She says she could do it all the time if they were exclusive, but Julian reminds her that he's having a baby with Valerie. To help plead her case, Esme rips her coat off, revealing a sexy negligee and Julian remarks that she makes two excellent points. As Julian and Esme start to go at it, Viki stands on the other side of the office door thinking that she won't let Julian come between her and Esme. Julian breaks away from Esme and says he can't do it right now because of what happened with Valerie. He tells her there was a moment when he thought he was kissing Vincent, which has turned him off sex for the moment. Esme covers up and breaks out his dinner. As Julian eats, Esme proposes marriage so she can provide a stable life for Viki. Julian doesn't think he'd be a good parent, but Esme says Viki would only spend holidays and vacations with them. Julian thinks it would be better if she spent her free time traveling with friends and Viki thinks that's the wrong answer. Esme says she'd like to spend time with Viki, but Julian thinks it would be better for her to be away from all the violence in Harmony and says they can visit Viki whenever they want to. Esme then convinces Julian to have sex with her and they play out a strange cowgirl/horse scenario as Viki listens at the door. After they complete their romp, conversation returns to Viki and Julian convinces Esme that Viki will enjoy her summers and holidays away from home on her own. Viki thinks she will have to kill Julian if he comes between her and Esme.

    Next on Passions

    Luis and Paloma catch Fancy and Noah together.

    Ethan tells Gwen he's made a decision regarding the future.

    Theresa asks, "My family doesn't know I'm alive do they?" A man answers, "No ma'am and that's the way it has to stay."

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    Posted by iluvmysoaps at Tuesday, March 04 2008 01:06 PM

    As if poor Teresa hasn't gone through ENOUGH and now this?? Gosh! This is sooo upsetting! Poor Little Ethan and Jane! I just can't believe that the writers are putting us through this torture for such a loooong time! We finally see Ethan and Teresa get married, then the whole Little E being his and not being able to share such joyous news with him and NOW THIS! Gwenilla and Rebecca need to PAY! I despise those two woman. I hope that they wrought in H---! Who do you guys think is doing this to Teresa? Juanita or is this a scheme from Rebecca?

    Posted by JENNIFER26 at Tuesday, March 04 2008 01:30 PM

    Gwen pushing Ethan so hard is ridiculous and infuriating! I really enjoyed everyone reminiscing about Theresa's life and how much she meant to all of them. I am interested to find out who the man is that is in the morgue with her and why he doesn't want her family to find out she's still alive. We all know Theresa is very strong willed and we hopefully will see some of her old spunk so she can escape and make her way home to her family.

    Rebecca is same class and a *itch!! Ivy was irritating as well...she still blames Theresa for everything, it seems she has forgotten that Pilar told her Gwen was blackmailing her about the past. (More likely a writers flub.)

    Julian and Esme were quite entertaining IMO. The entire Esme and Viki dinner scenes had a comical undertone as the servant was serving their dinner; dessert for Esme was a bottle of pills, lol.

    Posted by daysnpassionsfan82 at Tuesday, March 04 2008 02:56 PM

    This sucks! After all the years being apart for this and that, you should think that they may finally get the chance to be happy together! I think that little Ethan should let it slip to Ethan that he is his real dad. That would be interresting to see Gwen squirm her way out of that!

    Posted by angel1973 at Tuesday, March 04 2008 03:26 PM

    ok first off i gotta say gwen is so not haveing a heart for ethans pain atm and rebbeca is just a no good piece of work. as for theresa i bet it has to do with alister somehow hes the only one that makes sience. Juanita likes the idea of her dead and would not have hooked her up to machines to help her get better.....alister has most to loose by being made to look a fool if the truth comes out so maybe its him or maybe rebbica somehow but i guess we will all see soon(i hope) at least she isnt dead.....and we all know there will have to be a real good reason for her not to contact her family cause her whole heart is ethan and her children......should play out to be good

    Posted by passionsobserver at Tuesday, March 04 2008 08:16 PM

    Gwenilla is a HUGE! disgrace and disappointment to women.

    I am so glad that Theresa is found and is out of danger concerning Juanita.

    I felt bad for Lil Ethan yesterday. It was very sad to have seen his reaction after he was told about his mom.

    Please give Julian a better and meaningful story line for peace sake.

    Rebecca doesn't know when to quit and if i was Ethan I'd stay far away from her and her daughter because they both showed no remorse whatsoever for his supposedly loss, "Theresa."

    Gwenilla takes insult for invitation and it is really sickening to watch. Why do they always make blonds look stupid in these soap opera shows? I cant even identify not one sensible blond on Passions - Oops! maybe only Endora. LMAO

    Posted by Jimmy Bone at Tuesday, March 04 2008 08:30 PM

    What do u think about pilar not busting on gwen.

    Posted by Trinigirl at Wednesday, March 05 2008 06:06 AM

    i didn't read all the lastest info but i really want theresa to be alive and i want her and Ethan to be a happy couple .She deserves the best because she has gone through enough.

    Posted by nekeisha at Wednesday, March 05 2008 07:25 AM

    i find this to be a totall mess you are so cold hearted gwenilla and your evil mother both of you'll should rot in hell where you belong dont even try to be nice all of a sudden to ethan you wi??? it's a little to late for that now all you can study is if you and ethan will be together why dont you try and study for one moment that little ethan and jane would be without a mother maybe 4ever you bi??? you never taught of that eh you slimy old wi???

    Posted by chellsham at Wednesday, March 05 2008 11:11 AM

    i think its time for the lopez-fitzgerald family to be happy in love.

    Posted by Puchee at Wednesday, March 05 2008 11:14 AM

    Come on Passion are there no "Happy Moments / Ending" in this show. Why does Evil always win?

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