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    Passions - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Passions'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Julian is his nasty old self again!

    Monday, September 25 2006
    Julian and Eve fight, Kay has a close call, Spike and Chris lay down the law, and Jared takes care of Theresa.

    Julian has cut ties with Eve

    Julian is in his office taking care of Crane business with Valerie's help. Eve barges in. She found out that Julian cut the funding to the hospital. She is very upset. Julian coolly assures her that she can find other donors. The hospital trust fund was established specifically for Eve because of their involvement. Now that they are no longer engaged, he isn't interested in the hospital. That's why he cut off the money. Eve sees through Julian. She accuses him of using money to control people again.

    Eve explains how the hospital won't survive without the Crane funding. She can't believe that Julian is that petty. She thought he was above revenge. Julian doesn't see it as revenge. Eve calls it emotional blackmail. Julian explains he is just tired of coming in second place to T.C. and other patients. He was trying to work things out but since Eve wasn't interested in trying, he was cutting off all ties—emotional and financial. Eve can't understand how infantile Julian is acting. His actions will cause hundreds of people to suffer. Eve's phone rings making Julian's point. It is Jared calling about Theresa. Julian wants Eve to ignore the call. "Theresa's whole is an accident," he claims. Eve can't do that and leaves to see about Theresa.

    A weakened Theresa calls out for Ethan. She wants him to hold her. It's as if Jared was invisible. Ethan comforts Theresa. Spike watches from the shadows. He is disappointed Theresa was rescued in time. He'll just have to try again.

    Gwen isn't happy any more.

    Gwen raves to Valerie about the joys of motherhood. She is so happy now. Her life has changed for the better now that Theresa has moved on to Jared. Valerie has her doubts and they are confirmed when Ethan whisks pass them with Theresa in his arms, both of them clad only in towels.

    After examining her, Eve gives Theresa a clean bill of health. Gwen watches. She isn't happy about how happy that makes Ethan. Jared takes over. Ethan steps back. Jared tries to comfort Theresa. When she becomes more lucid, she finally chooses him over Ethan. This makes Ethan upset. Gwen is upset that Ethan is upset. Jared carries Theresa away leaving Ethan and Gwen alone. Gwen lets Ethan know that she isn't blind. She knows Theresa wanted Ethan when she was groggy. She points out that she ultimately chose Jared.

    Eve gets a nasty shock!

    Outside the office, Eve and Gwen talk. She notices that Gwen is distraught. Gwen tells Eve she is so lucky to have a man who only wants her. Eve informs hers about the broken engagement. They broke up, not because she still has feelings for her ex-husband, she assures Gwen. It was because Julian was reverting back to his old nasty self. Gwen thinks Eve should still give Julian a chance. Somehow she convinces Eve to do just that. Eve goes to speak with Julian. She barges in again and finds Julian helping himself to some Valerie.

    Spike pulls Chris into a supply closet. They argue. Chris lets Spike have it. He figured out that Spike is the cause of Theresa's accident. Chris wants to know what exactly did Spike do to Theresa. Spike is not answering. He is focused on getting his money. Chris calls him stupid and orders him to leave Theresa alone.

    Spike tells Chris that he's running the show. He reminds him of all he has on him. Chris tells him he still can't to go around killing people. "It's always worked before," Spike retorts. Besides, Spike has read Chris' file. He reminds him that Chris has done far worse than murder. Spike is determined to get his money, one way or another.

    Chris warns Spike that he is going to blow it. Spike wants to graduate from drugs and prostitution to high collar crime. He won't promise he will stop at murder. Chris tells him to be patient. He'll get the money. After he leaves, Spike says out loud that he isn't a patient man. He wants Theresa gone and he's going to enjoy getting rid of her.

    Fox believes he has discovered Miguel and Kay making out on the beach. Ivy couldn't be happier. Unfortunately for her, it's not Kay Miguel is with. It's Siren.

    Kay has jogged back home. Tabitha is there to greet her. Kay gives her a blow by blow account of what went on between her and Miguel at the bridal shop. She explains she narrowly escaped being found out by Fox. She is sure Ivy set her up. Tabitha tells Kay she needs to decide which man she loves the most. Kay can't decide. She loves them both. Tabitha agrees every woman should have a stable of studs. However, she doesn't believe either Fox or Miguel share that view.

    Kay consults the magic bowl to see what's happening back on the beach. She gets an eyeful of Siren making out with Miguel. This makes her decide that she is done with Miguel.

    Kay brings Endora to Tabitha. Endora conjures up a black magic feast to celebrate her mother's return.

    Kay's glad Fox didn't catch her with Miguel. Ivy, Siren, Miguel and Fox all join them. Fox wants to know what happened to her at the bridal shop. Ivy wants an answer to that question too. Kay lies to Fox. She tells him she panicked when she heard his voice and ran out the back. She didn't want him to see her in the wedding dress. Fox tells her of his suspicions.

    Siren is hanging all over Miguel. This angers Kay and she leaves the room. Siren figures out that Miguel was just using her. Miguel apologizes but he meant it when he said he would not have sex with her. He loves Kay. Siren just want to have fun.

    Ivy confronts Kay. Kay tells Ivy she knows she tried to set her up. However, it didn't work because she is marrying Fox. To herself Ivy threatens that she would see her dead first.

    Fox is confident that the wedding will go on. Ivy is just as certain that it won't. Fox asks Kay for forgiveness for his suspicions. Kay says there is not need to apologize. She kisses him as Miguel looks on sorrowfully.

    Next on Passion
    Fancy and Sheridan are still fighting over Luis, Paloma is still promoting Fancy to Luis and Valerie and Eve are about to come to blows.

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    Posted by anna negron at Monday, September 25 2006 03:02 PM

    Stupid soap.

    Posted by Audd at Monday, September 25 2006 03:28 PM

    It was awesome seeing Gwen squirm a little bit today, however, it's still not enough. She has been a vintictive little B.... for far too long, and has gotten away with far too much for far too long. When is this triangle story going to be wrapped up? It's been played out since it's beginning 6 years ago. We want to see Gwen go down once and for all. So Valerie is screwing Julian and Chad, (Yeah Chad is screwing Valerie) This is a stupid storyline! Why is Julian going back to his old ways? Why is Fox taking on some of his father's characteristics? Why all the bad ones too? How dumb does a guy have to be to believe Kay's story? She was running around town half naked, he's seen Kay with Miguel making out in the bedroom. Wouldn't most men dump the girl? I say all the men on this show needs psychiatric help! Grow some balls, stop being a coward, be with who you want, get rid of the one you don't want, stop being cunning and sly. There is not one guy on the show who doesn't need help one way or the other. Yeah it's a soap, but all soaps but this one has a super couple, with some normalcy, why not Passions? I love the soap, but come on, it's getting carried away!

    Posted by Madam' Fire fly at Monday, September 25 2006 04:09 PM

    Julian was fun before he changed his ways... I found him to be more blieveable ruthless than mr nice guy. I'm glad he's kind of going back to his old ways. I don't really like eve and jullian needs someone who can be as scandelous and ruthless as he is... Also jullian was alot more fun drunk. he has a lot of money and eve should learn how to appreciate it or move over for someone who can. After all only the strong survive!---- What can i say? I am living in a material world and I am a material girl.

    Posted by indica425 at Monday, September 25 2006 04:35 PM

    I just read an article stating that J.T. Cornell was coming to Harmony!!!! I think it is finally gonna happen fellow fans. Everything may come to light very soon-hopefully.

    Posted by tamater2 at Monday, September 25 2006 05:20 PM

    I love this show so much and I agree the triangle with Theresa and Ethan has gone on way too long and the Luis and Fancy thing is beginning to follow same pattern.But then again it is all in a days' soap work. But still yet I think this soap is the best and i hate if I have to miss one day.I wish it would go on sale in dvds' at store so many sets in box.I know it is on itunes for buying episodes but i would love whole box set back to very beginning.If anyone knows if that is around let me know.

    Posted by Nakoma at Monday, September 25 2006 08:09 PM

    Ethan is Suffering! YES! In his face. Gwen is a b*****, and she is getting payback, too! Juilan don't be messing around. When Eve split, he definitely knew where to move on. Valerie! The gold digging o. Put a H in front of it and you will get, okay. I'll bet Eve will be more considerate now.

    Posted by Loveletta1 at Monday, September 25 2006 10:03 PM

    I really do love julian as a villain, he is so much more fun. He does not fit the role of a nice guy. I think julian should continue to be the bad guy, makes it more fun and interesting.

    Posted by nesha at Tuesday, September 26 2006 10:27 AM


    Posted by Big Tiff at Tuesday, September 26 2006 10:59 AM

    I am really tired of waiting on these soaps to get some good writting on this show it is very very sad that I have to wait a for someone to write like they got some sense that's why all the actors are either leaving or getting killed off cause the ratings are low and they can't pay the actors. Come on Passions get it together I'm still pulling for you you haven't lost me YET. but please belive that I am on my way to another soap opera real soon

    Posted by Ms Love Y&R at Tuesday, September 26 2006 02:24 PM

    I don't know whats worst having a bad hair day or watching Passions? Ooopppps I know watching Passions, have you writers lost your mine. That soap is so so so sooooo STUPID, it has to go.

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