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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Passions'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Kay's wedding will go on

    Tuesday, September 19 2006
    Kay is jealous, Theresa goes to the mat with Jared, Luis uses tough love on Fancy, Eve won't be controlled by Julian and Ethan can't make up his mind.

    Eve is at the coffee shop talking on her cell phone. She's very upset. A construction crew has started remodeling her office without her permission. Julian walks in and confesses, he was the one who authorized the remodeling. It was his surprise for her. Eve does not appreciate the gesture. She can't believe Julian went behind her back. Julian tells her that was just the first part of his surprise. He bought a yacht so that the two of them can sail to the Mediterranean. With her office in disarray, she has no excuse about taking some time off. It will be an unbelievable and wonderful adventure. Eve agrees with the unbelievable part. Wonderful, however, it isn't.

    She is livid. She is a doctor not a car mechanic. She can't just desert her patients. Julian has that covered too. Eve is angry that he thinks she is so easily replaced. Julian just wants Eve to pay attention to their personal relationship as well as to her patients and ex-husband. To Eve, Julian is self-centered. He should have consulted her. If he had, she would have gladly taken time off. She realizes that Julian is still a cold, vindictive control freak but she has changed. She won't be controlled anymore. She walks out on him but Julian is not giving her up.

    Ethan and Noah check out the tabloids

    Noah literally runs into the coffee shop and into Ethan. He shows Ethan the tabloid's front page with Jared's, Theresa's and Ethan's photos. Ethan thinks the article is horrible but only because Gwen will see it. Noah notices that Ethan is back to square one—stuck between two women. Ethan admits he has no clue what to do about it.

    Noah gives Ethan love advice. "End it," he says at first. Noah puts himself up as an example. He is still in love with Fancy and she doesn't want anything to do with him. On the other hand, Fox loves two women and both women love him back. Therefore he needs to make up his mind. Ethan knows this but it isn't that easy. He is happy with his life with Gwen and their child but all he can do is think about Theresa. He has been fighting his feelings for her. He loves her. Noah advises him to be honest and tell both women the truth. Ethan is afraid if he does that, he will lose Gwen. Ivy walks into the coffee house in time to hear this. After looking at the tabloid, she jumps to the conclusion that it is all Theresa's fault.

    Ivy warns Ethan to stay away from Theresa. She rips out men's hearts. Besides, she won't let another son of hers ruin his life over the wrong woman. Of course, she is talking about Fox and Kay. She leaves after getting a phone call.

    Ethan decides his mother is right. He can't leave his wife. Ethan doesn't want to keep anything from Gwen but he doesn't want to hurt her or Theresa. Noah suggests that he choose Theresa.

    Jared's and Ethan's photos are begging Theresa to choose between them. Theresa decides that Jared's the man for him based on the fact that he's the only one truly available. Just then Jared phones her. He insists that she come meet him on the 3rd floor right away. Theresa goes to meet him wondering what else can go wrong.`

    She asks Jared what's wrong. There's nothing wrong. It was Jared's way of getting her down to the gym. He has cleared the floor and set up a private yoga session for the two of them. He wants her to unwind.

    Jared seduces Theresa with yoga and it works. Jared and Theresa are lying on the mat relaxed now that they have made love. Jared wants to continue pampering her. Theresa is grateful for everything Jared has done. He claims Theresa brings out the best in him. She responds by telling him she is falling for him too.

    Luis gets tough on Fancy

    Fancy has Luis down on the mat. She wants him to say uncle before she lets him up. He reluctantly gives in to her demand. Luis immediately turns the table on Fancy and throws her to the mat.

    Luis is being a hard drill Sargent on his cadets. He has set up a virtual reality session complete with headset and equipment. This will allow them to experience what it is like to apprehend a perp.

    Paloma is the first to try the gear as everyone watches the scene on a plasma screen. Paloma excels. Fancy is ready to take her turn but Luis wants her to run around the block five times first. Paloma calls Luis on his harsh treatment of Fancy. Luis claims he is tough on all his cadets. Paloma thinks he's just sexually frustrated. When Fancy comes back from her run, Luis allows her to suit up for the virtual reality session. However, her session is much, much harder than Paloma's. Fancy fails the session. She is virtually shot.

    Fox walks in on Kay

    Fox is on his way into the bedroom while Kay is struggling to get the sleeping Miguel out of her bed. When Fox walks in Kay is lying on the floor. She claims she fell when she heard Fox coming in. It's her faux illness. She's well enough to run and get him his belt and push in out the door.

    Kay wants Miguel out of her bed

    Miguel has finally come out of his sleep. Kay is angry at him for drinking too much and hanging out with Siren. Miguel doesn't understand why she should be so angry. She is angry because one minute he is declaring his love for her and the next minute his hands are all over Siren. She informs him that the wedding to Fox is on.

    Kay and Fox share wedding details over the phone. Kay is at the bridal shop trying on gowns and Fox has just booked their honeymoon. The sales clerk shows Kay the ugliest wedding dress every sewn. Ivy proudly informs Kay that she picked out the dress just for her.

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    Posted by evebutterfly at Tuesday, September 19 2006 02:54 PM

    I think that Ivy should mind her own Buisness. They need to bring Grace back to take Sam away from Ivy.Besides it was Ivy that had Grace leave with David and leave Sam alone. That way Ivy could be worried about losing Sam that she would leave Ethan and Fox alone. So they can truly be with wwho they want to be with.Thank God Ivy isn't my mother n law.Eve needs to spend time with Julian poor guy has been more understanding then most guys would be.T.C. was awful to Eve and his daughters. I would have just let the nurses take care of him.Fancy and Noah should be together instead of her and Luis.That man is never going to love another woman but Sheridan.Chad needs to be honest and tell us who he is unfaithful with. I think it is Valarie.Poor Whitney

    Posted by dayspassionfan at Tuesday, September 19 2006 03:31 PM

    I agree. I think Ivy needs to get a life. I think Kay needs to give in to Miguel and be happy. But I think Fancy is good for Luis.

    Posted by granny carol at Tuesday, September 19 2006 04:04 PM

    let kay marry fox. stop ivy by telling sam what she did to grace. let ethan stay with gwen. give theresa to jared i like him better than ethan. put gwen's pregnancy in the stroy line as ethan's baby then he will have to stay with gwen. she deserves him after everything she has benn through with theresa. but please let kay marry fox not migual. he thinks he is just great. send him after chariety .he dose't deserve kay after leaving her with maria.

    Posted by Audd at Tuesday, September 19 2006 05:22 PM

    I agree with alot of the comments but Ethan and Gwen being together. No way should Gwen be happy after what her and her evil mother did when they told the world through the tabloids about Ethan's paternity. I understand Theresa did some shady things, but nothing compares to evil Gwen. Jane is Theresa's, but Gwen has to throw it Theresa's face that Jane is now Gwen's. Any body who has given birth to a child will understand how evil Gwen's actions are. I hope to God Gwen sees Ethan and Theresa in bed making love because they are "soul mates" not Ethan and Gwen and because of the evil things Gwen has done. Fate is Fate, so Gwen should move on to some shady guy who is like herself. I do feel bad for Julian, he made a complete turn around when he was with Timmy, and T.C. is ridiculas with his treatment towards his daughters. Why would Eve want that back? Now it looks like Julian might be going back to his old ways, I'm saying this because of his advice to Fox. Fox is turning kind of creepy now, he is starting to scare me a bit. I liked Fancy and Noah together. It's true, Luis will never love another like Sheridan. I think Chad is with Valerie too. Whitney deserves better than this.

    Posted by cia/3003 at Tuesday, September 19 2006 06:58 PM

    For one Ivy needs to mind her own business. And stay out of everybody elses. She won't be happy if Grace did come back into the picture which I think she should come back.That would be very interesting to see.

    For chad and Whitney he needs to tell her what is going on I think it might be Valarie, but what if it's not her the question is "Who is it?"

    Then for Theresa and Ethan they just need to get together and forget about Gwen. They aren't together because of Gwen and her mother. And Theresa needs to tell Ethan that little Ethan is his.They both love each other and it would be great to see them back toegether finally. If Theresa wanted to she can take Jane away from Gwen and she really needs to.

    Posted by Loveletta1 at Tuesday, September 19 2006 09:22 PM

    I dont think that kay deserve miguel. She is deceitful and one of the reason why they slept together is because kay tricked miguel into bed with her. She is definitely no angel. And one of the reason why miguel and charity broke up is because of kay malicious lies and deceit. She dont even deserve fox.

    Posted by dutchess at Wednesday, September 20 2006 07:34 AM

    well i think teresa is making another mistake she shoul d move on and but witha man who loves her and isnt ashmed of her ethan had his chance and he messd up he chose gwen over her and now teresa should juss forget about him and move on with jared....

    Posted by Alishaa at Wednesday, September 20 2006 09:57 AM

    Hey my name is alisha im 15 years old ive been watching this for like 6 years now and i think Ivy is a Bitch in her own wayy she neeeds to mind her own bussiness and get out of there kids life..and Eathan Belongs to Treasa and Jarde is nice to gfor trasa but you wanna know what trasa and eathn have been in love for soo long there ment to be together... and ForGwen She is so stupied for lieing to her husband about vereything of framing Traeasa liek UGHH and Everytime i seee treasa making love with eathan i get so happy but then its only a premation:( and i want them to be together. Now for Sherdian i want the old hsardin back and i dont think the new on is very pretty and thee old shardin knows how to act and she realli dont and she is ment to Luis not chris and chirs is Lieing through his teeeth to his wife too and uyeahh.. and for Fancy very pretty girl lovely person and she desserves the best and she dont desserve anyone on that show of the guys because she can do wayy better then all of them .. and for Alaster Crain Stupied Old Fart i hate him and with BETH Trap!!!!! on the show and For chad now hes a realli bad actor to be honest and i have so much more but im just telling my point of vieew and not trying to be rude and I think GWEN IVY AND EVERYBODY ELS WHO IS TRying to lie to there husbadns UGh and for samm .. Samm Can do wayy Better with his ex wife Grace BETER then Ivy Crain and for Fox should back of because kay and migal beliong to gether well ttyl gotta watch the show soo love yeah peeps

    Posted by nesha at Wednesday, September 20 2006 10:40 AM


    Posted by vdo2006 at Wednesday, September 20 2006 10:54 AM

    you know what?... FORGET kay & fox.
    fox doesnt deserve a life with kay... he should jus move on and go away for awhile i mean Fancy she was always out of the picture until she met Noah and they came back to Harmony, so why cant Fox leave this time? take in 1 crane, lose another. Kay should be happy with Miguel & their daughter Maria. I mean yeah it was really stupid of Miguel to go off on a hunt for Charity but at the same time he realized what he did and wants his true love, who is Kay the girl who had always been in love with Miguel. He is in her heart, and hes not going anywhere just like Ethan is in Theresas heart & Theresa is in Ethans heart. NONE of them are going anywhere. Hey how about Ethan&Theresa, Kay&Miguel, and FOX&GWEN? They're both crazy... it could work!... or not Gwen doesnt really diserve anyone. she should leave town.

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