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I Have a Son

Tuesday, September 04 2007
Fox seems familiar to Viki, Alistair puts his new plan into action, Sheridan tells Luis their son is alive, Ethan starts to wake up.

At the mansion, Fox and Esme try to calm Viki after she wakes from a nightmare. Viki starts to whisper to her aunt while Fox looks on, perplexed at the young lady's continued routine. Esme tries to comfort her niece by telling her that she wakes up in strange places all the time, it's a great way to make friends. Seeing that she's still uncomfortable, Fox offers to leave them alone but Viki grabs his hand, imploring him to stay. He tells her that he won't go anywhere. She asks him (through Esme, of course) to read to her. Taking out Wuthering Heights, he starts to read. Viki soon begins to yawn while Esme says that going to bed with a man that can read is a new experience for her. Viki suddenly tells her aunt that Fox looks like her father and hugs him.

In one of his secret rooms, Alistair urges a reluctant Pretty to help him fulfill his revenge plot against Fancy. After a long pause, she agrees to do it, just for him. Taking his phone, she places a call to her sister, telling her that she needs to see her right away. Luis thinks that's a bad idea but, as Pretty begs for another chance with her sister, Fancy agrees. At the same time, Sheridan searches for Luis so that she can break the news that Marty is still alive. She walks by Fancy's room and sees Luis making love to her. Sheridan goes to the door anyway. Luis doesn't want to talk to her. Fancy stands by his side and tells her aunt that she's not welcome. Sheridan insists that this is important. Fancy decides to get dressed and go see her sister; she has to take the chance to talk to her...it' s the only way to avoid murder, she jokes. Meanwhile, Alistair is impressed that his granddaughter is such a good little actress (too bad about her face, he think again). He hands her a vial of fluid. She knows what she has to do with it.

As Fancy leaves and Luis gets dressed, Sheridan wanders into the room and stares at the soiled sheets. Luis starts to make the bed as Sheridan imagines lying there with him, telling him about their son. He breaks her out of her little reverie and she explains that she has come there because she needs his help to find Marty. He tells her to stop; it's been over a year: Marty is dead. They saw it happen and they need to move on. She needs to seek some professional help, he suggests. He's already moved on and she needs to as well. Insistently, she tells him again that their son is alive and she knows it for a fact.

Fancy and Pretty meet in her room where she has all of her sister's favorite treats waiting. Pretty admits that she was always jealous but she wants to put that behind them. 'We're sisters,' she says. It's a great relief to Fancy to hear that; she's been worrying about her sister for years. As she hugs her sister close, Pretty rolls her eyes before asking her to sit down while she gets her some lemonade. As she pours it, she drops the drug in and hands it to her sister. They toast: 'To the Crane sisters: Both of us finally getting what we deserve!' They toast again but Fancy is drinking slowly and already showing signs of tiredness. She always fantasized about doing things like this with her sister. Now she hopes that they can be best friends for the rest if their lives. Alistair impatiently watches the scene through his video surveillance system, taking a drink and laughing before calling a doctor to ready the next step in his plot. Fancy becomes sleepy and starts to yawn.

Whitney arrives at the morgue to give a positive ID to Chad. 'Good lucking guy wasn't he?' she says, looking at the corpse. She still has to make plans about what to do with him. The attendant leaves her alone so that she can think it over. Simone arrives, embracing her sister and they begin to weep. Whitney tries to stop herself; she needs to stay strong. Her sister tells her to let someone else be strong for her. Whitney's heart was already broken when she lost Chad, she explains. She could never go back to him, although part of her will always love him. Her sister tells her to give herself a chance at forgiving now. She's not alone, Simone reminds her, she still has her family. Whitney worries about what she will tell Miles... he already asks about his father every day. Turning out the lights, they walk out. Whitney goes upstairs to the chapel and prays for strength to tell the truth to her son. She also prays for some guidance and direction in the rest of her life. Simone brings Miles in and the three sit down together. She tells her little boy that everyone loves him very much, including his daddy but he won't be seeing him for a very, very long time. Afterwards, she tells her baby that they will never know their father but, together with Miles, they will still be a family.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Theresa excitedly tells her mother that, as soon as Ethan wakes from his coma, all of their dreams will come true. She kisses him and his eyes start moving. 'I have a son,' he says. Moments later, Whitney arrives and they briefly pay their condolences. Theresa embraces her friends that tells her that Ethan knows he has a son. Whitney tells her to treasure every moment they have together. Outside the hospital room, Rebecca continues begging her daughter to come back and fight for Ethan, Gwen hangs up. Rebecca calls her again but without luck. When Pilar walks out, she tells Rebecca that she's going to get little Ethan so that when Ethan wakes up, he'll be surrounded by the people he loves most in the world. After she strides away, Rebecca lets out a frustrated sigh. 'Oh Gwen...you fool,' Rebecca says.

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