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    I'm a Monster

    Monday, August 27 2007
    Fancy runs away, Miguel sees a psychiatrist, Endora turns the kitchen into a circus, Alistair chokes Theresa.

    At Tabitha's, one of Kay's spell is actually working out for once when the dishes wash themselves. Norma and Edna are relieved when Kay tells them that they'll never have to lift a finger again. Tabitha thinks that she's mad; she's already driving Miguel into the mad house. As the witch rolls her eyes, Kay turns and tries to dry the dishes with magic. Instead, she conjures a storm and smashes most of the dishes against the wall. When they put a stop to the winds, bubbles begin to uncontrollably pour out of the sink. Soon the entire room is filled with bubbles as Tabitha, Endora and Kay climb on top of the furniture to escape being buried by them. Endora finally zaps the bubbles away and Tabitha reminds Kay how dangerous this is. Besides, she doesn't need magic to make Miguel love her and, if she's not careful, magic will make her lose Miguel. Kay insists that she and Miguel are fine and her magic can't threaten that. After they clean up, Tabitha says it's time to go to bed. Endora doesn't want to though, she wants to go to the circus. Waving her hand, she turns the room into a circus. Edna is a clown, Norma a ringmaster and Tabitha is the bearded lady. Edna has a monkey on her shoulder and shows it her locket with pictures of Precious inside. She sadly remembers her old orangutan while Tabitha panics that someone could walks in.

    Miguel walks Dr Wilson the psychiatrist into Tabitha's parlor. He sits on the couch and tells her that he thinks he's going crazy. He is continually finding himself in strange places. It feels like he's dreaming, but he hasn't been asleep and he finds himself having strange memories. The doctor assumes that they are only fantasies and wants to hear about his mother. Miguel shakes his head; he doesn't want to talk about his mother. He's going crazy! She tries to calm him and has him lay down. Suddenly, she hears Fluffy growling and jumps up. He tells her it's just the cat. Then she hears an explosion. It's just the plumbing, he explains. She leaves to investigate. Walking into the kitchen, she starts to wonder if she has gone crazy when she sees Norma trying to make Fluffy jump through a ring of fire. 'Uh oh!' Edna gulps before she shoots the monkey from a cannon and into the doctor's hair. She stands frozen in shock for a moment. Norma wants to feed her to fluffy when the doctor suddenly runs out of the room. She finds Miguel back in the parlor and tells him that she's the crazy one. The ladies of the house zap away their circus outfits and walk in after her. The doctor tells Miguel to escape while there is still time and then runs out. He's confused; the doctor seemed fine a minute ago. Kay asks him why he was seeing a psychiatrist. He shrugs.

    At the mansion, Fancy tells Luis that she did throw the chemicals in her sister's face and ruined her life. 'I'm a monster,' she insists. He refuses to believe it, but she reminds him that she is a Crane just like her grandfather and she can't deny it anymore. She is evil and has to take responsibility for her own actions. He reminds her that evil is not passed on by DNA; she is the kindest and gentlest woman he knows. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She refuses to allow it; she can't put him though it. He's bought into an idea of what she is really like and it has almost cost him his life. She runs away.

    At the inn, Theresa screams for help when Ethan appears to be dead. Alistair saunters into the room and tells her that her husband is 'very much alive.' Shocked to see him, she starts to pray for help. Alistair makes some jokes about her embracing her mother's fanaticism, no doubt thanks to her grief at losing him, he sarcastically remarks. She points out that something is wrong with Ethan. 'Yes, I can see that,' he pithily remarks looking at his half naked, breathless body. He explains that he poisoned the strawberries... they were meant for her though. She's appalled that he doesn't seem to care that his former grandson is lying there dead, but he's unphased. Instead, he picks up the last strawberry and pushes it in her face, commanding her to eat it. She doesn't understand why he is doing this. He knows about her bastard child: She's made a fool out of him and he won't let anyone find out. She begs him not to take away her final chance at happiness. When she refuses to play his games and tries to run away, he slams the door and won't let her leave. She tells him that she never knew that Ethan was the father until she was in Rome. He refuses to believe a word she says. 'Ethan is dead and you are about to die,' he declares, grabbing her by the throat and choking her.

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    Posted by redds at Monday, August 27 2007 08:42 AM

    Please don't let Ethan die he and Theresa deserves a chance to make their marriage work. Am disappointed that Theresa hasn't not told him about his son. This is being dragged on for much too long.Tell him already so that they will be able to fight for their family against Alister,Gwen and her mom .

    Posted by Sarai6868 at Monday, August 27 2007 10:49 AM

    OH God not the Ethan get's poisoned again. OH boy back to the same ole script again.

    Posted by jjtrdsa at Monday, August 27 2007 11:19 AM

    I just read the spoilers on my tv guide. gwen wants ethan back. I think that because they already saved luis life, they just trying to keep the story going until they moved to direct tv three weeks from now.

    Posted by Calpurnia Finch at Monday, August 27 2007 11:29 AM

    I hope Alistair chokes the poo out of Theresa! I am so glad that Big Daddy Crane is back! He won't kill her though and Ethan won't die but you can rest assured that Alistair will make them all pay!

    Posted by Ms.HuNNii at Monday, August 27 2007 07:51 PM

    Ethan need to stay away for food and Pretty need to stay away from the pools.

    Posted by ladyblack at Tuesday, August 28 2007 04:22 AM

    of course gwen wants eithan back while would she go after theresa so and please dont let eithan die he needs to know that he has a son and alister is back and he is goint to make harmony pay

    Posted by Days fan for years at Thursday, August 30 2007 12:06 PM

    I wish passions whould stay on nbc more people would watch it you,ll be alot of people by changing thank you BonnyLee Schultz

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