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    I Could Never Hate You

    Monday, July 23 2007
    Norma and Edna try to kill Miguel, Vincent taunts Whitney, Jared leaves.

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    Posted by Shemmy_YR_ Gh at Monday, July 23 2007 06:14 PM

    Well inscest happens and Passions just takes everything to a another level; making it different from the other soaps.

    Posted by __babystar at Tuesday, July 24 2007 12:34 PM

    I knew the blackmailer is Vincent I knew it !!!!!!!
    but anyways, I'm glad to know that Tharesa & Efton are finally together ..... An things are working out for
    Kay & Miguel ... Honestly why can't the blackmailer just step up and just die!!!??...
    As for Eve Russle well I don't blame her if shes taking drugs!!!!!!... She should run away somewhere far and get away from all the stress and the people who are causing her greef !!..
    Also for her long lost "Son" Vincent the
    " he she" well I'm diying to see his disgusting self get booked!!! and he should be the one whos on death row!!! and we all know that!!!! and for Theresa needs to step up her game, she needs to tell Efton the truth!!!! if there love is so real on the show !!!! i'm sure it can surive anything ... Finally Passions are getting more better and intresting but still..... It needs to erease some stuff!!!! but I wan't Noah & Paloma to be engaged!!! they make the cleanest & dencent couple on the show.....
    Also I want to see, Kay & Miguel get offcially engaged as well!!!!! and I want to see .. Tharesa & Efton last a life time on the show !!!!.... Someone please get Gewn off the show she seriously don't belong there and what is Rebecca doing back??? I see she sort of clean up her nasty roll a bit!!! but she still needs a lot of work to do becuase this is a soap oprea show!!! not a Porn show!!!
    As for Jared he should be one of thoes guys who gots Theresa back!!!!! like her bodyguard always there as a friend you know!!!! that would be nice to seee.....
    Also when Theresa thruth comes out!!! I don't want Efton to leave her cuase I sort of agree to the reason why she kept it in if there love is so strong on the show!!!!! it will survie anything.........
    One more thing get that blasted elve of the show having one witch on the is enough?? how twisted can you people go???

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