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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Passions'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Not For All The Money In The World

    Thursday, September 07 2006
    Julian offers Jared a job, Sheridan can't get Luis out of her head, Fox goes after Miguel with a knife and Ethan and Gwen strategize...

    Ben Masters

    Julian pays Theresa a visit to discuss the lawsuit, wanting to know how she let this happen. He knows that they both have a big problem on their hands, that Theresa will never be able to stand up against Ethan in court. But Theresa tells him she's going to fight Ethan with everything she's got. When Julian leaves, he runs into Jared in the hallway, asks him if he'll work for him on the side to spy on Theresa. Not knowing Theresa is listening from inside her office, Jared turns Julian down, says he won't go behind Theresa's back, he cares too much for her. Julian leaves Jared with one last thought, saying Theresa will turn on him as she did with Ethan. When Jared walks back into the office, Theresa takes him in a kiss. Theresa thanks Jared for turning down Julian and he tells her there's not enough money in the world to make him turn on her. Theresa doubles his salary!

    Eric Martsolf

    Gwen and Ethan are in his office, celebrating his case against Crane. They order dessert, have a drink, and relax in the moment. Gwen expresses that she knows it's now over between him and Theresa. When Ethan tells Gwen about the settlement he plans to propose, Gwen has a fit, says he should drag Crane and Theresa through the mud. Ethan says it's not worth it. Gwen again states her case, tells Ethan he needs this publicity, needs to put Theresa in her place. Just then, Theresa comes in and delivers some records, tells Ethan she's coming after him ten times stronger than he's coming after her.

    Sheridan cries on Kay's shoulder, not able to get her feelings for Luis out of her mind. Even though she does love Chris, she says she's loved Luis her whole life. Kay tells her not to give up her feelings for Luis, to tell him how she feels before it's too late. Sheridan leaves for the station.

    Fox approaches Miguel from behind with a knife. Miguel turns around, asks Fox what he's doing just as Kay walks in the kitchen. Fox makes like he's just cutting his apple. Miguel leaves and Fox makes Kay uncomfortable by the way he's looking at her. Fox asks her why she's so nervous and Kay thinks back to her kiss with Miguel. Fox tells Kay he's had a change of heart, about their future, says he wants to move up their wedding date, to elope! Kay is speechless, says there's no way they can elope tonight. Fox agrees, but still wants to move up the date.

    At the station, Luis thinks back on the night before seeing Sheridan destroying the memories from their past. He also thinks about Fancy, feels torn between her and Sheridan. Miguel shows up, filling Luis in on the events with Kay, thinking he never got to tell her his true feelings. Luis tells him he better go, go stake his claim on Kay before it's too late, says Kay is probably as much in love with him as he is with her.

    Next on Passions: Luis and Sheridan share a passionate kiss, Chad makes a secret call and Jared tells Theresa he's falling in love with her.

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    Posted by babyjane at Thursday, September 07 2006 02:03 PM

    I think that Jared is wonderful but he is not the man for Teresa. A romantic relationship between them will soon prove impossible because there is another relationship which they share. I believe that Jared is actually Teresa's half brother because he is the son of Martin and Catherine. How wonderful for Ethan! He will be there to pick up the pieces, that is if he smartens up and sees Gwen for who she really is -- a deceitful, manipulating witch!

    Posted by Storie at Thursday, September 07 2006 02:43 PM

    Okay... so how is it that Jared is Catherine and Martins son? Was there an epsoide of the show that never made it air and the fans are unware of this? Would this be Catherine's son from her past marraige or is it really Martin's son with her? Great twist on the whole Teresa and Ethan story line.

    Posted by charmedgirl at Thursday, September 07 2006 04:03 PM


    Posted by mandi_85 at Thursday, September 07 2006 09:04 PM

    I have been watching Passions on and off since 2001. Theresa and Ethan have been exciting to watch. Thier reltionship, through all the good and bad has been anything but dull. Like all the other fans out there I would love to see them finally together, but like all other soaps, perfect doesn't exsist. Them not being "together" and hooking up every now and again keeps me hooked!

    Posted by dayspassionfan at Thursday, September 07 2006 09:17 PM

    I think Jared is great. But Ethan and Theresa belong together. I think Ethan will find a way to sabatoge his case against Crane after JT comes back and spills the beans on Gwen. Then he has alot of making up to do with Theresa.

    Posted by babyjane at Monday, September 11 2006 02:44 PM

    Think about it - Catherine (or is it Katherine?) and Martin has lived together for over 20 years in Mexico. Its not natural that they don't have something to bond them together than their socalled love! The hypothesis is that they gave him up in order to protect him from Big Al. Besides, jared also mentioned to Paloma that he used to live in Mexico pretty close to the town where Paloma, Martin and Katherine lived. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    Posted by babyjane at Monday, September 11 2006 02:51 PM

    Have you thought how a guy who is on the run from the IRS actually made it back into the country? I think JT is already back and is hanging around Harmony incognito. I think that he was the one who knocked Jared out and accosted Teresa. If he is then the reason why he knocked Jared out was so he could get to Teresa because he probably is looking for help from her. Maybe Rebecca put out a contract on him so there would be no possibility of him spilling the beans. If so, then Teresa would be his only hope for survival!

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