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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Passions'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Last Call

    Monday, February 12 2007
    Jessica flirts with Miguel, Whitney looks for her ‘secret admirer,’ Rae has the rapist cornered, Fancy doesn’t think she can ever be with Luis, there is a murder in the Blue Note.

    The actress gets a call from Julian checking that she’s still in town. She tells him that she’s still happy for the work, even though she feels bad about lying. He hangs up abruptly. Tired of spending all day in a little B&B, she realizes that no one in town knows who she is or will recognize her without a mask so she goes out.

    Miguel tries to keep Jessica off

    A drunken Jessica falls off the stool at a crummy little diner. The waitress refuses to serve her because she’s drunk, but hunky Miguel arrives and says that she’s with him. After batting his eyelashes at her, the waitress tells them to take a seat. Jessica wants him on a bed of lettuce and asks him why he isn’t out ‘doing Charity.’ They have coffee and Jessica wonders why he is still doing ‘push-push’ with Charity. He tells her that he’s not and she starts pouring booze into her coffee. He tells her that it’s hard to believe that Kay is her sister and she needs to learn from her mistakes. He goes on to explain that Kay caught him lying about kissing Charity and now Kay won’t trust him. Jessica curls up next to him and tells him to simplify things and then grabs him for a kiss. He tells her to stop coming onto him. She tells him that ‘there are women you love and women you make love to’; she’s really good, all the johns say so. Even so, he declines the offer. She can’t believe her sister has two men fighting over her while she just has Spike. He tries to convince her that she can fix her life and make it better, but she’s happy with a fantasy life. Remembering her story about impersonators, he starts to wonder if she was imagining things or saw something real. There isn’t any proof though and that’s what Miguel needs. Suddenly, across the room, Jessica spots the actress she saw taking off the Charity mask.

    Pilar agrees with her daughter

    Theresa is startled by the text message Gwen sent, warning her that she will lose her son and all Crane power if she tells Ethan the truth. Pilar finds her and asks her why she looks so upset. Theresa says that the whole family is being threatened. She explains everything to her mother and Pilar understands that not telling Ethan now is the best thing for everyone, although it’s frustrating to wait. Theresa’s waited a lifetime so, waiting a little bit more can’t hurt. Until she can be with Ethan, she’ll protect her brothers.

    Chad is nervous

    Whitney excitedly tells Chad that she’s found her ‘secret admirer.’ She pulls him out of his booth and drags him over to Sheridan and Chris. After some banter, she discovers that Chris didn’t send the champagne over to her. He tells her she’s lucky for that; having a third person in a relationship is a recipe for disaster. Chad smirks before he and Whitney go back to their table to drink their champagne and fantasize about what they’ll do when they get home. She’s worried because she got a strange vibe from Sheridan. He gets upset when she suggests that Chris might be having an affair. She leaves to freshen up and Chad calls his lover to threaten him for sending them a bottle of champagne. The lover demands to meet him later or else. Whitney overhears and asks him who he is meeting later. He tells her that it’s just work and she offers to go with him before returning to the bathroom. He adjusts the date with his lover and can’t believe what he’s gotten himself into.

    Sheridan can't stop

    Chris and Sheridan dance. ‘If I hadn’t convinced Sheridan to marry me the night I found Luis, I would have been out of luck,’ he thinks to himself, knowing that she is still lusting after Luis. He tries to plan a meal with her, but she is lost in thought. She admits that she’s worried about Luis and Fancy; how can they be ‘fine’ together when he is charged with raping her. Chris says that they are in love, but Sheridan thinks that Fancy is just using him. She wants to go over and talk to them about the investigation. He’s shocked that Sam can break every rule in the book and let them investigate the crime the way they are. ‘I need to steer clear of Spike for the foreseeable future,’ he tells himself. They watch Luis and Fancy from a distance but, seeing that they are having problems, he stops her from interfering. They try and share some wine together, but she keeps staring at Luis.

    Luis looks for Rae

    Luis asks Simone where Rae is. She doesn’t know so Luis and Fancy decide to get a table and wait. He believes that with Rae’s new information, the case will open up and they’ll be able to start unravelling the ‘conspiracy.’ But before that, he’ll just ‘kill the freak’ when they catch him. They become impatient waiting and Fancy is jumpy when he tries to touch her. He promises again that he will find the person who attacked her and make them pay so that they can be together,. She tells him that, even if they do find her attacker, she’s not sure that they can ever be together. How can they be together when she can’t be touched? Being with her would make him miserable and frustrated; she loves him too much to do that to him. He tells her that they’ll get through it together because their love is deep and real. Fancy wonders why Rae took so long to contact them, but, at least now, they’ll get a better idea if the mystery woman they both remembered in hypnosis is involved. They get tired of waiting and go looking.

    Rae is stabbed in the back

    Rae chases someone through the backrooms of the Blue Note. Stopping in a storage room, she turns on the lights when she’s confronted by the rapist. She tells them that she knows who they are and Luis is on his way to make an arrest. The attacker backs her into a corner, while she remarks that Luis and Fancy could never have figured out that ‘you’ were behind all of the attacks if she hadn’t figured it out. The peeper takes out a knife and backs her against the wall. She grabs them and smashes them up against the wall, wrestling then knocking them to the ground. ‘Soon you’ll be in jail and there will be a tabloid fiasco like this town has never seen.’ She runs to the door, but the rapist stabs her in the back before she can get out. ‘You aren’t going to tell Luis anything,’ the peeper says. Rae doesn’t die right away. She keeps begging for Simone while she lays on the floor and the peeper walks out.

    Simone finds Rae

    Kay finds Simone at the bar. She realizes that she has to finally make a decision about whether she will be with Miguel or Fox. She still refuses to accept that Miguel would have hit Fox with his car, even if he has proven himself to be a liar. Kay also wonders if Tabitha could be wrong and Charity and Miguel’s intimacy can’t actually damage the dark side. Noah tells her that she has to listen to her heart. Kay now feels bad for cheating on Fox on his wedding night. Simone and Noah tell her again that she should listen to her heart; that’s what Simone’s done with Rae and, now, she doesn’t know what she would do without her. They realize that Rae has been gone an awfully long time. They wonder who she went to talk to. ‘It must be killing her to be stuck with them when she’s dying to talk with Luis and Fancy.’ Simone gets up and goes looking for Rae, soon finding her in the storage room dead. Luis and Fancy walk in a moment later as Simone cries out.

    Next on Passions:
    Ethan tells Jared that he can never make Theresa happy because she love shim.
    Gwen is sending the divorce papers.
    Sam asks Luis if he has an alibi for when Rae was killed.

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    Posted by Shanekia at Monday, February 12 2007 09:49 AM

    Ihope that raptist gets caught sheridan back off you are married to christ not lusi so get the hell on and tresea tell ethan the trueth go ethan tell jaredd that tresase will never love hime because she love you . i cant belive that she got killed right when she was going to tell lusis the turth so i hope that passion dont never get cancellled

    Posted by felinefantasy at Monday, February 12 2007 12:50 PM

    Ok this has gone on long enough, who is the rapist? You bring Rea on the show and then kill her off, why? And how is that she knows who it is and no one else does? Why would Sam ask Luis that, he was with Fancy anyways. Come on I wanna know who it is.

    Posted by mypassion4life23 at Monday, February 12 2007 01:13 PM

    I cannot believe that Rae died. Why didn't she tell Simone to come with her or who the rapist was. I just refuse to believe this new fresh starting character is dead.

    Posted by beachnutsam at Monday, February 12 2007 01:17 PM

    I will be so glad when this episode finally plays out. I has gotten to be very boring. I never knew some people could act this stupid.

    Posted by Andra9307 at Monday, February 12 2007 01:28 PM

    I really hope that Rae is'nt dead for real. Not before she was just about to tell the truth on the attackers. Theresa you have been after Ethan for a really long time now but Im not douting you in any way. And I don't think that it was Gwen that sent that message to you I think that it was from someone else and just put it by Gwen. But then again I really don't dout it from Gwen. She has always been sneaky!

    Posted by Andra9307 at Monday, February 12 2007 01:28 PM

    I really hope that Rae is'nt dead for real. Not before she was just about to tell the truth on the attackers. Theresa you have been after Ethan for a really long time now but Im not douting you in any way. And I don't think that it was Gwen that sent that message to you I think that it was from someone else and just put it by Gwen. But then again I really don't dout it from Gwen. She has always been sneaky!

    Posted by divaDiane at Monday, February 12 2007 02:21 PM

    As I have said before this show has gone to the dogs. Come on now, How is it that Rae is the only intelligent person who figured out who the rapist was. If there really was a rape at all. Why would Gwen all of a sudden call Teresa and tell her not to tell Ethan about Little Eathan. Besides how did she know? As soon as this soap is cancelled the better we all will be. We can continue on with our lives and watch better soaps.

    Posted by nicole08 at Monday, February 12 2007 02:42 PM

    Its about time Gwen has given up on keeping Ethan and Theresa apart because their love is way to strong....
    Kay needs to be with Miguel because he loves her so much...

    Posted by shamar15 at Monday, February 12 2007 03:06 PM

    Most of the storylines on Passions have been the same since day one. They have dragged everything. Ethan still does not know who leaked his paternity to the tabloids. Gwen and Teresa are always at it for so many years. I think the soap would have lasted longer if the got on with everything instead of dragging and dragging. If you don't watch for 3 months than put it on you still would be right were you left off. I hope they tie up the famous Ethan and Teresa story once and for all and get rid of Gwen and Rebecca once and for all.

    Posted by claire bear at Monday, February 12 2007 03:59 PM

    well, this is just peachy!! NOT!!! come on just get the stupid rapist thing done & over with!!!!! it's gettin pretty old!!!SERIOUSLY!!!!!

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