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    Passions - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Passions'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Rae Has A Suspect

    Friday, February 09 2007
    Endora plays a trick. Fancy and Luis get more information, Rae knows who the attacker is, Chris has suspicions about Sheridan, Whitney starts to get close to Chad’s secret, someone else already knows Theresa’s secret.

    The rapist has plans

    The rapist sits at a desk and starts going through a stack of photos until coming upon one of Fancy and Luis. ‘All of Harmony’s going to pay,’ the rapist says while gouging the picture with a knife.

    Endora goes to see the band

    Tabitha is putting Endora to bed when Kay arrives home looking tired and upset. Kay starts telling her all her problems, but Tabitha says they’re small potatoes because death is coming to harvest a mortal’s life tonight. They finally leave Endora alone and she decides to sneak out and conjure the Scissors Sisters up again. They all appear in the Blue Note and the audience starts to cheer on the band to play. They take to the stage and perform a song before trying to find a way to escape from this ‘hallucination.’ Endora dances on the floor while the other dancers assume that she is a midget. Kay and Tabitha are drinking tea when musical notes start twirling around her head. She realizes that Endora is up to something and leaps from her chair.

    TC with Rae and Simone

    Ivy runs after Julian at the Blue Note. She stops him and slaps him across the face. She starts to berate him for teaching their son to plot and scheme all for that big nothing Kay Bennett. Now he’s in a coma and it’s his fault. Meanwhile, Simone and Rae are eating chocolate mousse. Rae is unhappy that Simone is afraid of showing affection to her in public. They turn and find TC standing in front of them. They invite him to sit down and he asks her if she’s taking good care of her daughter. Julian is running away from Ivy and almost trips over Rae. She spills some mousse. The girls run off to clean up and TC punches Julian to the ground. ‘All you do is promote evil,’ TC says before threatening to punch Ivy. Julian spot Endora dancing and asks Ivy if that’s Pretty. Ivy picks Julian off the floor and Endora magically ages to disguise herself. Looking at her reflection, she exclaims: ‘Oh, lucky me! I’m going to be gorgeous!’ She goes to see the band and tells them that she’s their biggest fan. They say that she seems familiar and we then hear Tabitha start calling for her. Endora zaps herself away and the band goes next. The audience gasp at the sight.

    At it again

    In the back room, Ivy and Julian start chatting. She likes him when he’s almost been punched senseless. He starts to caress her face and then massage her neck. She turns to kiss him and begins undressing him. After sex, she asks him to go. ‘You certainly blow hot and cold,’ he quips as he walks out.

    Rae remembers something

    Rae and Simone are dancing when Rae walks off. Simone returns to her father. He asks if everything is okay. She doesn’t know. He tells her that he’s okay with her relationship as long as she’s happy. Later, while standing together in the club, Rae tells Simone that she wants to take her to PRIDE week in New York. Simone will try, but she’s afraid of making herself a target. Until recently, her father wouldn’t even talk to them. Rae suddenly remembers something: She knows who Fancy’s attacker is. Simone asks who it could be, but Rae has to make a call first; ‘it’s dangerous and kind of bizarre.’ She leaves to make the call.

    Chris finds a needle

    Sheridan is at home looking at the same photo the rapist had. ‘It’s never going to work out for you,’ she says as she puts it down. ‘You don’t want it to work out do you?’ Chris says while he walks into the room. He can’t understand why she is always so negative and then suggests that they go out to the Blue Note. She says no. He starts to clear her dressing table when a hypodermic needle falls onto the carpet. Picking it up, he asks her what she’s doing with it, but she says that it’s nothing; she just uses it for allergy shots. He leaves to check on James and she pokes the needle through the picture of Luis and Fancy.

    They find a needle mark

    Under hypnosis, Luis starts to remember who attacked him while he was sleeping. He says that he’s being attacked by a woman and begins to feel the needle go into his neck. Eve examines him to find a puncture wound from a needle. They bring him out of hypnosis and tell him that he may have been drugged. They have no idea what to think because Eve is the only woman they know with any medical training. Now, they believe that there must have been two attackers— one male and one female. Luis is frustrated because all that they have now is more questions. Rae calls him and says that she needs to talk to him as soon as possible, but can only do it in person because it’s safer that way. She says that what she knows is very strange and she hopes that he’ll believe her. As soon as he hangs up, Sheridan calls. He tells her everything that they’ve found out and that they’re going to the Blue Note to meet Rae. He and Fancy then race over to the club to meet.

    Sheridan suddenly decides that she and Chris should go out to the Blue Note and starts to get ready. He imagines that this must have something to do with Luis.

    Noah flirts with Paloma

    Back at the Blue Note, Noah starts flirting with a woman who has her back to him. When she turns around, he’s startled to find that it’s Paloma. ‘Oh, I don’t look like a little girl tonight?’ They begin flirting through the night.

    Rebecca has Gwen on the line

    Chad, Whitney and Theresa arrive. He goes to get a table while Theresa tells her friend that she will tell Ethan everything as soon as she gets her brothers off. ‘Tell me what?’ Ethan asks as he steps from a shadow. Rebecca walks up behind him and reminds him that he is a married man and she needs to have a private conversation with him. Ethan knows that Theresa is keeping something huge from him, but goes with Rebecca anyway. She asks him if he’s willing to talk to Gwen; she has her on the phone on hold. If he really wants her back, he has to talk to her now. He looks across the room at Theresa and then takes the phone. Gwen has already hung up. He gives the phone back. Rebecca begs him to remember his vows. Meanwhile, Theresa receives a text message from Gwen. It says that she knows that Ethan is little Ethan’s father and, if she pursues him, she will lose him, all the Crane money and power and her brothers will go to jail for life.

    Chad tries to end it

    Chad gets a call from his lover, but he repeats that the relationship is over. His lover starts to threaten him and then hangs up. There’s no way that he will ever let anyone come between him and Whitney. Soon, his wife joins him and Noah delivers a bottle of champagne to them from a ‘secret admirer.’ Chad already knows who it’s from. She assumes that it must be for her and asks him if he thinks it’s from ‘some hot guy.’ He laughs a little and she gets up to find her secret admirer. ‘Damn it! What are you doing?’ he asks himself before calling his lover again. Whitney returns, claiming that she found her secret admirer and brings Chad to meet him.

    Next on Passions:
    Fancy isn’t sure that she and Luis can ever be together.
    Whitney catches Chad on the phone.
    Rae confronts the peeper.

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    Posted by sexy_me423 at Friday, February 09 2007 09:48 AM

    I don't want passions to cancel it is the only soap that i watch and i rush home every day just so that in can see it s\and not miss it so please don't cancel it please cause i love it and i love luis....!!!

    Posted by cas-cas at Friday, February 09 2007 10:49 AM

    i hope dat wern u all say sumone dead its not fancy crane.i want it 2 b sheridine i hate 4 wat she doing 2 fancy.she had her chance its ova.its fancy time. if dat happen we need new writers. i have a theory on how passion should go.i blieve tc will b mudered and sheridine find out d truth about chris and run 2 luis 4 comfort but its 2 late cause fancy is pregnant 4 im.theresa and etan and miguel and jessica and fox and kay

    Posted by felinefantasy at Friday, February 09 2007 11:55 AM

    What in the world is all the crap about Endora, sorry but it is so stupid. Julian and Ivy? What is up with that. Just wait now Ivy is going to end up pregnant w/Julians kid again, then Samwill really never forgive her. How in the world did Gwen find out about little ethans paternity? This thing is starting to go up in flames for Teresa and Ethan, she needs to tell him now, and then they just need to keep it a secret till after court. Besides that, Gwen left, why bring her back now. Come on make the last few months worth watching.

    Posted by cas-cas at Friday, February 09 2007 12:09 PM

    the first time fancy reaal get rape but the second time she didnt anybody member wat gappen at de hospital wen sheridine told chris dat that d D.N.A in fancy will b very confusing .how d hell she new dat1 and im sick of dis story wid d attack of fancy dis show new writers or sumting come on plz.fancy and luis deserve 2 b 2gether.i just hope aint fancy dead a lot of fan wil b me.

    Posted by LilPink at Friday, February 09 2007 12:38 PM

    I can't beleive you want to cancel my favorite soap. What will I do with it. Please don't cancel it, simply move the time.

    Posted by Kimberly ann at Friday, February 09 2007 01:25 PM

    well we know soon who the rapist is becuase man this is taking to long to finish.

    Posted by macbillyfan at Friday, February 09 2007 02:04 PM

    Well everyone I'm not surprised that another loop was thrown into the ethan/teressa SL or wrench that is.....I think it was someone else who texted teressa and not qwen, oh well nothing new right? happy postings everyone chin up remember it's not the end of the world just another goes on in my world anyways.... soaps are amusing and good for a laugh when you need least its the end of man and ape dream takes... thank GOD for that don't get me wrong I'm not putting anyone down or the shows themselves. I enjoy watching as much as the next one I just don't let them take over my life or let them run my life.....bye for now

    Posted by angelrose at Friday, February 09 2007 03:49 PM

    Hey, I think that the peep peeping tom is the one who text Theresa and not Gwen. Because he saw the papers when they were on tiop of Ethens disk. before Jared came to the picture. I hope Theresa marries Jared cause everytime she tries with Ethan Things get srewed up like always just let everyone start being happy. For last time . I think allister is back. His happy about Sheridan and Julians behavors for behaveing like Cranes' for once as they should. Fox is making grandpa happy too.

    Posted by strawberry12601 at Friday, February 09 2007 04:48 PM

    they really need to stop playing games and catch Sheridan and this rapist.I feel soooo bad for Theresa she can finally be with Ethan now her brothers need help from him.Give her a break already let her get what she deserves[ETHAN and her family].I'd really like to find out who Rae thinks is the peeper.I hope that Fox dies and Miguel gets away with Kay.

    Posted by Percy992 at Friday, February 09 2007 06:02 PM

    whats with the names of the crane children

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