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    Wednesday, August 23 2006
    Gwen gives Ethan an ultimatum, Luis goes after the shooter, Miguel makes Pilar a promise and Jared fears losing Kay.

    Liza Huber and Eric Martsolf

    Fancy tells Luis that only people on the estate have the security code to get in and Luis says the alarm never went off. She tries getting him to go to the hospital to see Pilar, but Luis is out for revenge. Sheridan questions why Chris is with Spike. Spike taunts Chris to tell Sheridan the truth. Chris claims to have run into Spike while he was out looking for the shooter. Sheridan apologizes to Chris for jumping to conclusions, but asks Spike if he shot Pilar. Spike says he was looking for Fancy, but Sheridan doesn't believe him. Spike deters Sheridan, then runs away. She screams for Chris to call Luis, instead he calls Spike. Luis and Fancy show up and Sheridan tells them about seeing Spike. Luis takes off and is hot on Spike's trail! But Spike disappears into a hidden tunnel. Sheridan reminds everyone of the escape routes on the estate. Luis suggests that not only did Spike shoot Pilar, he may have shot Chris, too.

    As Pilar flat lines, Ethan's there with Theresa. Eve comes in to help, while Whitney takes Theresa into the hall. Miguel, Kay, Fox and Siren arrive at the hospital. Gwen tells Julian that Pilar was shot at his house. Eve finally gets a heartbeat, goes out to tell Miguel and Theresa that Pilar is stable..."but not out of the woods. Gwen tries getting Ethan to leave, tells him that Jared is there for Theresa, but he refuses to leave.

    Fox overhears Julian and Eve's argument, sees he's losing Eve. That's when he realizes he's not going to lose Kay. Siren smirks, knowing Fox is under her curse, he'll never love anyone but her. As Kay comforts Miguel, Siren quickly takes over, tells Kay to go to Fox. Theresa explains to Miguel that Luis is looking for their mother's shooter. Eve comes out, telling Miguel that Pilar wants to speak with him. Pilar makes Miguel promise her that he and Kay will again be a family, not to let her get away. Miguel says he does love Kay and promises Pilar he'll get her back.

    As Ethan goes to Theresa, Gwen stops him, asks him why he keeps pushing his way into Theresa's life. Gwen says she's had it, asks Ethan if he wants a divorce! He says of course not. Gwen tells him to be a man... If he wants Theresa, then go for it! Ethan watches as Jared kisses Theresa and Gwen gives him an ultimatum... Does he want her or Theresa?

    Luis, Fancy, Chris and Sheridan find Spike with Jessica, and Luis attacks him! Fancy quickly steps up, reminding Luis that this could destroy their case. Luis backs off, begins questioning Spike, asking him where he was when Pilar was shot. Spike says he was at the fair with Jessica, putting her on the spot! Luis wants answers, asks if Jessica was with Spike. She finally answers Luis... No, she didn't see Spike at the fair! Luis puts Spike under arrest, asking Spike who helped him get into the mansion... Spike looks to Chris!

    Next on Passions: Thersea vows to crush Ethan, along with Julian if they try to take little Ethan away, Fancy gets Luis to strip off his clothes and follow her into the hot tub, where they share a steamy kiss!

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    Posted by marina at Wednesday, August 23 2006 03:31 PM

    i think ethan should get back with teresa and gwen should go back with her coniving mother

    Posted by mrz.greene-cordell at Wednesday, August 23 2006 03:39 PM

    it's tyme 4 ethan to come to his senses and realize that he luvs theresa and not gwen. he needs 2 get that divorce. when is sheridan ever is going to learn. the clues r alwayz in her face but she just brush them off. i'm suprised that jessica didn't lie 4 her so-called husband. eve knows she want's tc so she needs 2 stop frontin and stop wastin julian time. i hope pilar pulls throw. kay needs to find a way 2 get fox out of that curse. chris needs 2 tell sheridan bout him havin connectin 2 alister b-cuz he's jus goin 2 make tings worst.

    Posted by aluv117 at Wednesday, August 23 2006 04:42 PM


    Posted by melanie at Wednesday, August 23 2006 05:32 PM

    i belive the same etan should go back to teresa and gwen should lock her self up and throw away the key

    Posted by Bucklesmom at Wednesday, August 23 2006 06:12 PM

    I love Teresa and Jared and think Ethan should eat crow. It's about time she has someone who appreciates her. Say goodbye to Ethan and let Gwen leave him too.

    Posted by carlyn at Wednesday, August 23 2006 06:20 PM

    I completely agree. It is Theresa's turn for true happiness..with Ethan, her first love. It doesn't discount the wrongs she committed in the past (multiple times), but look at the way Ethan is reacting now that she's moved on! He's a love-struck, jealous teenager again! And he has no grounds! When he finds out that Little E is his, he'll have to court her properly and regain the trust. Gwen, well...she can rot.

    Posted by Blake's_wife at Wednesday, August 23 2006 07:59 PM

    I think that Theresa should stay with Jared because Ethan put her through alot anf now that shes finally getting over him hes actting like he wants her back .. But I think its to late...

    Posted by brittany at Wednesday, August 23 2006 09:31 PM

    i think that luis should be with fancy because she is good for him. but i think she is still in love with noah. noah still loves fancy.sheridan still loves luis but she doesn't deserve luis.

    Posted by DIZZYDEVIL_25 at Wednesday, August 23 2006 09:31 PM

    that is the truth...ethan knows he wants to be with teresa and not gwen. i wish teresa would beat the crap out of gwen and get it over with

    Posted by DIZZYDEVIL_25 at Wednesday, August 23 2006 09:33 PM

    yea sheriden has put luis thru alot of crap. yes luis and fancy should get together she would probally make him happier than sheriden could

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