Daily Updates

Surprise Guests

Tuesday, December 26 2006
Tabitha and Endora have an unexpected holiday. JT turns on Rebecca. Chad and Whitney conclude their wedding. Sheridan can’t stop thinking about Luis. Luis tries to give Fancy a nice Christmas.

Norma and Edna arrive

Tabitha opens the enormous crate in her hallway to be instantly confronted by Norma and Edna. They get ready to sing their ‘slaying song’ when Tabitha collapses. Edna tries to reassure Endora that they aren’t there to hurt her. Tabitha wakes up and panics when she sees Norma with Endora and imagines that they are going to torture her, but they’re only making Christmas decorations. Endora says that they’re nice and Edna explains that things have changed– they’ve found their true calling ‘entertaining ladies who love ladies.’ They’re number one on the rainbow chart and they want to celebrate Christmas. Tabitha tells them to be quiet or they’ll upset the boys in the basement. Edna says that she better not deprive Endora of a party or she might end up like Beth. With this unpleasant prospect, Tabitha gives in and agrees to have a festive party as long as they don’t call it Christmas. They all begin to get excited and sit down around the table, mourning the loved ones they lost. Tabitha flashes back through all her fond memories of Timmy and admits that life will never be the same without him. She begins crying before Edna brings her to the table and Norma gets out her electric knife to do some carving. Tabitha panics again, but it’s only the turkey that she wants to crave up. They laugh at the petrified Tabitha and assure her that they have an image to protect now that they’re celebrities and promise her a medley of all their lesbian holiday tunes. They toast and begin giving each other compliments, Norma almost crushes Tabitha with a hug. She suggests that they have a get-together like this every year but Norma says that would be boring; she needs to keep her on her toes and doesn’t want to disappoint ‘daddy’. All the while, the axe in her hand begins to shake.

JT places his memory stick in an envelope and slips it under the door for the editors of Daily Private Lives. He laughs to himself about how much money he’s gotten blackmailing people to keep their secrets and, now, they’ll come out anyway. Rebecca has been around the corner and overheard his plan. She drops on the floor and tries to reach under the door for the envelope. She can’t believe that he would betray her like this. JT professes that he has no conscience and Rebecca slaps him hard in the face before they begin wrestling around the hallway.

Sheridan tries to take a snapshot of James and Chris with their Christmas gifts but keeps hallucinating that Luis and Marty are sitting in front of her. James gives Sheridan an ornament: it’s a new family tradition, one for every year that they’re all together. After taking some more family photos, Chris takes James to bed while Sheridan takes out a gift addressed to Marty and begins cradling it in her arms. Chris comes back and tells her how happy he and James are with her, but Sheridan keeps seeing Luis in the window.

Luis tries to give Fancy a good Christmas

A doctor tells Luis that it’s nothing short of miraculous that Fancy came out of her coma so fast. He advises him to help her take her mind off of what happened. Luis looks in at her and promises that he will hunt down whoever did this to her. He goes in and sits by her. She remembers that her uncle Chad is getting married and suggests that one of them should be there. He insists that there is nowhere else he’d rather be. Gathering up the little gifts he left beside the tree he brought, he hands them to her to open. She thanks him for being there for her. Once she has finished unwrapping the gifts, a nurse announces that ‘it is here.’ Luis goes out and returns with a full Christmas meal for them to share and two tickets for a romantic tropical getaway. He says that they’ll wait until she’s ready. She finds it hard to eat and starts to cry as she remembers the attack. Doing her best to make herself look happy for Luis, she thanks him and he tells her that she’s perfect. Seeing that she’s tied, he kisses her on the forehead and promises that ‘everything will be okay’ before he walks out.

Father Lonigan is having Chad and Whitney recite the wedding vows. Ethan imagines marrying Theresa as he watches and Fox and Kay smile at each other. When the Father gets to asking Chad if he can ‘foresake all others,’ worried looks spread over he and Jared’s faces. After a moment, he agrees. Rebecca arrives and whispers to Gwen what has just happened with JT. When Father Lonigan asks if anyone can object to the marriage, she coincidentally yells out ‘NO!’ while everyone turns to glare at her. Ethan asks her what she’s doing and Father Lonigan asks her what’s wrong. Rebecca tells them that they just saw a mouse and he can continue, but Theresa already suspects that this has something to do with JT. The service continues as they exchange rings and Gwen and Rebecca vow to get revenge on JT. The ceremony comes to a close and everyone claps as they are pronounced husband and wife.

JT goes to the bus station to avoid the ‘nuclear’ fallout that the exposure of all the town’s secrets will bring. He imagines the destruction of Ethan and Gwen, Ethan and Theresa, Theresa and Jared, Chad and Whitney and so many more that will be revealed. He hears the horn for his bus and goes towards it before ‘Santa’ accosts him. When JT pushes past the rather unmerry Santa and heads down the alley to the bus, Santa pulls out a gun and follows him.

Next on Passions:Norma may be having a change of heart. Ivy and Julian wake up in bed together. Chad and Whitney celebrate their nuptials.