Ethan tracks J.T. down

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Rebecca does her best to worm information out of J.T., Jared, Theresa and Little Ethan bond while Ethan watches, and Sheridan gets closer to the edge.

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Ethan wants the truth

Miguel is on Kay, kissing and hugging her. He wants to work things out with her and this is his first step. He begins taking off his shirt but she stops him. He doesn't understand. She belongs with him, not Fox. Kay pushes him away. "How gullible do you think I am? Get out of here. I hate you!"

Kay can't believe that Miguel is playing dumb. He's not playing. He doesn't know what he did to make her so angry with him. "You are such a liar!" Kay hauls off and slaps him hard across the face.

Miguel doesn't know what he did to deserve that slap. "Quit lying to my face!" Miguel wishes she would tell him what happened so he can make things right. "Things cannot be fixed, not as long as Charity is in the picture."

"Charity isn't in the picture." Kay thinks Miguel must thinks she is stupid. He doesn't but he does thinks she is delusional. Kay has had enough. She is done talking and she is done with him. "I am marrying Fox! End of story."

Sheridan watches Luis and Fancy through Pilar's kitchen window. Luis and Fancy are losing the battle of willpower. They can't keep their hands off each other. Luis doesn't want to wait until Fancy graduates. He wants to make love right there, right now.

Sheridan decides to help keep them apart by calling 9-1-1. In a disguised voice, she tells the operator that it is an emergency call for Officer Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Inside the kitchen, Luis has Fancy on the kitchen table. Once again they are interrupted, this time by a call from the police radio. Duty calls so they will have to wait again. They have to go their separate ways--Luis to the office and Fancy to walk the beat. They put on their jackets and go outside as Sheridan hides from view. "You -- you make me crazy, Cadet Crane, you know that? I love you."

Gwen is calling for Ethan at his office again. She is getting anxious because she can't locate him. Suddenly, Ethan walks into the house, slamming the door behind him. Gwen asks where did he go so early that morning and why did he just storm in. In his mind, Ethan recalls seeing Jared and Theresa kissing at the office.

Ethan apologizes for not leaving a note. He got up so early that he didn't want to disturb her. This doesn't explain why he stormed in and Gwen doesn't push it. There is a knock at the door. Sheridan barges in on the verge of tears and rushes into Gwen's arms. Ethan takes this as his cue to leave so the women can talk. He even takes Jane to daycare so Gwen won't have to. As soon as he leaves, Sheridan confesses, "There's something wrong with me." She has done some terrible things and she's afraid of what she will do next.

Gwen tries to talk her down. She asks Sheridan what things has she done. Sheridan explains that she has a serious problem with Luis and Fancy being together. It is like a knife in her heart. Gwen is sure Sheridan's head is in the right place but her heart is taking a while to catch up.

Sheridan thought so at first but her actions have her worried. She confesses calling a phony fire alarm to the B & B where Luis and Fancy were staying, taking their photo while they were half-dressed and sending it to a tabloid. She also tells Gwen her latest stunts--dumping salt in Fancy's flowers and phoning in a fake emergency call to the police station just to stop the two from kissing. Gwen is glad that Sheridan came to her with this. She decides to calls off work so that they can go for a walk. It's the least she can do for her friend.

Jared and Theresa are playing hooky together in the park. They have Little Ethan along, too, so they can share some time together. Little Ethan runs off to build a snowman, leaving Theresa alone with Jared.

Jared and Theresa decide not to do too much kissing in front of Little Ethan so as not to confuse him until they are sure their relationships "is a go." However, Jared thinks one little kiss will be okay. They start to kiss when Jared gets smacked in the back by a snowball from Little Ethan. Soon the three of them are having a ball, throwing snowballs at each other.

Little Ethan thanks Jared for keeping his mother's lips warm, making his mother blush. She suggests they get back to building a snowman.

After they finish building their snowman, they stand back to admire it. "We make a pretty good team, don't we." Theresa, Jared and Little Ethan share a group hug.

Ethan shows up at the park just in time to see Jared and Theresa kissing. He glares at the scene. He doesn't get why Theresa can't see Jared is snowing her. "You still want her don't you Ethan?" He turns around to find Noah observing him.

Noah suggests that maybe if he had taken Jane and left Gwen, Theresa would be kissing him instead of Jared. Once again, Ethan claims that he loves his wife. He just wants Theresa to be safe and happy and every bone in his body tell him that won't happen with Jared.

Ethan is getting steamed just watching Jared with Theresa and Little Ethan. He has half a mind to go bash Jared's head in. Noah reminds him that he has a wife and a child of his own to think about and shouldn't make public scenes. "It's just that as long as I don't have proof that he's a bad guy, I have to sit here and watch Theresa buy his little act," Ethan says.

It strikes Ethan that he sounds just like Theresa did when she was trying to convince him about Gwen's wrong doings. Noah thinks it's the perfect time for Ethan to find JT. Maybe Theresa was telling the truth after all. Ethan decides that's a good idea.

Ethan sees Jared and Theresa kissing again and is beside himself with jealousy. "I don't know how any guy can just kiss Theresa and not want to go all the way." Noah thinks Ethan can better spend his time focusing on finding J.T. As a bartender, he hears a lot of gossip. The latest scoop is that JT is digging up dirt on anybody who has something to hide. If Ethan finds J.T. not only could he get the goods on Jared, he could also find out the truth about who revealed his paternity. Noah tells Ethan he thinks he has heard enough to figure out where J.T. is hiding.

JT looks in the bushes at the park for the delivery of more blackmail money. He discovers a bag of money and it makes him as happy as a child on Christmas Day. Rebecca isn't happy, though, as she watches J.T. collect his money. She thought they were partners but he's been holding out on her.

Rebecca walks up to J.T. and accuses him of cheating on her. He swears he hasn't been with another woman in Harmony. She points to the money. She thought that they were going to work together but here he is taking in who knows how much money and keeping her in the dark. JT's excuse is that he was protecting her from ending up in jail or dead. She appreciates the sentiment but she rather he start naming names. He agrees to comply once they get back to his place. She eagerly runs off ahead. Behind her back, J.T. states he'll be naming plenty of names like "gullible, naive, foolish."

JT and Rebecca are back at his place; however, he has changed his mind about telling her the names of his blackmail victims. He goes back to the excuse that he is protecting her. Rebecca doesn't buy it. She wants the real reason he won't share the names with her. "I don't trust you for a lick." He knows Rebecca loves a fat checkbook way more than she loves him. That's the problem. Her checkbook hasn't been fat since he took her money to save Gwen's marriage.

J.T. promises to share what he has with her. Rebecca wants more than his promise. She wants the names so she can take up his cause in case he gets knocked off. J.T. isn't worred about that happening because he has the flash drive with all his blackmailing information.

Rebecca watches closely as JT counts his cash. "I am set for life!"

"Don't you mean 'we'," Rebecca corrects him. That is what he meant but Rebecca knows J.T. is lying. She spies a bottle of Jack Daniel and decides that it's just what she needs to help her get her hands on J.T.'s flash drive. She pours them both a drink and hands one to JT. Rebecca pushes J.T. down on the table and draws him close, looking for the drive in his pockets.

"Got it!" She pulls the gizmo out of his back pocket but JT grabs it back. In her defense, she claims she was looking for condoms. J.T. knows better. He isn't going to tell her what he's up to. "If you want to find out, you're gonna have to stick around to watch the master in action." Rebecca isn't satisfied with that role. She is determined to find out who he is blackmailing.

JT puts his money away in a strong box as Rebecca caresses the bills. He moves her hand away. She tries to get the names out of him again. There is a knock at the door. It's Ethan. He has tracked J.T. down and threatens to break the door down if J.T. doesn't open it. Rebecca panics. Ethan can't find her there. JT whispers to Rebecca to hide in the bathroom. She runs off and JT opens the door. Ethan comes in and grabs J.T. by the collar. "I want the truth right now."


Sheridan can't help herself.

Sheridan and Gwen show up at the park. Sheridan is feeling anxious, like she could lose control at any moment. Gwen assures her she will fine as long as Luis and Fancy are not around. As soon as she says that, Fancy appears. A few minutes later, Luis shows up too. They grin at each other like lovesick school children while Sheridan hisses, "What the hell is it going to take to keep these two apart?"

Fancy doesn't think it is a coincidence that Luis is there. He claims he is trying to stay away from her until she graduates but it's taking all his strength not to pull Fancy behind a tree right now. He was just taking a walk to clear his head. Fancy thinks it was fate that brought him there. "If fate wants us together, then someone out there certainly wants us apart."

Seeing them together makes Sheridan feel like she is going crazy. "I just want to go over there and rip those two apart." Gwen reminds her that she is married with a child. She can't go around making a spectacle of herself.

Luis offers to buy her Fancy hot chocolate but she insists he let her do the honors. Luis refuses her offer and buys them both chocolate from the vendor. "Here's to staying warm" he toasts. Fancy adds for now and later.

Sheridan is glued to the spot, watching the couple. Gwen tries to get her to leave, but Sheridan can't move. "It just makes me want--"

Sheridan doesn't finish the sentence. Instead she dashes over to the couple before Gwen can stop her. Sheridan gets in Fancy's face. "How dare you flaunt your relationship with Luis right in my face?" Fancy is surprised to even see her there. Sheridan tells Fancy that Luis loves her and will never love her the same. She grabs Fancy's hot chocolate and throws it in her face. "Burn in Hell!" Fancy screams in pain, holding her face in her hands.

Luis is appalled at Sheridan's behavior. However, Sheridan is very proud of herself. She tells Luis to kiss his ladylove, "Scarface Crane. Luis shakes Sheridan and asks her if she has lost her mind

This is Sheridan's sick daydream. She tells Gwen she just fantasized hurting Fancy. Gwen thinks maybe it's time for professional help but Sheridan disagrees. The only thing that will help is for Fancy to leave Luis alone. "That's the only way I'm going to stop dying inside." Sheridan sobs into Gwen's arms. "I've lost him." In the distance, Luis and Fancy hear the crying and look over to see Sheridan crying on Gwen's shoulder.

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