Luis and Theresa are happy with their new loves

Friday, December 8th, 2006

The Lopez-Fitzgerald have a friendly food fight, Jared and Ethan fight in anger and jealousy, and Tabitha senses something isn't right.

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The Lopez-Fitzgeralds bond

Kay wakes up in Miguel's arms. All is right with her world again because they worked things out last night. She is sure they will be together forever. The phone rings and Miguel answers it. It's Charity. He tells Charity that he loves only her, ignoring Kay shouts for him to hang up. When he does hang up, he gets out of bed to go back to Charity. He tells Kay he was only settling for her because he thought Charity had left town. Now that Charity is back in town, Kay's out of luck. Kay calls out to him and he comes back to her for a second--and for condoms. He turns around and goes as she pleads with him not to leave her

But it was just a dream. Kay's shouting in her sleep brings Fox and Tabitha running to her bedroom. Tabitha guesses that Kay was dreaming about Miguel and asks if she was having a nightmare. Kay lies and says she can't remember but Tabitha knows in her heart that Kay is lying. Fox asks Tabitha to stay with Kay while he finishes making Kay breakfast.

As soon as he leaves, Tabitha starts questioning Kay. She knows something happened because her magic bowl was clogged with all the intrigues of the night. Kay tells that she was going to tell Fox that she wasn't going to marry him because of Miguel. Then Miguel saw Charity and fell in love all over again. Tabitha wants to know how 'touchy-feely' was the pair. "Well, if Charity came back a virgin, she's not one anymore." Tabitha faints dead away on the bed.

Tabitha comes to but before she can get the details from Kay about Miguel and Charity, Fox comes in with breakfast. Tabitha makes the orange juice on the breakfast tray disappears to get Fox out of the room.

After Fox leaves this time, Kay tells Tabitha everything. From what she has heard, Tabitha knows it is time to scoop up Endora and Fluffy and fly away past Jupiter to safety. The Dark Side is about to be destroyed since it was prophesied that if Miguel and Charity made love, that is what would happened. "Are you absolutely certain that Miguel and Charity did the deed?" Kay is sure. She tells Tabitha to ask Simone if she doesn't believe her. She saw it too. Tabitha isn't sure Simone remembers how to do that particular deed. Kay repeats she is absolutely sure and she will never forgive Miguel for it.

Tabitha tells Kay that if Miguel and Charity had "done the deed," the Dark Side would be reacting but nothing has happened. Kay suggests that the prophecy was wrong or there was a time lapse. Tabitha knows that's not it. "where is Charity?" Tabitha knows Charity wouldn't just do Miguel and leave. She would stay for the wedding.

Fox has returned to the room but stayed outside the door, eavesdropping. After he hears Tabitha's opinions about Charity, he realizes that he hasn't thought his whole plan through. He has to figure out a way to keep Kay thinking Miguel cheated on her with Charity. He decides to go and consult his grandfather's pros for the answer.

Tabitha is not convinced Miguel did anything with Charity. She will consult her magic bowl and the boys in the boys in the basement and get to the bottom of this. Tabitha rushes out. The door opens again. It's Miguel. Without a word, he goes to her and embraces Kay on the bed.

Fancy awakes to the smell of flowers. Someone brought in a beautiful bouquet into her room. She gets up and reads the card. It says, "These struck my Fancy. Love, Luis." While she is calling to thank Luis, Sheridan comes in. Sheridan can't help but notice the flowers. Fancy gushes about how wonderful Luis is and how he's all hers. Sheridan thinks to herself, "Not if I can help it."

Miguel is in Pilar's kitchen, leaving another voice mail for Kay. After he hangs up, he joins Luis and Pilar for breakfast. He tells Pilar and Luis all about Kay's change of heart concerning him. Pilar thinks breakfast will make him feel better. Verbally he says no, but physically he never stops eating.

Theresa surprises Pilar by showing up at the house for breakfast, too. Pilar is so happy that her entire family is there. She calls for Paloma to come to breakfast but Luis informs her that Paloma has already left for the police station. Theresa teases Luis, saying that maybe Pilar should cook extra food for Fancy. Luis tells her that they aren't dating officially because of the cadet rule. Pilar can't help but notice how broadly Luis smiles when talks about Fancy. She hasn't seen that look since he first fell in love with Sheridan. "Well, Sheridan and I are finished. And Fancy and I are, uh, well, let's just say that things are looking bright for us."

Theresa tells her family what happened the night before with Ethan and Jared. Luis compares it to his situation with Sheridan and Fancy. He's glad that Sheridan is okay with him going out with Fancy.

After Luis hangs up, he decides to focus on Miguel's problems now. Pilar believes that Miguel shouldn't give up on Kay. It is best for Maria to have both parents. Theresa thinks to herself that it's not that easy. Ethan wouldn't leave Gwen for her, so Jared will help her raise Little Ethan. Luis advises Miguel to find out why Kay is mad at him and fix it. "If you don't, you're going to regret it. God knows I should've done a lot of things so as not to lose Sheridan." But that's the past now. He loves Fancy now and looks forward to the day when Fancy graduates so they can start their lives together.

What Miguel hears is that Luis still cares about Sheridan, and that Theresa still cares about Ethan. He wants to know if they had a choice who would they choose: Jared and Fancy or Sheridan and Ethan?

Luis's answer is that things are different now than they were back then. Theresa agrees. Fancy is great and Jared is great. They are both happy.

Theresa's phone rings. It's Valerie reminding her of a special meeting she has. Theresa throws around words like special limo, Kobe Beef, and personal chef. Her family listens to her and smile. They kid her about how much she has changed. There was a time when the only Kobe she knew about played for the Lakers. Her brothers encircle her and joke about her being ticklish. That is one thing that has never changed. They threaten to tickle her and soon breakfast becomes a food fight with Pilar hiding behind the cabinet.

Pilar finally calls a halt to the food fight. The kitchen and the family are a mess. Luis and Theresa volunteer to help clean up the kitchen so that Miguel can go and talk with Kay. He leaves to get cleaned up.

Sheridan and Fancy visit a while longer. Fancy apologizes for going on and on about Luis but she can't help it. She is so happy. Sheridan acts like it's okay and then drops a comment about how much richer the Cranes are than Luis. Spending money on extravagances like flowers may cause him to resent her one day. Fancy points out that Luis splurged on her too. "Yes -- yes, he did. And look what happened to us."

Sheridan says she didn't mean to upset her. "I just want you to avoid an issue that plagued my time with Luis." Fancy's happy mood is replaced with doubt. She leaves to get dressed for work. While Fancy is out of the room, Sheridan pours salt into the flower vase.

Fancy comes back in dressed in her cadet uniform. Before she leaves, Sheridan tells her a myth that for everyday that the flowers a man gives a woman lives, that couple will have a decade of joy. Fancy looks at her flowers and sees they are wilting already. However, she knows her love will last. She leaves to pick up Luis.

Theresa is still in her mother's kitchen when she gets another call. She has to go but first she checks with Luis about Fancy. He is happy with her. And she is happy with Jared. They give each other a messy hug and she leaves.


Luis makes Fancy happy

The kitchen is clean and Luis is ready for work. Fancy arrives to take him to work. They can't stop grinning at each other. Pilar observes them and wonders how they are going to keep their relationship professional until Fancy graduates. Willpower, lots of willpower is Luis's answer. Pilar knows they don't a lot of that and excuses herself from the room. Soon they are kissing. Sheridan comes around the corner of the house and peers into the window at them.


Ethan is obsessed

Ethan comes into Chad's office. Chad tells him Theresa isn't in and lectures him about his behavior. Ethan may not trust Jared but now he has succeeded in making Theresa not trust him. Ethan hasn't changed his mind about Jared. He still thinks he is a threat to Theresa. Jared walks in and hears the remark. "Still out to get me?" Ethan looks him squarely in the face. "You may be good at fooling a lot of people around here, but you don't fool me." He is going to prove Jared is manipulating Theresa.

Jared brings up Gwen. Ethan wants Jared to leave Gwen out of it. Chad has to step between the two men before they come to blows again. Ethan states he will not leave Theresa to Jared. "Tess is not your personal property," Jared answers. Ethan needs to back off and let Theresa make her own decision. Jared ask Ethan who does he hate more, him or himself for not being man enough to leave his wife for Theresa.

Jared orders Ethan to go home to his wife. Ethan won't go until he knows she is safe and he doesn't believe she is with him. "So you don't want Tess to be with me Ethan. Who do you want her to be with?"

Ethan can't think of anyone at the moment. Jared takes that to mean Ethan wants Theresa with him and no one else. Jared accuses Ethan of being obsessed. If he doesn't watch out he will end up alone. "You won't have Gwen! You won't have Tess!" He taunts Ethan. He'll end up all alone with his cats. "Here kitty-kitty-kitty!" Ethan shouts for Jared to shut up and jumps on top of Jared, knocking him against the desk.

Chad tries to break them up again. Jared warns Ethan that if he doesn't stay away from Tess he will take him out. Ethan counters not if he takes him out first. That sends them back to pounding each other again.

Theresa arrives at the office. Ethan is no where in sight. Jared kisses her and she responds. Ethan walks in on them and rolls his eyes at the sight of them.

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