Sheridan is losing it.

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Sheridan eavesdrops on Fancy, Whitney moves out on Chad, and Theresa puts Jared before Ethan.

Sheridan is losing it. image


Paloma is on the wharf wishing on the stars for love. She turns around and literally runs into Noah. Noah apologizes for running into her. Paloma apologizes too. They talk small talk. He can't help but notice how beautiful she is and tells her so. He is late for work so he leaves. After he is gone, Paloma wonders if her wish has been granted.

Kay doesn't want to talk about her reasons for being angry with Miguel. Miguel insists that he doesn't understand. The only thing he can come up with is that she thinks he is still in love with Charity. Kay remembers seeing Charity and Miguel together. That is the reason but she won't say it out loud. Miguel declares that he loves only Kay. Kay can't believe that he is lying to her face.

Kay starts to tell him exactly what he did but stops herself. All Miguel needs to know is that she is marrying Fox because Fox loves only her. Noah walks by and sees them arguing. He stops to mediate. Miguel threatens to tell Fox about them.

Fox talks to the actors he hired. They each hold a mask. Fake Charity feels sorry for Kay but Fox assures her he will make it up to her for all the pain Kay is feeling now. Fake Miguel is worried that Kay will confront Miguel about it. Fox knows that Kay will be too humiliated to approach Miguel about what she saw.

Noah wants Kay and Miguel to calm down. Fox walks in with a big grin on his face. Miguel tells him there is something he needs to know. Fox is afraid Miguel will ruin everything by confessing his love. Kay tries to stop Miguel. Noah jumps in too. He pulls Miguel away from the couple. The three of them glare at each other.

Miguel takes one last look at the couple as he walks away with Noah. He vows that he won't let Kay marry Fox.


Sheridan is crazy in love

Sheridan is at the mansion. She has been looking everywhere for Fancy and can't find her. She calls the security guard to find out where she is. While on the phone, she hears Luis and Fancy coming in. She hangs up and hides from the pair.

Luis and Fancy talk about the torture they are going through, not being able to make love. The past night was like a Marx Brothers movie with all the interruptions. Luis points out that being stalked, however, is no laughing matter. When he finds out whoever took that photo of them, he is going to make that person pay.

For now, they will have to stay apart until Fancy graduates. They almost kiss but Fancy pulls away and tries to say good night. Luis gives her a chaste kiss on the cheek. Fancy wants more. They kiss on the lips. Fancy wants seconds, thirds, etc.

Luis can't stand it. He will quit the force to be with her. Fancy offers to quit the force instead. They come to their senses. They both know they can't quit. They can do this. They will have to settle for 'celebrating' once Fancy graduates. They start prematurely by kissing again. Sheridan decides it's time to interrupt.

Fancy asks why is Sheridan there. Sheridan makes up some lame excuse about James and a book. Luis decides to leave after a few more kisses from Fancy.


Fancy doesn't suspect a thing

Fancy can't contain her joy. She can't believe Sheridan gave him up. Sheridan says she didn't give him up. In fact, I want him back and you can't have him. She goes for Fancy's throat and starts strangling her. At least, that is the fantasy Sheridan sees in her mind. In reality, she tells Fancy everything is okay. She knows Luis and Fancy are lovers. Fancy clarifies the situation for her. They can't even date because of the cadet rule but Fancy can wait because it's meant to be. The women hug with Sheridan grimacing behind Fancy's back.

Paloma walks in. She wants the lowdown about Fancy's night with Luis. They stand around in awkward silence. Fancy won't spill until Sheridan leaves. Sheridan gets the hint and leaves but hides so she can eavesdrop on every word. Fancy tells Paloma she thinks Sheridan is okay with her and Luis even though she was hurt when she saw them kissing. From her hiding place, Sheridan confesses she still loves Luis.

Sheridan thinks she is crazy to be eavesdropping but she doesn't stop. Fancy starts to give all the details about her amazing night with Luis before she realizes that it may be awkward for Paloma to hear such things about her brother. The bottom line is that she is crazy about Luis. Paloma notes that her brother seems to have that effect on women. Sheridan knows about that.

Fancy and Paloma don't think Sheridan will go off the deep end like Beth. Too late. Sheridan has already jumped. She has heard enough and closes the door between them. The girls hear it close and goes to investigate the noise.

Sheridan hugs the wall behind a statue. Fancy doesn't see her. Paloma still feels creepy like someone had been listening to them. The only person it could have been is Sheridan but Fancy gives her benefit of the doubt. Paloma goes just as Luis calls Fancy. They talk about their plans to make love all day and all night while Sheridan listens. She is lost. She lost everything.

Whitney talks to Ethan in the hall at the Harmony Inn. She tells him to go home. Jared explained everything and Chad backed him up. Or do you think Chad is a liar? Chad walks out of the room and asks him the same question. Of course, Ethan doesn't think that. He thinks Jared has tricked everybody. He gets so upset at the thought of Jared's deceit that he walks back into the room. He tries to convince Theresa that Jared is a bad guy. Jared is going to hurt you.

Chad is glad for a chance to talk with Whitney. Whitney is sorry but she can't shake off the doubts. Chad wants to help her by showing how much he loves her. He moves in close. She's not having any. She wants time away from him. She's going to take Miles and stay with her mother for a while. Chad pleads with her to stay with him but she won't give in.

Whitney doesn't want to walk away but if she doesn't take time to sort things off, she would end things right now. Chad can't believe she would end their relationship. She doesn't want to do that. She just needs time to think. Chad reluctantly gives in to her. He tries to hug her and she won't even let him touch her.


Jared is Theresa's present and future

Jared wants to throw Ethan out but Theresa steps in. She can handle it. She tells Ethan she doesn't
need him to protect her. They can be friends because of their child but she is not a helpless female. She can look out for herself. Theresa tells Ethan they will never be together. Ethan is aware of that. She asks him to stop spying on Jared.

Jared is tired of Ethan's meddling. He tells him to leave. Ethan refuses. Theresa is on Jared's side. Ethan can't believe she wants him to stay out of her life. Does that mean she wants him out of Little Ethan's life too. Theresa tells him he will always be a part of her son's life and so will Jared. That is the last straw. Ethan cannot accept that.

Chad and Whitney run into the room after hearing the men shouting. Jared and Ethan almost come to blows over Little Ethan. Ethan won't allow Jared in the boy's life. Theresa demands that Ethan go home to his wife. Ethan sputters but he has no choice but to leave.

Whitney is proud of Theresa for sticking to her guns. It hurts but Theresa knows she had to do it. It's been a long time coming if you ask Whitney. She tells Theresa about her decision to move back to her mother's. Theresa isn't in favor of that but Whitney doesn't want her advice.

On the other side of the room, Jared tells Chad he told him so. He's going to lose Whitney.

Chad is gone now. Whitney tells Theresa that she feels strongly that Chad is having an affair. She needs to make a decision and she can't do it with Chad around. She leaves Theresa alone with Jared.

They sit on the bed together. She thanks him for everything. She is glad he didn't leave Harmony. She would have been lost without him. Jared has no plans on going anywhere. For the first time he believes she put him before Ethan.

Ethan is my past. You are my present and my future.

Luis comes into a bar. He thinks about happier days with Sheridan. The bartender remarks about the look. Luis says he was remembering someone from the past but he has someone new now. He smiles at the thought.

Ethan comes into the bar. Luis sees him and knows something is wrong. Ethan tells him about his bad day. He thought he was being the hero but it turned out that Theresa sided with the bad guy. Luis tells him to move on. Ethan doesn't think he can. Luis advises him to at least try. Luis knows of what he speaks. He finally moved on from Sheridan and it sounds like Theresa has too.

Chad is in the bar now, sitting with Ethan. Ethan apologizes to him. He knows Chad didn't lie. Chad is more concerned about the situation with Whitney. He tells Ethan about her decision. He is interrupted by a call. He tells the caller to meet him. He has to make a decision. Everything will be decided tomorrow.

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