The Big Reveal

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Ethan shows Theresa his proof, Sam catches Luis and Fancy, Miguel is lost and confused while Fox happily pays 'Miguel' and 'Charity' for a job well done.

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Kay tells Miguel off

Kay talks with Simone about her close call. She almost broke Fox's heart and ruined the last months of his life. If she hadn't seen Miguel with Charity with her own eyes, she wouldn't have known how selfish and heartless he could be. "I cannot wait to find Miguel and tell him exactly what I think of him."

Noah comes in. He tells the girls that Miguel is outside miserable and upset. He doesn't know why Kay isn't speaking to him. Kay hates that Miguel has dragged Noah into it. Noah doesn't get why Kay is rejecting Miguel either. Kay decides to go find Miguel and have it out with him.

Kay finds Miguel walking down the street. He is happy to see her. Now maybe they can discuss what went wrong. Kay is furious. Do you think I'm an idiot? Miguel doesn't understand why she is so angry. Was it something Fox said or did? Kay defends Fox. He would never lie to her or hurt her. He demands to know what he has done to her. She tells him that when she is done with him, he won't be able to hold his head up in this town.

Kay is disgusted, horrified and humiliated. She will not tell him because he already knows. "Let's just pretend like we never started getting back together."

Kay can't believe that she made such a stupid mistake. Miguel begs her to tell him what's wrong. She's breaking his heart. Don't throw away what we have together.

We have nothing and don't touch me. Miguel is lost and confused. He doesn't know what is going on except that he's losing Kay.

Noah asks Simone what is going on inside Kay's head. Simone says that Kay isn't the problem here. Miguel is a two-faced liar. Kay is totally justified in hating him. Noah disagrees. He asks what exactly did Miguel do? Simone feels Noah should be taking Kay's side. He can't take anyone's side. All he knows is that Miguel is in pain. Simone is so disgusted she walks off in a huff.


Fox talks with "Charity" and "Miguel" about what they did to Kay. It may hurt now, but it was the right thing to do. She'll be happier in the long run. Besides, she betrayed Fox first. "Charity" asks if he always punishes the people he loves? Fox answers that the main thing is that he doesn't lose.

There is no chance Kay will be going back to Miguel after she saw him making love to Charity and vowing she is the only woman he loves.

Fox pays Charity. Then he hands over money to Miguel for a job well done. He orders them to take off their disguises before someone sees them. They pull at their necks, peeling off masks, revealing different faces.

"Amazing what a little make-up and latex can do," Fox says as he looks at the pair.


Sam warns Luis and Fancy

Luis and Fancy are still engaging in foreplay on the bed in their room at the B & B. Fancy is ready for the main event. Luis promises to make love to Fancy all night long. They start kissing, holding each other close. There is a knock at the door. They decide to ignore the interruption. The knock comes again accompanied by Sam ordering them to open up. He knows they're in there. Luis gets out of bed and opens the door.

Sam made it abundantly clear that the two can't fraternize. There is a strict policy about it. Is there any reason why they shouldn't be fired? Luis' defense is that they were discrete. Sam shows Luis and Fancy the picture that was supposed to be the cover of a tabloid. Lucky for them, Sam has a friend at the tabloid that killed the story and sent the picture to Sam. Fancy thinks there must be a reporter following them. Sam tells them the story came from an anonymous source. This is worse. Someone is stalking them. "Who would do a sick thing like that?" Fancy wonders.

Luis doesn't need a lecture about his personal life. He can fire him if he wants to. Sam says if they're in love that's great but he has to step in when their behavior affects the department. So, I have a very big decision to make."

Fancy offers to quit, but Luis won't let her. Sam tells them everyone gets to keep their jobs. Fancy needs to splash some water on her face after all this and heads to the bathroom.

While she is out of the room, Sam asks Luis what is it with him and the Crane women. Luis feels that is his business. Sam tells him he better start thinking about his career. If the tabloid gets a hold of more dirt on them, he will lose everything that he worked so hard for. Luis can't help it. He loves Fancy. In the bathroom, Fancy hears everything.

After Sam leaves, Luis apologizes to Fancy for the interruptions. He will not let anything else get in their way of making love. She wants to do this more than anything but they have to think of his career. What if that sicko was outside right now? She runs over to the window and looks outside. Luis doesn't believe that. He is more worried about her reputation being dragged through the mud. He loves her but he doesn't want his love for her to end up hurting her. She doesn't want that for him either. They don't know what to do but Luis promises to find a way around this.

The picture of Luis and Fancy that Sheridan faxed has been received by the tabloid. It will be more bad publicity for Luis and Fancy. Sheridan knows they won't survive it and the couple will be finished.

Chris heads up to bed. Sheridan promises to be there soon. She looks at the photo of Luis and Fancy again. "Tomorrow it will all be finished. Luis and Fancy will be split up forever."

Sheridan is asleep, dreaming about taking the picture of Luis and Fancy and faxing it to the tabloid. Suddenly she awakes. "Oh my god! What have I done?"

Sheridan is in the living room now. She can't believe what she did to people that she loves. Chris comes in. He wants to know what she is doing out of bed.

Chris is worried about Sheridan and offers to stay up and keep her company. She tells him she wants to stay up and do some reading. She sends him back to bed. Alone she wonders what kind of monster she has become. Her face grows hard. I don't want him to be with her ever again because I love him and I can't help it."


Is Jared good or bad?

In Theresa and Jared's room at the Harmony Inn, the group of friends and enemies stand around as Ethan works at Jared's laptop. Whitney asks
Theresa what did Ethan find? Theresa doesn't know and doesn't want to know. She was with Jared, working on reviving their relationship, when Ethan kicked in the door and began beating Jared. "Whitney, if he can't leave his wife, why can't he leave me alone? I just want someone to love me."

Ethan has pulled up the information that proves that Jared isn't who he says he is. He invites Theresa to come over and see the evidence for herself.

She doesn't go near the computer at first. Theresa trusts Jared. Ethan insists. She gives in just to stop Ethan from bugging her. She looks at the screen. She sits before the laptop. Ethan says here is proof that he stole billions of dollars and doomed the Crane employees to a retirement in poverty. Ethan is ready to call the police or the FBI. The guy is a thief. To his amazement, Theresa closes the laptop and tells him that she doesn't believe it. I trust you Jared."

Theresa finds Jared loving and honest and she doesn't believe that he would do these things. She knows it in her heart. Ethan takes Theresa aside and tells her that she has to believe the proof. She finds him such a lawyer. All he talks about is proof and facts. "If you had just listened to your heart instead of demanded that I show you proof that Gwen ruined your life, we would be together right now. She needs more than one balance sheet to leave Jared.

Jared interrupts their conversation and tells Theresa that what Ethan said is true. The balance sheet is correct. I did take the money out of the Crane pension accounts, Theresa." Theresa looks at him in complete surprise.

Jared tells her that he reallocated the funds to make the pensions stronger and much more profitable for the employees. The profits are way up and should be boosting the pensions in a year, making things better for everyone involved. Ethan doesn't believe a word coming out of his mouth. He still wants to call the police. Jared tells Theresa that Chad can back him up. He knew about it from the beginning. Chad comes forward and says that he and Jared did discuss moving the money.

Theresa knows now that she should have had more faith in Jared. Ethan insists that Theresa believe him. "How many times have I said that to you Ethan?" Whitney takes Ethan outside.

Ethan tells Whitney that she has to get through to Theresa for him. Whitney agrees with Theresa. Jared is a good guy and he wants to protect Theresa. Ethan is reacting from anger and jealousy. Besides, Chad backed him up. Is he calling Chad a liar, too?

In the room, Theresa apologizes to Jared. She tells Chad that she is grateful to him for backing up Jared. She hugs him. Then she goes to Jared and hugs him too. While Jared is hugging Theresa, he looks at Chad. Chad doesn't look happy.

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