Fakes and Frauds

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Luis and Fancy have their romantic night, Sheridan makes sure it's a night they won't forget, Whitney finds Chad and Valerie huddled together, Ethan fights to protect Theresa and will the real Miguel please stand up.

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Luis and Fancy share a romantic night

Miguel is sitting out in the snowfall but he doesn't even notice. He is so perplexed about Kay suddenly changing her mind about them. Noah joins him and tries to help his friend sort things out. He suggest that maybe Kay felt guilty about dumping Fox when he was dying. Miguel knows that's not it. Kay hates him and he doesn't have a clue why.

Noah knows his sister backwards and forward. She may be nuts but for her to act this way, Miguel had to have done or said something. The only thing that Miguel can think of is Charity. Kay kept bugging him about what he would do if Charity came back to town. He swore over and over that he would never leave her.

"I'm completely and totally committed to Kay, Noah." What he had with Charity was magical but it's over. Charity is his past. Whatever they had is dead and buried.

Kay comes inside the house with Simone right behind her. Simone wants to know what Miguel said to Kay. "Nothing," she replies. He acted like everything was great. He even asked if she had told Fox the wedding was off. Simone is so angry at Miguel. She wants Kay to tell him off but Kay won't. She feels like he is playing her for a fool because he doesn't know she saw him with Charity. She is confused. He acts so innocent but he's just another selfish, two-faced man. It hurts so much. Simone has heard enough. If Kay won't let him have it, she will. Simone is going to punch in his face. Kay stops Simone. It's not going to make things better.

Kay can't believe she almost gave up Fox for that liar. She's glad that she didn't call off the wedding. Simone wants Kay to stop feeling sorry for herself and do something. Nail Miguel to the wall. Kay looks conflicted.

Fox sits on a bench outside in the snow.. He is too happy to be bothered by the weather. Charity walks up to him. He laughs wickedly. Things went better than he hoped. Kay and Miguel are finished. Kay may be upset now but Fox can't dwell on that, if ever. "I won't lose Kay. She's mine. I did what I had to do to hang on to her."

Fox tells Charity that he is doing what he is doing because he loves Kay. It sounds like he wants to own Kay to Charity. He doesn't think that's a fair assessment of the situation. He finally found a woman he wants to spend his life with and he'll be damned if he lets Miguel take her away from him.

Miguel joins the two of them. "I was wondering what happened to the two of you. Are we good or what? Kay won't be calling off your wedding."

Fox and Miguel shake hands over a job well done. They helped save his relationship with Kay.For that he thanks them. "No problem. Anytime."

Luis and Fancy are back in their room in the B & B. Luis enjoys the quiet after all the crazy interruptions. "If I didn't know better, I'd actually think that someone up there was trying to keep us from making love."

They start kissing when there is a knock at the door. The interruption this time is a bellhop with champagne. While Luis takes care of the bellhop, Fancy leaves a trail of lingerie to the bathroom for Luis to follow. Fancy is in a tub surrounded by bubbles. Luis joins her, bringing the champagne and glasses. They kiss. "A hot bubble bath, cold champagne, you. Perfection." Luis and Fancy are in the tub drinking champagne and enjoying each other.

He carries Fancy from the bathroom to the bed. "Make love to me now Luis." He places her on the bed. They kiss passionately.


Sheridan can

Sheridan arrives home and Chris greets her at the door. He was starting to get worried. She remembers finding Luis and Fancy kissing behind some bushes and snapping their photo. She tells Chris she is more than okay. She's perfect.

Sheridan stares at her picture of Luis and Fancy. "How dare they?"

Chris rambles on about taking a short ski vacation. Sheridan barely listens to him. She remembers fun in the snow with Luis. Chris goes through some magazines, looking for ideas for their trip. A tabloid with Luis and Fancy's picture from their "porn film" catches her eye. She picks it up and compares her photo with the photo on the cover. Sheridan smiles wickedly.

Chris goes into the kitchen to get some food for the two of them. While he is out of the room, Sheridan makes a call. "I have a story and a picture I think you'll definitely be interested in."

Chris and Sheridan enjoy their dinner. She doesn't know what she did to deserve him. Chris senses something is not quite right with her. He thinks it's about her losing Marty and their baby within the last year. He knows it will take time for her to get over that but he is confident she will be able to deal with the grief. Chris hopes she will find happiness with him and James. She assures him that she has. She loves their lives together and has no regrets. They hug but there is a look of desperation on her face.

Chris and Sheridan have finished eating. He offers to do the dishes before they go to bed. While he is in the kitchen, Sheridan rushes to her printer and faxes the enlarged pictures of Luis and Fancy.


Chad and Valerie are caught

Whitney lies in bed. She recalls her conversation with Theresa about Chad and his cheating ways. Chad jumps into bed with her and tries to make love to her. She rebuffs him. Chad complains that she won't let him touch her any more. They can't go on like this. She agrees with him.

Whitney can't help feeling that Chad is cheating on her at the motel. Chad protests that Rebecca is a lwitch and she's crazy to believe her. He was not with Valerie at the motel. Whitney gets pit pf bed amd leaves him so she can think.

There is a knock at the door. It is Valerie. She insists on talking with him. Chad knows Whitney will freak if she sees her so he takes her out into the hall.

Whitney comes back into the empty room. Chad tries to keep it down so Whitney doesn't hear but she suddenly appears. This proves to her that they are having an affair. Valerie tries to leave but Whitney won't let her "Oh, no, bitch. You're not going anywhere. We're going to settle this, right here and right now."

Whitney can't believe that Chad brought Valerie to their home. She demands to know how long this has been going on. Valerie tells her that she is there on business only. She turns to Chad and explains that Ethan found something out about Jared. She is afraid he will do something stupid when he confronts Jared and Theresa.

Whitney begins to believe her. Valerie says she tried to warn Theresa but she couldn't get her on her cellphone. Whitney decides to get dressed and go help her friend. While Whitney is out of the room, Valerie warns Chad to stop seeing whoever he's been seeing at the motel before it's too late.


Theresa trusts Jared

Theresa tries to stop Ethan and Jared from killing each other. The men tussle on the bed, pounding each other furiously. Theresa gets a pitcher of water and douses the men with it. They finally stop fighting.

Jared apologizes to Theresa but he was just defending himself. Ethan is not sorry. Jared deserved it. He warns her she is making a mistake being with Jared. Theresa thinks he just doesn't want her to move on. He can save his accusations for someone else.

"No, no, I'm not going to save them, Theresa. You don't understand. This guy's going to take down Crane industries. He's going to ruin your reputation, and he's going to ruin all the good that you've been trying to do at Crane." He tells her to come with him to the office. He has proof that Jared isn't who he says he is. Theresa looks at Jared, not sure what to believe.

She stands her ground and refuses to go with Ethan. She trusts Jared. Ethan needs to let her move on with her life. Ethan objects that this isn't about them.

"Isn't it, Ethan? You made your bed, now you lie in it. Now go back to that wife of yours, the one you think is such a saint. Stay true to those marriage vows that mean so much to you, even though they are based on lies. I have moved on. I'm with Jared. And if that hurts you, tough." Theresa will not listen to anything he has to say.

Theresa wants Ethan out of her room. He tells her again she is making a mistake. "Even if I am making a mistake, Ethan, it is my mistake to make. You have nothing to do with it. Now, please just get out of here."

There is a knock on the door. It's Valerie, Chad and Whitney. Theresa is angry with Valerie for letting Ethan into the company computer. She should fire her. Ethan won't let her blame Valerie. He talked her into helping him. She tells Valerie to go. She will deal with her later. Valerie leaves.

Theresa orders Ethan out again. As he heads for the door, Ethan sees Jared's laptop. He tells Theresa he can use the satellite connection to show her the proof from the laptop. Jared tells Ethan his laptop is personal property. Ethan points out that he has nothing to worry about if he really is a good guy. Jared relents.

Theresa tells Ethan he has no right going through Jared's files. It's an invasion of privacy. Ethan is intent on showing Theresa the proof and the laptop is Crane property. She will forgive him once she sees the proof.

Chad asks Jared what this is all about but Jared doesn't answer. She tells Jared that she is allowing Ethan to go through his computer, not because she doesn't trust him but to get Ethan to back off. There isn't anything Ethan can show her that will make her change how she feels about him. Jared looks worried.

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