Fights break out all over Harmony

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Sheridan and Gwen's friendly talk turns ugly, Ethan barges in on Jared and Theresa while they make love, Julian and T.C. fight, and Fancy and Luis are interrupted again.

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TC stands up for Eve

Grace is on the phone with Eve. Eve has something to tell her. She is not proud of what she has to say and remembers Julian's prediction of Grace's reaction to her misdeeds. "I have betrayed you Grace. I have betrayed you in the worst possible way."

Grace is sure Eve could never betray her. Whatever is making Eve feel so guilty can't be all that bad. Eve confesses that she never wanted to hurt Grace. When she agreed to keep quiet, she just felt she had no other choice. She was afraid that everything in her life would change.

Eve explains how she was blackmailed and threatened to have her past exposed. Grace knew all about Eve's past from Sam. She still doesn't understand that it was Ivy blackmailing her friend to help her. Eve explains she wanted to stand up to Ivy but she was desperate not to lose everything. She thought her family would hate her once they knew. The worse part was that Eve knew that Ivy was using David Hastings to break up Grace's marriage and she didn't tell her. "I just kept quiet."

Grace is stunned. She calls Eve a miserable, selfish bitch! "I hate you, Eve. I hate you!"
Eve hates herself for what she did. Grace damns Eve straight to hell. Eve says that's where she has been the whole time since she did this. That is not comfort to Grace. She calls Eve a horrible, treacherous back stabber, a Judas.

Inside his home, TC stands with the help of his walker, looking at a photo of him with Eve. He knows how lucky it is that he has her in his life. He looks forward to her coming home from Kay's shower. He has a surprise for her. Unfortunately, he slips and falls to the ground, shattering the photo frame. He lies unconscious on the floor.

T.C. comes to on the floor. He tells himself not to get mad but to get up. After a lot of effort, he gets himself up to a standing position. He is going to show Eve how much he loves her. He walks slowly out with the aid of his walker.


Kay can't believe Miguel

Kay looks at Miguel in disbelief. What could Miguel want to talk to her about after what she has seen? He was making love to Charity just a while ago, and now he is acting like nothing happened.

Fox points out to Julian that he has been drinking quite a lot. This is one of the only pleasures Julian has left in life and he won't give it up. Fox's attention is back to Kay and Miguel. He eavesdrops on them. Miguel tells Kay that he loves her and he wants to know if she told Fox that she is leaving him. Kay can't believe that Miguel still expects her to do that. Miguel doesn't get why she is upset.

Fox decides to follow Miguel and Kay to see what happens next. Julian is more concerned that he is out of liquor. Fox leaves Julian, who spies Eve sitting alone, talking on the phone.


Julian knows it

Eve tries to apologize to Grace. Grace refuses to forgive her. "As God is my witness Eve! You are going to pay for this." Grace throws her phone down. Eve wonders out loud how her beautiful life came to such a state.

Julian walks over to Eve. He is clearly drunk as he tells her the problem was she should have stayed with him. He still loves her and wants her. She tries to get away but he grabs her, kissing her. He rips her dress, pawing all over body.

Julian is going to take Eve right there in the backyard. He is going to make Eve love him. She struggles against him but to no avail. Out of nowhere, T.C. appears. He shouts "No!" and crashes his walker over Julian's head. Julian drops unconscious to the ground.

Julian gets on his feet again and punches TC, knocking him to the ground. Eve slaps Julian hard before going to TC. Julian is appalled that he attacked someone suffering from a stroke. Eve calls him despicable.

Julian apologizes to TC but Eve orders him to go away and leave them alone. TC makes a move to go for Julian, but Eve stops him. "He's not worth a damn!" As Julian watches them walk off, he says goodbye to Eve forever.

Kay goes inside the house with Miguel right behind her. Fox quietly follows the two and hides nearby to eavesdrop. Miguel asks what did he lie to her about. Kay keeps calling him unbelievable. He takes it as a compliment.

Miguel guesses that she called him a liar because he promised not to pressure her about telling Fox and he pressured her anyway. Kay says it's a horrible feeling to love someone and know they're sleeping with someone else. Miguel thinks Fox will get over it. Kay is so out done. She tells him that they are over and that she is going to marry Fox after all. "You can go to hell Miguel." Fox is happy that his plan worked like a charm.

Kay tells Miguel to leave her alone. She doesn't want to see him. She runs away from him. Fox gloats. He will take care of her and Maria too.


Gwen senses things are right with Sheridan

Sheridan tells Gwen she knows that she has to forget about Luis but she doesn't know how. She denies still being in love with Luis. She is just having a hard time seeing him with Fancy. Whether she still loves him or not, Gwen believes she is stalking Luis. Sheridan calls it following them around because she is concerned about them. Gwen thinks Sheridan made a mistake giving Fancy her blessings to be with Luis. Sheridan needs to tell Luis how she really feels. She needs to find him and tell him that she wants him back

Sheridan comes out of the bathroom and is feeling much better about things. She won't talk to Luis about this because she is finished with Luis. Besides, she can't risk losing Marty. Gwen points out that Sheridan is confusing James with Marty. She thinks to herself that maybe Sheridan really is having a nervous breakdown. Gwen tells Sheridan that she may be upset because she is still grieving Marty.

This doesn't sit well with Sheridan. She brings up Gwen losing her daughter because of Theresa. In her opinion, Gwen is the one with the obsession-- Theresa. She accuses Gwen of being afraid that Theresa will steal Ethan from her. The friendly talk has taken a nasty turn. "Gwen the whole town knows that Ethan loves Theresa more than you! So why don't you divorce Ethan before he goes to be with Theresa?"

Gwen thinks Sheridan is completely losing it. Sheridan keeps saying that she is fine with Chris and James, but it is obvious to Gwen that Sheridan is still in love with Luis. She asks if she is only staying with Chris because of James.

Gwen tells Sheridan she was only trying to help her sort out her feelings when she suggested
that Sheridan doesn't really love Chris. Sheridan accuses Gwen of doing the same thing Eve did to her. She is trying to make her believe she is crazy. Gwen didn't mean to do that. Sheridan has had enough. She heads to the door to leave. Gwen tries to stop her. "Sheridan! Don't do anything without thinking."


Will Luis and Fancy ever get to make love?

Luis and Fancy are in their room at the B & B. After all the delays, they finally will get to make love. Luis and Fancy share a drink together before kissing again. Fancy likes taking it slow. It is amazing. It will be a night she will never forget. Luis feels there is so much love between them. They lay down taking their time, savoring every minute together.

Luis and Fancy are about to make love when suddenly they hear the smoke alarm beeping. They ignore it at first until they hear an announcement telling all the guests to evacuate the building immediately. Luis and Fancy grab a blanket and hurry out, half-naked. Once again they have been interrupted. "It is like someone is conspiring against us."

Luis and Fancy are outside the Bed & Breakfast with the rest of the guests. The owner tells them she thought there was a fire but it turns out someone called in a false alarm to the fire department. Unfortunately, none of them can return to their rooms until the fire department shows up. Luis and Fancy are determined to finish what they started but their clothes and money are in the B & B. They can't go to another motel. They decide they can't wait any longer. Luis leads Fancy behind some nearby bushes and they lay on the ground.

Luis and Fancy are doing it behind the bushes. Someone walks by very deliberately. It is Sheridan. She takes out her cellphone and snaps their photo. "Gotcha."

Jared and Theresa are lying in bed together after making love. They talk about how much they love each other. Theresa says no one can come between them now.

Ethan is in his car on his way to see Theresa. He talks to Valerie on his phone. He won't wait. He is determined to get Theresa away from Jared before it's too late.

Jared and Theresa lay in bed with their arms entwined. Jared tells her that he would like to take Little Ethan to the circus when it comes to town. Theresa tells him she already gave Ethan permission to do that. That is fine with Jared. He will take Little Ethan to the zoo instead. Theresa promised Ethan that too. Jared suggests another place but they are all booked with Ethan. Theresa decides that she will cancel Ethan's play dates with Little Ethan so that the three of themJared, Theresa and her son--can spend time together.

Jared gets out of bed to go to the bathroom. Theresa feels like the evening has turned out to be pretty good. There is a knock at the door. Theresa goes to answer it, thinking it is room service. It is Ethan. He tells her he is there to protect her from Jared.

Theresa asks how did he find her. He tells her he lied to the nanny to get the information. He suspected she was with Jared. He came to tell her that Jared has been playing her. "He's not legit and I can prove it to you."

Ethan orders Theresa to get dressed and come with him right now. Theresa refuses. She doesn't believe him. For all she knows he could just be trying to sabotage her from moving on. Ethan argues that he has proof that Jared is a liar. Just like she had proof about Gwen lying, she points out, and Ethan didn't believe her. He doesn't want her confusing the two things. Jared is a bad guy and Ethan insists that Theresa get away from him right away.

Jared calls out to Theresa. She tells him that everything is just fine. She recalls her promise to Jared that she was through playing games. She tells Ethan she won't leave and if he doesn't leave her alone, she threatens to have him arrested for stalking. He is just making excuses to be close to her. Maybe she wants a bad boy and not a goody two shoes that won't leave his wife for her. She pushes him out of the room and slams the door in his face.

When Jared comes out the bathroom, he sees Theresa at the door. He startles her. She doesn't tell him about her conversation with Ethan. Instead she asks him to make her forget. He knocks stuff off a bureau near by and puts Theresa on top. Ethan is still outside the door and hears everything going on. That does not change his mind about getting Theresa away from Jared. Suddenly, he kicks the door down and barges into the room. The two men fight as Theresa yells at them to stop.

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