There's going to be fireworks in Harmony

Friday, December 1st, 2006

Fancy and Luis find a way to be together, Sheridan thinks she's on the edge of a breakdown, Charity turns down Miguel's proposal with one of her own, and Theresa turns the tables on Ethan.

Julian is only concerned abou himself

Sam is ready for Ivy to be gone. She has finished packing is just waiting for the cab company to call her. She apologizes for what she did to Sam's marriage but he is in no mood to forgive her. He leaves with the hopes she will be gone when he returns. The phone rings and she answers it. It is Grace. She is furious that Ivy is still in the house. She yells at her to get out of her house!

Ivy explains to Grace that she isn't still living there. She just came back to get some things. Grace vows to destroy Ivy's life like Ivy's destroyed hers. "I am going to make you suffer just like I suffered." Grace lists all the bad things that happened after her marriage broke up including Kay marrying Fox. Ivy tells her that she isn't happy about Kay marrying Fox either.

Grace knows Sam can't be aware of how Ivy really feels. When she comes back to town, she will make sure that everyone knows how evil Ivy is. She hopes the town runs Ivy out. Ivy has taken enough abuse from Grace. Ivy tells Grace that she should ask her husband how much he loved making love to her. "Ask him about the passion we shared, passion he said he never felt for anybody but me." She goes on to say that Sam confessed he came alive sexually alive with her after all those years of pretending with Grace.

Sam walks into the house in time to hear this tirade. He runs and grabs the phone from Ivy who is keeps on ranting. She wonders if Grace will be so righteous when she finds out about Eve. This is the last straw for Sam. He was going to break the news about Eve to Grace gently.

Ivy tells Sam that she will not let Grace live with the delusion that she did everything without some help. She will tell her about Eve's role in it. This proves to Sam how evil Ivy really is. He orders her out of the house again.

When she is gone, Sam apologizes to Grace. He thought Ivy would have been gone by now. Grace tells him she is coming home the next day and can't wait to see him. Grace wants to know more about Eve. Before Sam can say more, the line goes dead.

Grace calls Eve. Eve is really surprised to learn that Grace will be coming home the very next day. Grace can't wait to have a heart-to-heart with her very best friend. She tells Eve how self-centered Ivy is. She is so glad that she has Eve who just goes around caring about everyone else.

Sam tries to call Grace back but the line is busy. He knows he has to do some damage control so that Grace will not be too devastated.

They will celebrate Christmas like they used to. There is so much that they have to talk about. "Grace, I have something to tell you."

Simone and Kay listens Miguel and Charity as they speak of their love for each other. Around the corner, Fox and Julian watch Kay's reactions to all she sees. Fox has another bout of remorse about what he is doing to her. Julian has no doubts that Fox is doing what is necessary to keep Kay. He tells him to stay strong and leaves to take care of some business

Simone tries to get Kay to confront Miguel but Kay won't. Miguel doesn't love her. He never did.

Miguel proposes to Charity. Charity doesn't want to get married. She is too young for that. In fact, she may never marry. When Kay hear this, she begins to think that there is still a chance for her with Miguel. Charity tells Miguel that it's all right with her if he marries Kay to be with his daughter. They can still be together. This surprises Miguel and shocks Kay. Miguel and Charity start making love again.

Kay is so distraught, she runs off with Simone right behind her. Fox believes this is the best outcome for Kay. She will have a better life with him.

Simone offers to go with Kay to talk to Miguel but Kay just wants to get out of there. Simone goes to get the car so they can go for a drive. Fox hates seeing Kay in so much pain. Julian rejoins him in time to tell Fox not to back down. "If you lose the woman that you love, you will regret it for the rest of your life." Fox asks him who is he talking about.

Kay stands waiting for Simone to return. "Kay? Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you." Kay turns around to face Miguel looking at her innocently.

Eve runs into Julian. She is out of breath and stressed. He asks her what has gotten into her. She is so winded she can barely talk. "Picked the wrong man! Picked the wrong man!" Julian assumes that she is sorry now that she picked T.C. over him because she still loves him.

Eve puts an end to Julian's assumption. It is Sheridan who picked the wrong man. She tells him that Sheridan has been following Luis and Fancy all around town. Sheridan is acting like a Crane, an angry and jealous one, and that is dangerous. Eve fears she may hurt Fancy if she gets angry enough.

Julian is not concerned even though Eve begs him not to take the danger lightly. She doesn't know who would be worse. They are both Cranes and Cranes become violent when crossed. Eve knows Julian has a loving and caring side. She also knows the old, heartless side. Julian warns her not to be so critical of him in light of what she did to Grace. Speaking of wrath, he wouldn't want to be Eve, when Grace gets back to Harmony.

Eve isn't proud of what she did to Grace and she will apologize to her when she comes home. She hopes she will forgive her. Julian hopes that Grace knocks her off her pedestal instead. Eve's focus right now is Sheridan. She asks Julian to talk to Sheridan and make her see that she has to give up Luis. He refuses. He doesn't care what she wants because she didn't care what he wanted.

Eve isn't asking for herself. She is really concerned about Sheridan. Julian continues wallowing in self-pity, ignoring her dour predictions. He is through with her. "Leave me alone. I don't care."

Luis and Fancy kiss on the park bench as Sheridan watches nearby. Fancy wants him to take her to a B & B around the corner so they can make love. They leave in a hurry. Sheridan is nearby watching. She doesn't understand why she is following them. She should be happy with her marriage to Chris and her son James. She can't seem to help herself. She has to know what they are going to do.

Luis and Fancy are in front of the B & B. They are looking forward to being together when Luis sees a woman being mugged and her purse being stolen. Fancy and Luis go to her rescue.

Luis catches the mugger and returns the woman's purse. Fancy calls for a police car to come and pick up the perp, but there is no car available. Luis and Fancy will have to take the man in themselves. This means another delay to their lovemaking. It is as if fate is conspiring against them.

Luis thinks maybe Sam will help them out. Fancy isn't sure the Chief of Police will want to come out for a minor crime. Luis and Fancy talk in code about sex but the woman figures it out. "I get it, you want to have a little more time to make whoopee." The mugger chuckles at this until Luis shuts him up. The elderly woman tells them she sees a squad car. Fancy shouts and runs after it. "I guess that you are going to get lucky after all, handsome."

Luis and Fancy have made it inside the B & B. They yank at their clothes impatiently. Luis suddenly stops. This will be a night that they can remember for the rest of their lives. He wants to take it slow and easy with her tonight.

Sheridan goes to see Gwen. She didn't know where else to turn. She thinks she is having a nervous breakdown. She tells Gwen how she has been following Luis and Fancy all over town. "What's wrong with me? How can I be doing this?"

Gwen's advice is that she has to find a way to completely let go of Luis. Ethan had to do the same thing about Theresa. Gwen thinks Ethan is done with Theresa.


Theresa perfect world is in jeopardy

Ethan and Valerie are in Jared's office. They have found evidence that Jared is not what he appears to be. They have to warn Theresa about him as soon as possible. Ethan recalls she was going to Kay's shower. He calls her there.

Jared and Theresa are in bed wrapped of in each
other arms. They wish it could be like this forever. They kiss.

Jared and Theresa basks in the sexual afterglow. Jared tells her again that he can't imagine his life without her. The ringing of the phone interrupts their conversation. It is Ethan. He needs to talk to her right away. As Jared listens to Theresa talking, he guesses it is Ethan on the phone.

Ethan asks if she is with Jared. Theresa tells him it is none of his business. Ethan tells Theresa that he has to talk to her about Jared. Theresa won't let him talk. She is in love with Jared and she is going to stay with him, no matter what!

Ethan tells that he is trying to save her from Jared. He has the proof. She orders him not to call her again and hangs up. Jared suggests that she turn her phone off. She does. He couldn't help noticing that Theresa's eyes lit up when she realized it was Ethan was on the phone. "Are you glad that you are with me? Or is Ethan still in your heart?"

She turns to him and tells Jared that it isn't easy for her. Ethan has been a part of her life forever. She is moving on though. Jared will not hold his breath hoping she won't return to Ethan. She guarantees that will not happen. She promises no more games. He believes her. "Okay, now just make love to me"

Ethan wishes that he knew where Theresa was right now. He decides to call the nanny for her location. Theresa tells the nanny everywhere that she goes in case she is needed.

Ethan lies to the nanny and tells her he needs to talk to Theresa about the custody case. The nanny tells him Theresa is at the Harmony Inn. He leaves to talk to her. Valerie wishes him luck. He's going to need it.

At the Harmony Inn, Theresa and Jared make love again. Theresa feels her world is perfect.

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