Luis gets more than he bargained for in the shower!

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Luis plays tough cop with Paloma and Fancy,Julian asks for shared custody, and Jessica's job search finds her in trouble.

Luis gets more than he bargained for in the shower! image

At Harmony PD, the recruits finish their 8 mile run. Fancy is made to complete 20 push ups, out of respect. Luis is very hard on the girls, egging them on to quit! He tells Fancy that she needs to work on her upper body strength.

Later, Paloma and Fancy are alone. Paloma never would have guessed that being a cop was Fancy's thing, but Fancy is exhilarated, although sore!!

Fancy goes for a shower while Paloma speaks with Luis about the sparks between Fancy and Luis! He denies anything going on, as he still loves Sheridan. Paloma thinks he's lying to himself and leaves for the showers, while he flashes back to kissing Fancy.


Jessica arrives at the bar, surprised to see Simone taking Paloma's place behind the bar. They discuss Luis trying to talk Paloma out of being a cop. They discuss Spike and Jessica looking for work, and Simone doesn't understand why Jessica would stay married to Spike after he had her turn tricks.

Jessica flashes back to Spike asking her to marry him, while holding over her head the blackouts and stabbings that occurred in her hotel room. Simone encourages Jessica to find employment as a waitress at the Lobster Shack.

Jared is busy working, without a shirt, while Whitney and Chad chat, close by. Chad becomes jealous as Whitney stares at Jared's chest. She explains that Jared has a charm that plenty of women would like. She hopes that Theresa and Jared get back together.

Later, Jared asks for their help but when Whitney decides to get Theresa's help, Jared tells her to ...Forget it.... Whitney stands up for her friend.


Pilar tells Ethan and Julian that there is something important she must tell them. Pilar starts to share the secret with the men when Theresa interrupts, ...I will tell them the truth.... She is about to tell them when Little Ethan runs in. After they greet the boy, they say goodnight, and outside the door, Theresa asks them to stop badgering them about custody, and then hurries down the stairs.

Pilar follows Theresa, and they continue their conversation. Theresa has hopes that once Eve comes back to the mansion to live, that Julian will forget about being father of the year.


Upstairs, Julian hires Ethan to represent him get joint custody of little Ethan. When Ethan asks why he wants to be there for little Ethan now, Julian tells him that he wants to make things right.


Jessica meets two guys from high school at the Lobster Shack. She is applying for a job, and they snicker at her. They know that she was a prostitute. They guys try to get her to party with them but she's only interested in one thing- And it's not that! They trick her, getting her to go out back to look for the manager of the bar.


Downstairs at the mansion, Theresa tells Ethan her fears about Julian. Ethan sticks up for him, telling him that Julian is trying, and he explains that he will help Julian take Theresa to court if she continues being uncooperative. They argue, and Theresa yells that she doesn't want to lose little Ethan, and Ethan tries convincing her that she'd be doing the right thing by giving him shared custody.

Julian is reading today's stock quotes to little Ethan, and bores the child to sleep. He tells his son that he will always be here for him, and kisses him goodnight.

Paloma arrives dead on her feet, at the bar. Simone struggles not to laugh at her, and is quickly stopped when she jokes that Luis must be playing favorites! Paloma tells her that if anything, he was harder on them. Simone shares news about Jessica's search for a job. They are thankful she is no longer a 'hooker' and are glad she is safe.

At Harmony PD, Fancy and Luis are in their separate quarters preparing for a shower. Luis stands naked in the shower, toweling off when an unsuspecting Fancy walks in on him!

Out behind the bar, the two guys follow Jessica. She's getting concerned as they want to 'party with her', for FREE! She tells them that she doesn't do that anymore and it's all in the past, but they have other ideas, and both attack her.

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