Down at the Wharf!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Siren's mermaid song is heard by the wrong ears, Pilar implores Theresa to tell the truth about little Ethan, and Jared takes a management job in Harmony - for the Summer Fair!

Down at the Wharf! image

Fox and Miguel are getting ready for the Summer Fair on the Warf for the Hospital. They're building a kissing booth. Tabitha has come to the Wharf with Marie and Endora in the carriage.

Kay shows up at the Wharf shortly thereafter, smiling. She tells Tabitha that she has a little surprise for Siren that will take her mind off of Fox!


At home, Eve is on the phone, trying to make plans for the Summer Fair on the Wharf. Julian walks in, asking Eve to take time off to go to Paris with him. He wonders how much time she thinks he'll put up with this.

She tells him that T.C. needs her right now, but he asks her to hire someone to look after T.C. he explains how he can't hire a wife to accompany him to Paris. He accuses her of using T.C. to stay away from him, but she denies it. He tells her he is leaving for Paris without her.

In the coffee house, Ethan meets with Gwen. She tells him that Jared broke things off with Theresa. The two sit for coffee, but Ethan has to leave after he receives a phone call.

At Pilar's home, Theresa wanders into little Ethan's room to find Pilar updating his computer. She asks her daughter when she plans on telling Ethan the truth. Theresa tells her mother that today isn't a good day for her, and explains how her lies to Jared broke them up. As the two talk, Ethan enters the house, calling up to Pilar. A shocked Theresa wants to know what he's doing there, and Pilar admits that if she doesn't tell him the truth, Pilar will!

Ethan sits down at the computer to download the latest upgrades, and Pilar and Theresa talk quietly. Pilar encourages her once again to tell the truth.

Whitney and Chad show up at the coffee house, grinning from ear to ear. Jared sees them and asks what's up, when she shows him her sparkly ring! Jared is down, telling Chad that he's leaving town.

Gwen seeks out Whitney, asking her for help in getting Jared to stay in town. Whitney agrees to it, but the two are doing it for different reasons.

The two are interrupted by a call from Eve. Whitney can tell that her mom is stressed out. Eve asks for her help, and Whitney has a great plan to ask Jared to take a job as a manager of the fair! They somehow wrangle Chad into asking Jared to take the job! The girls sit at the bar, while Chad asks Jared to work at the fair.

Back at the Wharf, Fox and Miguel are assembling the kissing booth. They're not sure where it's to go.


Kay and Tabitha talk, and we finally see why Kay is in such a good mood, even as Siren flirts with Miguel. Kay brings the old fisherman to the Warf to see Siren, and once he does, Siren runs off to hide, with the old man trailing behind her.


Back at T.C.'s place, Eve apologizes for Julian's outburst, but T.C. tells her that he doesn't care and she should ...Get Out!... He yells ...Go be with Julian... With this, Eve leaves the room.

At the wharf, Siren has followed Miguel. When he is alone, she starts singing her song, and he comes to her. Before he makes it, Kay slaps a hand over her mouth, to stop her from singing. She removes her hand when she sees the fisherman coming. The fisherman kisses Siren! He has her by the arms, and tells her he wants to take her to his boat and make love all night! Siren runs toward the pier, with him in hot pursuit.

At Pilar's Theresa is about to come clean when Julian walks in on the three. He intends on taking a greater part in his son's life. Theresa isn't happy about this at all, and asks him if he's been drinking! She tells him, ...No mother in her right mind would trust you!...

Ethan interjects, telling Theresa that she has no right to keep little Ethan from Julian. Theresa feels betrayed at Ethan's words.

At the Wharf, Jared and Chad discuss plans for the fair. Jared already has a lot of plans, and starts working right away!

Pilar pulls her out of little Ethan's room, demanding that Theresa tells them the truth, and when she refuses, Pilar heads back into the room where Ethan and Julian stand. She is about to tell them something...

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