Whitney and Chad are engaged!

Monday, August 14th, 2006

It doesn't look like Jared is going to forgive Theresa, Luis takes Fancy through some strenuous challenges, and Whitney and Chad get engaged!

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At home, Sheridan and James arrive, and Chris notices how Sheridan seems far away. She's thinking about Luis and Fancy, growing closer. James shows his Dad his badge, and runs off to play, while the grown ups discuss grieving the baby, and Marty.


At the Harmony PD, the recruits are exercising. Fancy is acting like a princess and Paloma has to stop her from calling her maid, to bring her exercise clothes that fit! Luis has a test for them. They must carry a very large log from one side of the room, to the other. The log is supposed to be a victim. Fancy complains that it's too heavy, and Luis asks the Princess to go home! When she refuses, he challenges her to carry the log from one side of the room to the other, in less than 60 seconds ..." she not only takes him up on his offer, but makes it ..." just in time! Luis now allows her to stay, and all the cadets continue their exercises. Fancy struggles climbing up he knotted rope, even with all the support from the other cadets. She's almost dead on her feet, when Luis tells them all that they're to run an eight mile trek!


Gwen and Ethan meet with Mr. Carter (Law Firm), they're looking for work. Coincidentally, the Law Firm is in the same building as Crane Industries. Shown later, they're celebrating, getting jobs! Gwen discusses wanting to leave town after they've saved money from their jobs, but Ethan doesn't look happy that she still wants to leave town. The two go to collect little Ethan, from the building's daycare, but its naptime, so Ethan agrees to wait for him, while Gwen goes off to run errands.

At the elevators, Jared meets up with Chad. He admits that he's just found out who Mrs. Crane is, and he's furious. Chad tries to stick up for Theresa. He asks Jared to try giving her another chance, but Jared, looking unforgiving, steps into the elevator with Chad. He tells Chad that he feels played and that they're over.

Whitney arrives at Crane industries, in Theresa's office. Theresa explains that she called her over because of what happened with Jared, and his reaction. She feels that she deserves it for being dishonest, but wishes he could find it in his heart to forgive her. Whitney thinks it's ironic that Jared doesn't care that she is rich, when most guys would be thrilled to have a rich girlfriend!

While Sheridan makes lunch for Chris and James, Spike calls, asking if he has the code. He quickly gets rid of him. While he is looking at it, Sheridan's PDA goes off. Sheridan walks into the room, asking what he's doing with her PDA! He covers he was only getting it for her when he heard it beep, but we all know that he was looking for the security code for the house!

While Ethan awaits naptime to end, Theresa comes down the hallway, not watching where she's headed, and smacks right into Ethan. He tells her about the positions that he and Gwen took in the building, and Theresa tells him how she is happy for them all, as it's really convenient to have little Ethan always close by. With that, Ethan flies off the handle, asking her if she had anything to do with getting he and Gwen jobs there, just so that she could be closer to him, to try to get him back! She denies this, and the two discuss Jared leaving her. Theresa is a little emotional, as she realizes what she lost. She asks Ethan that if he finds the guy for her to send him right along, and walks off.


Alone in Theresa's office, Chad greets Whitney, and they discuss how she is a good friend to Theresa. He then surprises her with a ring, and asks for her hand in marriage! Whitney happily accepts and he places a huge rock on her third finger! She gushes how happy she is and already, wedding plans are going through her head!

At a coffee shop, Jared and Gwen meet. They discuss Theresa and Ethan, and Gwen tries to get Jared to forgive to Theresa. He's on to her though. He knows who she is in relation to Theresa, and doesn't fall for her scheming. Gwen tells Jared he's off base, but he doesn't care what she thinks, and leaves.

Sheridan takes James for a nap, and Chris looks through her PDA, damning Spike for asking for the code

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