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Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Fancy chases a killer by herself, Julian blasts Ivy and Eve, and Luis accuses Chris of murder.

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Chad continues to lie

At the Safari Motel, Gwen the Theresa each have a handful of J.T. Gwen demands J.T. spit out the secret. J.T. tells them not to break the merchandise. It's for sale. Gwen insists that J.T. tell her. The secret must be huge to stop Theresa from exposing that Gwen and Rebecca emailed the tabloid about Ethan's real father. She promises she will pay him.

J.T. finds the situation hilarious. He's okay if the women want to get physical with him. Gwen sweetens the deal with her mother's sexual favor to J.T.'s delight. It sways him to over to the dark sideGwen's. Theresa retaliates by shoving J.T. and the money down a laundry chute. The women rush down to the basement to snag J.T. When they get there all they find is dirty laundry. They hear a car drive off and know it is J.T leaving town. town. Gwen concedes a minor victory to Theresa but she isn't done. She vows to find the secret Theresa is keeping from Ethan and take her down. She leaves. Theresa is still worried. She knows she can't trust J.T.

J.T. calls Rebecca from the car to say good-bye. They make plans to meet for one last drink at the Blue Note. "Theresa's going to have no idea I made one little pit stop before I left town to change my oil!"

Everyone is at the Blue Note. Whitney and Chad are there. She is still apologizing to Chad for thinking he was cheating on her at the motel. Chad wishes she would stop especially since he really is guilty. He tells her she is the only woman for him. Hmmm.

Whitney found it gross walking in on Valerie and that man in a sleazy motel. "Who in their right mind would go there to make love to someone that they actually care about?" Chad thinks of his lover. "Not anybody we want anything to do with, baby."

Eve meets up with Ivy at the Blue Note. Ivy is drowning her sorrows. Eve asks if Sam knows everything she did to break up his marriage to Grace. Yup. Everybody does. He kicked her out and won't speak to her. Eve is eager to know if her name came up. Ivy tells her not yet but it will. Sam will figure out Eve is the one that changed the DNA results to say John was Grace's son.

Eve's defense is Ivy blackmailed her. Ivy sees it as Eve's choice for self-preservation over her best friend's marriage. Julian hears the conversation. Eve's hypocrisy disgusts him but he gives Ivy kudos. It trumps her scheme to pass off Ethan as his son.

Ivy claims she did it for love. It doesn't matter to Julianlove, hatred or revenge. What matters is she got caught. Lucky Ethan. He got rid of Julian as a father. He no doubt will discard his lying mother now.

Julian turns back to Eve, the hyprocrite. She passed herself off as a paragon of virtue. All these years he tried to be a better man so he would be worthy of her love. He thanks Ivy for taking his blinders off. Eve is as morally bereft as he is. Probably worse. He may be a lot of bad things and a fool for love, but he is not a hypocrite."Don't you ever, ever point your finger at me" Eve once told him that she didn't want to spend her life with someone like him. The shoe is on the other foot now. He doesn't want to spend another minute with someone as malevolent as her. He hopes poor T.C. gets well so he can escape her.

He advises Ivy to take a lesson from this. The two of them were not destined to end up with their first loves. He leaves them.


Julian is no hypocrite

Julian has never pierced Ivy's heart like that in all their years of marriage. The worst part of it for Eve is that she deserved it.

Eve looks over at Whitney. From her mood, she can tell Whitney hasn't heard about Ivy's secret yet. She worries that this will ruin their relationship again. Ivy knows the feeling. She wonders if Ethan will ever speak to her again.

Eve asks Ivy if it was worth it. It was for Ivy. She would do it again in a heartbeat. Only next time she would be more careful and rely only on herself. Eve realizes Ivy hasn't learned a thing. She can't stand to be around her any more and leaves.

Ethan is at the bar. Noah points out Ivy to Ethan. Ethan finds it an amazing coincidence that he learns what a witch is mother is on Halloween. He can't forgive her deception. He can't forgive it from anyone. Ethan turns down another drink from Noah. He wants to keep his head clear. He has a lot to think about. He apologizes to Noah for what his mother did to his family. Noah is having a harder time accepting Kay's role in it. He wishes he had been there at the time. He chalks some of it up to his parent's marriage being weak. Ethan protests that their marriage was perfectunbreakable. If that was true, Noah thinks Gracewould be at home making her famous tomato soup cake. She never would've left her family. It makes him think about his relationship with Fancy. He thought it was strong and one look from Luis and Fancy "went weak in the knees."

He changes the subject to Ethan. His heart is with Theresa but he stays married to Gwen. "Love conquering all" is just a bunch of hooey. Ethan disagrees. He believes in true love. He points out Chad and Whitney. They are an example of true love. They have no secrets or lies waiting to tear them apart.

Theresa joins Chad and Whitney at the Blue Note. Chad leaves to get her a drink. Whitney asks Theresa if everything was okay. Theresa says for now. She found J.T. and paid him off before Gwen could grill him. She thinks her secret is safe for another night.

Whitney wishes she would just tell Ethan the truth. She believes that Ethan would do the right thing and leave Gwen. Theresa won't gamble her son's future on that. The dream of life with Ethan is gone but at least she stopped Gwen. Reason to celebrate, Whitney says, plus she found proof that Chad wasn't cheating on her. Gwen arrives at the restaurant and joins Ethan. Theresa watches them. Her mood for celebrating evaporates.

At Ethan and Gwen's table, Ethan talks about his mother. He won't let Gwen defend her. He doesn't know how Ivy lives with herself. He is grateful, though, that Gwen has never deceived him, not like Theresa has. Gwen is uncomfortable at his trust. He says he is glad they don't have those kind of secrets..

Chad comes back with the drinks. Whitney still wants to celebrate. She makes a toast. "To everything working out for both of us tonight." Theresa drinks to that. Whitney then toasts to her and Chad.

Ethan and Gwen dance even though Ethan isn't in the dancing mood. He will never forget this Halloween. At least, he knows he can trust Gwen. It makes everything better. He doesn't know what he would do if he was lied to like this again.

Theresa heads toward the bar. Chad and Whitney discuss her secret. Whitney shared it with him but Theresa doesn't know he knows. Whitney just wants Theresa to make up her mind to tell the truth. It's not their place nor anyone else to disclose it.

At the bar, Theresa turns around and is surprised to see . . .?


Fancy coaxes James for info

Fancy asks James if he knows the name of the man he saw hurt his father. James looks out the window of the mansion and points. "There he is." It's Spike lighting up a cigarette. His back is to Fancy so she can't see his face. She's wills him to turn around. Spike sees her and runs away. Fancy wants to chase after him but she can't leave James alone. Luckily, Paloma arrives. Fancy asks her to watch James while she goes after the man who killed Phyllis. Paloma tries to stop her but Fancy doesn't listen.

Spike hides from Fancy in some bushes. She stops nearby. Spike throws a rock to trick her. Fancy hears the noise and turns her back to Spike. He creeps up behind her. He is about to make his move when two teens show up. He dives for cover. Fancy asks the boys if they have seen a man. They have been enjoying Halloween too much to notice anyone. The boys run off. Spike looses his balance and makes the bushes move. Fancy sees him running away. "Freeze! You are not getting away from me!"


Sheridan tells Luis off

Sheridan is angry that Luis suspects her husband of murder. Who is he to judge Chris especially since he dated Beth the lunatic. Luis says at least he didn't marry a murderer. Sheridan hauls off and slaps him. Chris walks in and witness it.. "What's going on? Sheridan informs him that Luis plans to arrest him for Phyllis' murder. That is absurd. He didn't murder Phyllis. What evidence does Luis have? Sheridan believes the only evidence Luis needs is their marriage certificate. Luis would do anything to tear Chris down in her eyes.

Luis is just doing his job. He asks Chris to come down to the station for questioning. Sheridan tells Luis that Chris was on the witness protection program for helping the FBI. Why would he get involved with something illegal, let alone her father. Chris reacts to the mention of Sheridan's father. She is sad that Luis believes no man would marry her unless her father paid them. Luis says she's putting words in his mouth. Sheridan states Chris had nothing to do with her father. If she believed he did, she would not have married him. Chris agrees Luis has it in for him because he is jealous of him being in Sheridan's bed.


Spike knocks Fancy out

Luis ignores him and continues to list his evidence. Sheridan orders Luis to leave and take his flimsy evidence with him. Paloma breaks the impasse. She arrives with James. Paloma tells Luis murderer was outside the mansion. Fancy went after him on her own.

Fancy has chased the man to a mine shaft. Reluctantly, she heads in, dodging cobwebs. She stops when she gets a call. It's Luis. Before she can answer it, Spike knocks her out with a 2 x 4.

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