Gwen and Theresa play tug of war with J.T.

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Whitney's worst fears almost come true, Kay wishes for Miguel's understanding, and the murderer is revealed.

Fox not Miguel understands Kay.

Kay sees Miguel in the park and she immediately accuses him of following her. He denies it. Kay explains to him her reasons for keeping silent about Ivy's deception to her father. Miguel won't accept her explanation. She reaches out for him and he draws away. She is hurt that he doesn't want her to touch him. Fox arrives at the scene. He promises he will love her no matter what.

Kay cries in Fox's arms. Fox accuses Miguel of making her cry. Kay admits Miguel isn't the reason she's crying. She is so sorry. She could have stopped Ivy scheme just by telling what she knew. Fox understands why she did it. She was a lot younger back then. Miguel doesn't understand. What she did was immoral. Fox argues the reasons matter. That's the Crane way of thinking to Miguel. Reasons don't make it right.

Kay pleads with Miguel to forgive her. Fox doesn't think Kay needs Miguel's forgiveness. He wasn't hurt by her. Miguel argues he was hurt indirectly because Kay's silence deprived his daughter of her grandmother. Miguel is not ready to forgive her. He turns to leave. Kay falls into Fox's arm, sobbing inconsolable.

Kay doesn't justify what she did. She just wants forgiveness. Fox forgives her but she's afraid he's the only one who will. She feels unworthy of Fox's love. She is evil. Fox tells her she's not evil to him. He will never desert her. Kay is more worried that Miguel hates her now. Miguel looks at her. He is ashamed that, even after all Kay did, he still loves her.

Rebecca gets a good eyeful of Chad through the motel window. It is obvious to her that he is having an affair. What a shock it will be for Whitney to discover him at the motel!

Theresa is receiving a shock of her own. She expected J.T. to come out of the bathroom of the motel room. Instead Gwen faces her. She claims she and her mother already spoke to J.T. She knows Theresa's secret.

Gwen had Theresa convinced she knew her secret until Rebecca barges in and asks if J.T. told her the secret yet. Theresa is relieved. The race is on for the women to find J.T. Rebecca bars the door but she gets distracted when Theresa starts throwing money around. Whitney and Theresa escape the room.

Outside the room, the four women hear J.T. whistling "Camptown Races." Rebecca whistles back. J.T. toddles in. He is so drunk he is seeing double. When he recognizes Theresa, he flees with the women after him.

Rebecca and Gwen lose J.T. again. Whitney and Theresa haven't found him either. Chad peeks outside his motel door. He swears he heard Whitney's voice. Rebecca sees his room and decides to push Whitney in Chad's direction if she gets the chance.

J.T. clutches his pizza and his bottle as he tries to hide from the female search party. He sits down for a bite and Gwen corners him. She threatens to rip him to shreds if he doesn't start talking.


Whitney gets a big surprise

Whitney ends up in front of Chad's room. Rebecca seizes the opportunity for mischief. She shouts "Gwen, Whitney is right outside J.T.'s door. Hurry." Whitney takes the bait and decides to confront J.T on her own. She yells to J.T. to open the door or she's coming in.

Chad is alarmed to recognize Whitney's voice. He jumps out of bed to hide. A few seconds later Whitney barges into the room expecting to see J.T. Instead she discovers Valerie next to a lump in the bed. Valerie tells her it's not what it looks like. Whitney jumps to the obvious conclusion that it is what it looks like. Chad is cheating on her. She beats the person hiding under the sheets. "Show your face, you coward."

"Whitney!" Chad stands behind her. A Chad look-a-like named Stan pops up from under the covers. Chad claims he got a report from Crane security that Whitney was at the motel. Was she was alright? Whitney explains she was there with Theresa because of the whole J.T. Cornell mess. She apologizes to everyone for her mistake. Rebecca watches as Chad and Whitney hug. She files away Chad's secret for future blackmail.


The women all want J.T.

Theresa finally catches up with J.T. and Gwen. She reminds him of their deal. Keep his mouth shut and get out of town forever or there will be no money. Gwen offers money too but she can't possibly match Theresa's billions. J.T. knocks Gwen out of the way and runs off with Theresa and her money.

Gwen runs after J.T., begging him to stop. Rebecca shows up with a cocktail in her hand. Gwen informs her that Theresa got to J.T. with a bribe. Rebecca isn't worried. She has a secret weapon. She unbuttons her coat, showing off her breasts. "Come on J.T. Mama Misses her bad boy. Don't you want to come and get a spanky?"

Rebecca waits for J.T. to come to her but Theresa isn't giving up that easily. She holds onto J.T. He pushes her away and escapes her grip. Theresa shows him the money. "A bird in the hand" is better than trusting Gwen to cough it up. Rebecca offers him money and the fun they will have spending it together.

J.T. is boozed and confused. Money? Sex? Pizza? Sex? The women walk toward his voice. Theresa arrives first. She gives him the bag full of money and orders him to get out of town. Gwen catches up with them. Theresa and Gwen both grab and tug at him.

Spike and Chris are somewhere on the Crane estate grounds. Spike accuses Chris of being the killer. Chris denies it vehemently. In Spike's mind, Chris is a cold-blooded killer because he left important Omega documents lying around. Phyllis found them so Spike killed her. Chris calls him a fool. Spike thinks Chris is the one living in a fool's paradise. He reminds Chris that he still has Alistair's file on him. He knows all about Chris and he is a bad man. The bad man never gets the girl, the happy ending.

Besides, he did a good thing by killing Phyllis. Chris tells him he made matters worse. He didn't even get rid of the omega document. Chris had to do that for him. Spike guesses he dropped the ball on that one. He owes Chris one. He offers to make their partnership long-term.

All Chris wants is for Spike to clear out as soon as he pays him off. He never wants to see his face again. That doesn't suit Spike. Even though he is dead, Spike considers they are both still working for Alistair. Chris wishes he had called the cops on Spike. Spike punches Chris in the face for that remark. He warns him that the next person he kills could be him if he doesn't watch out.

Chris recovers himself. He tells Spike that he is his own biggest worry. If he doesn't stop lashing out at the least little thing, their luck is going to run out. Chris walks away. Spike mutters that Chris' luck has already run out.


Luis is like Alistair?

Sheridan refuses to believe Chris killed Phyllis. Luis, on the other hand, plans to arrest Chris when he comes back. Sheridan asks why Luis suspects Chris. Luis lists his evidence including the scrap of paper connected to the Omega documents. Chris must have hidden the documents in the cottage and Phyllis happened upon them. He killed Phyllis to keep Sheridan from learning that he is another one of Alistair's pawn.

Sheridan is furious at Luis. How dare he come into her home and accuse her husband with such little evidence. The omega documents were found there because the cottage is part of Alistair's estate. If he takes the case to court, her lawyers will make sure Luis will never be a cop again.

Luis defends himself. He was trying to protect Sheridan. Sheridan reminds him that is her husband's job. Luis wants to know where he is then. If he was married to her, he would never leave Sheridan unprotected. Luis suggests that Chris doesn't love her.

Sheridan thinks Luis has a very low opinion of her. Obviously, he believes no one can love her unless her father pays them. In fact, Luis is exactly like her father--headstrong and controlling. He never listens to her. Marty burned to death because he wouldn't listen to her. And all because he had to be right.

Luis refuses to accept that he is like Alistair. Sheridan qualifies her accusation. At least Alistair never pretended to love her. Luis swore he love her but "you don't say that you love someone and not believe a single word that they have to say. I mean, that's the kind of love that you show a child or a dog." Luis is worse than her father.

"That's the thanks I get for trying to protect you." Sheridan is not thanking him. She tells Luis he has no right to judge Chris. He dated a psycho. Luis replies at least he didn't marry a murderer. That's the last straw for Sheridan. She slaps him across the face. Chris walks in and witnesses the slap. "What is going on in here?"

Fancy keeps James preoccupied up at the mansion. They play a game of pretend. James tells her to pretend to be his daddy Chris and he will be "the man." James charges at Fancy, hitting and shouting at her. Fancy is surprised by James' actions. He pretends to shoot her. He tells her to fall down and grab her leg like his daddy did. Fancy realizes that James saw the man who shot Chris.

Fancy gently questions James about the man who hurt his father. She asks him if he saw the same man the night Pilar was shot. He nods. And last night when the police took away Phyllis. He nods again. Fancy knows Chris could not possibly be the killer.

Fancy asks James if he knows the man's name. Spike walks by and stops to light up a cigarette. His back is to the window. James looks out the window and points. "There he is."

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