Ethan condemns liars

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Kay begs her family for forgiveness, Luis goes after Chris, and everybody's meeting at the no-tell motel.

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Kay is so sorry now

Luis and Fancy are at the police station discussing the murder of Sheridan's maid. There was an unidentified partial print on the Chris' pen but that doesn't further the case. However, the scrap of paper does. The ink and paper matches the stock used by Alistair in the Omega plot.. Whoever killed Phyllis was afraid she could link him or her to the omega plot. He worries that the paper was in Sheridan's cottage. He is sure Chris is involved.

Fancy thinks he's wrong. Luis spells it out.The burglary of the mansion, Pilar being shotChris did it!. Fancy argues that Chris was also shot. Luis says Chris shot himself, something pros would do. He connects Chris to Spike and Spike to Alistair. It makes perfect sense to him. They leave for Sheridan's cottage. They have to get her away from Chris.

Chris burns the last piece of evidence that connects him to Alistair and the omega plot. Spike is still his problem but not worth killingyet. Sheridan comes into the room and asks him if he was burning something. He explains he was trying to make a cozy fire for Sheridan and James. Sheridan appreciates him and so does James. James ask to go play with Little Ethan. Chris agrees and volunteers to walk him up to the mansion. Outside, Chris tells James to run ahead. As soon as he is alone he makes a call .

Miguel meets with Pilar to discuss what happened at Sam's. He can't believe that Kay could be so heartless as to let her own family be torn apart.. Pilar thinks what Kay did was wrong but her reasons are understandable. Miguel is surprised his mother is taking Kay's side. She tells him everyone makes mistakes even Miguel. Pilar still wants him to marry Kay.

Inside the Bennett house, Fox supports Kay. He doesn't care what Kay did. He loves her and he still wants to marry her. Kay thanks him for not judging her. He is her rock.
Fox offers to get her something to drink.

After Fox leaves, Sam comes back in the house. Kay tries to apologize to him but he doesn't want to hear it. He just came to get his keys and then he wants "to get the hell away from her. Noah arrives. He asks why Sam is so angry at Kay. Sam orders Kay to tell him. Kay explains how Sam knows about the whole charade Ivy cooked up to ruin his marriage. Sam wants her to tell Noah her part in it. Kay confesses she knew about it the whole time. Jessica and Spike come in and overhear her. Spike finds it hilarious that Kay has taken his place as black sheep of the family.

Jessica accuses Kay of being worse than Ivy. Kay is repentant. She asks for Noah and Jessica's forgiveness. Noah doesn't even want to talk to her. What he did when he pretended to be in grad school only hurt himself. What Kay did hurt them all.


Spike accuse Chris of murder

Spike's phone rings. He goes out the room to take it. It's Chris. He needs to see him right away. Spike returns to tell Jessica he's taking off.

After Chris hangs up he watches at Sheridan resting on the couch. He remarks if she only knew what a threat he was. Spike arrives but so does Luis and Fancy. Chris and Spike hide. As Luis and Fancy go inside the cottage, Luis hears some noise. It's Chris. A cat mews and Luis assumes that's what he heard. As soon as the Fancy and Luis go inside, Chris and Spike run.

Luis makes sure that Chris is gone. As he comes into the room, Sheridan wakes up. Luis sends Fancy up to the mansion to check on James. Sheridan wants answers. He informs her he is there to arrest Phyllis' killer. Sheridan demands to know if he thinks Chris is guilty.

Spike and Chris are away from the cottage. Spike looks very smug. Chris asks him what has he done now. "It's not what I've done, amigo. It's what you've done. You killed her."


Ethan hates lies and liars

In the Bennett's kitchen, Fox comforts Ivy. The only thing she wants is for him to rip Kay's vocal chords out for blabbing the truth. Gwen and Ethan walk in. They came to discuss Ivy's wedding plans. Ethan asks Ivy to repeat herself. Ivy has some explaining to do. Gwen is more interested in hearing what J.T. told Rebecca.

Ivy blames everything on Kay. She just wanted to be with Sam but he kept insisting on staying with Grace. So she used David to free up Sam. Everything was working until Kay opened up her big mouth.

Ethan blames Ivy while Fox defends her. All she tried to do was make up for what Alistair took from her years ago. Ethan thinks the costa family's happinesswas too steep. "All is fair in love and war," Fox believes. Ethan finds it hard to accept he is related to the two of them. Ethan states that for him and his wife lying and manipulating is always wrong. "And anyone who lies to keep a person in their life, never loved the person to begin with." Ivy took a page out of Alistair's play book. And if Fox can't see that, there's something wrong with him too.

Fox assures Ivy that Ethan and Sam will both come around. Ivy is not that sure. The one good thing for her is that now Fox is free to leave Kay. He refuses. He doesn't condemn his mother but he won't let her beat up on Kay for revealing her secret. He leaves to join the others in the living room.

Kay begs everyone for their forgiveness. She is very sorry. Sam isn't ready to forgive. Kay runs away from their condemnation.

Ivy walks from the kitchen. Sam is livid. He yells at her to get out. He will never marry her. Ivy keeps declaring her love for him. Ethan tells Ivy to let it go. She leaves the room. He apologizes to Sam for his mother. Jessica hugs Sam as he stares out into his loss. "Lies. All lies."

Kay walks alone in the park. She is feeling very sorry for herself. Everyone hates her but Fox. She prays that Miguel will understand. She turns around and sees Miguel.

Whitney is still in the park with Theresa. She worries that J.T. will tell the secret before Theresa can pay him. She also worries that Chad isn't answering his phone. At that moment, Chad is in the motel getting ready for his "honey." Theresa asks if she thinks he is still having an affair. Whitney rejects the idea. They go back to discussing J.T.

Whitney reminds Theresa about how much Ethan hates lies. What Theresa is doing is forcing him to live a lie. Theresa knows she is but Ethan is living a lie. He is pretending that he is being faithful to Gwen when he's cheated on his wife with her. Theresa rationalizes that even though Ethan doesn't know he's Little Ethan's father, he still the boy's father figure. Whitney says that's not the same thing. It's good enough for Theresa and she will pay J.T. to keep it that way.

In the motel, Rebecca brings J.T. some ice to numb the pain she caused his "special" muscle.. J.T. promises he will tell Rebecca the secret after they "make whoopee." Rebecca agrees to pleasure before business. Since room service is not available, Rebecca goes out for some bubbly and munchies.

While she is out, J.T. calls from Theresa. He tells her there has been a change of plans. Rebecca is there and she wants to know the secret. Maybe he will tell her, maybe he won't. It's all up to Theresa.

Theresa agrees to double her first offer. Rebecca can't top that. J.T. tells her to show him the money. He's at the Safari Motel. They hang up. Theresa and Whitney have to get the money to J.T. right away before he blabs.

Back at the Bennetts', Gwen has been cringing throughout Ethan's condemnation of liars.. She finally gets the phone call she's been waiting for and goes outside to take it. Rebecca's call is a little premature. She hasn't got the info yet but she knows she will. She asks what is going on at the Bennett's. Gwen tells her Kay exposed Ivy's secret. Rebecca feels sorry for Ivy. Gwen just hopes that whatever Theresa's secret is, it will make Ethan hate her. He hates liars and lies. Gwen doesn't dwell long on the thought that she is a liar too. She urges her mother to go back to work on J.T.

Rebecca heads back to the room but she forgot the condoms. She has to make another trip. She keeps missing Chad who is at the same motel!

The gang is all there. Gwen arrives at the motel to track down her mother. Whitney and Theresa appear a few minutes later. They talk about who would stay in a cheap motel like this one. Theresa says it's a place where no one questions what you're doing. Theresa calls J.T. to find out what room he is in. He doesn't answer so the girls go off to search for the room on their own. After they leave, Chad peeks his head out his motel room. He thought he heard Whitney. He doesn't see her. It must be his guilty conscience.

Rebecca is walking back from buying condoms. She spies naked Chad through a window. She realizes Chad is having an affair.

Whitney and Theresa believe they have found J.T.'s room. It smells like him. They find a tag that says J.T. Cornell. Water is running in the bathroom. They assume he is in there showering. Theresa yells for him to come and get his money. She knocks on the bathroom door. To her surprise, Gwen pops out.

"Hello. Looks like you're a little late, Theresa. My mother and I already spoke to JT"

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