Harmony PD recruits police officers!

Friday, August 11th, 2006

Sheridan helps Fancy's cause, Miguel professes his love for Kay, and Jared meets 'Mrs. Crane'.

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In the kitchen, Kay is still trying to convince Endora to send Siren away. Endora tells Kay she won't send Siren back but she'll stop her from doing anything to hurt Miguel. Endora makes up her mind ..." Siren stays! Tabitha can't do anything to change her mind, because Endora has more powers than even she.

Chris finds Spike in his living room, where he threatens to come clean to Sheridan. Spike demands money. He tells him of his plans to rob all the rich families in Harmony... with Chris's help. Chris refuses to give in to Spike, admitting his love for Sheridan. After Chris attacks him, Spike reminds him of how much he knows about his secrets. He knows that James isn't his son, and how Alistair paid him to mess up Sheridan's life. He goes on to remind Chris that he will lose Sheridan if she finds out the truth.


At the police station, Sheridan talks to Luis. She's surprised that Fancy and Paloma have decided to be cops. Luis deputizes James, asking for his help in getting the recruits together.

When the two are alone, Sheridan questions Fancy's reasoning for becoming a police officer, and Fancy admits she's doing it to get close to Luis. Sheridan agrees to talk to a stubborn Luis about Fancy wanting to becoming a police officer.

In her office, at Crane Industries, Jared is kissing Theresa. He thinks he has figured it all out. Theresa is Mrs. Crane's assistant! Theresa lets him think this, when she has trouble speaking up.


Things cool down in the shower between Miguel and Siren. He admits he wants to win Kay back, telling Siren that Kay is the only woman for him. Siren tells Miguel she understands, but to herself she thinks that he's hers, and starts singing her mermaid song.

Miguel can't hear her song over the water, but when he turns off the water, Siren loses her voice!


Later, Miguel meets Kay in the kitchen, asking her to discuss their future. Tabitha and Endora leave the room, giving the two space, as Miguel tells Kay that they're meant to be.

At the police station, Sheridan speaks on Fancy's behalf. She tells Luis that Fancy really does want to join the force, and supports her. Sheridan denies that Fancy is a spoiled little rich girl, and asks him to give her a chance. Luis agrees to allow the girls to stay in the class.


At Crane industries, Theresa tells Jared that he's way off, and proceeds to tell him the truth, but Valerie walks in, and introduces Theresa as Mrs. Crane! Theresa tries to explain that she was going to tell him before he found out from someone else. He feels like a fool, after she led him to believe that she's struggling to make ends meet. He cries out ...I don't even know who you are?... and starts a rant about how she has played him. Theresa tries to get a word in edgewise, but he doesn't want to hear it. Jared storms out of the office, bumping into Valerie. He refuses the position, telling her that he would never work here!

Tabitha walks in on Miguel professing his love for Kay. She admits she loves the two men, and Tabitha jokes that her story has the making of a country song! She tells the woman that she needs to choose one ..." Fox or Miguel.

Back at the police station, Fancy isn't looking much like a cop, when she needs Luis to help her put on a holster!

In the hallway, Miguel meets Siren. He tells her what happened with Kay, and after he leaves, she thinks to herself that before Kay makes her choice, she still has time to make love to Miguel!

Kay and Tabitha are still in the kitchen, pondering what Kay's decision should be. She talks about Fox, and how she loves him, but Miguel is her first love and the father of her child, Marie. Tabitha explains how she warned Kay about getting too close to Fox, but is interrupted by Endora calling her from the living room.

Miguel is in Marie's bedroom. He talks to her about his feelings for her mother, admitting he made a terrible mistake that he hopes won't bear on her life in the future. Kay is seen listening at the door.

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