The Truth Comes Out

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Sam believes Kay over Ivy, Rebecca has J.T. right where she wants him, and James find incriminating evidence.

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Sam believes Kay over Ivy

In the police station, Fancy and Luis discuss the murder of Sheridan's maid. Luis is on the phone putting a fire under the lab guys. He holds up the only evidence from Phyllis' murder, a pen and a piece of paper pried from her hand. Fancy wonders if the killer has the rest of the paper. Luis wonders what was on it worth killing over. He leaves to take the evidence to the lab. He is concerned that he solved the case so Sheridan will be safe. Fancy wishes to herself that Luis would show as much concern for her as he does for Sheridan.

Luis returns from the lab without the results. A few seconds later, a lab technician comes in. The ink and the scrap paper from Phyllis' dead hands are a definite match to Alistair's files from Rome. She is certain the ripped paper had the omega symbol on it. This worries Luis. It means that Alistair's plot may not be over and Sheridan may be in danger.

At Sheridan's cottage, Chris takes good care of Sheridan after her ordeal of finding the dead maid. Sheridan shudders to think that it could have been James. So much has happened on the estatePilar and Chris both getting shot and now a murder. Chris assures her he's there for her. "And one piece of paper guarantees that we'll be together." Sheridan wants to know what paper is that. "Our marriage certificate," he tells her.

James interrupts them to show them a pretty leaf. Sheridan leaves to get him some milk and cookies while Chris goes to get some paper for James to color on. While they're gone, James finds a sheet of paper beneath the couch. It has the omega symbol on it.

Chris comes back with paper for James. James has already drawn a horse on the paper he found. He holds it up to show Sheridan when she comes back into the room. Chris sees the omega symbol. He is horrified. James sees the symbol on the back too. Chris takes the paper from him before Sheridan can get a closer look. He diverts their attention by suggesting they go to the garage and pick out a pumpkin to carve. After James and Sheridan leave, Chris burns the paper in the fireplace. He says out loud he will do anything to keep Sheridan from knowing his connection to Alistair. "Anything."

Kay apologizes. Miguel wants to know for what. Fox tells him to leave her alone but Miguel pushes Kay to come clean. The pressure and the guilt are too much for her. She spills how Ivy set up her mom to think she married David before she got amnesia. But it was all a lie.

Fox can't believe his mother would do that. Sam has entered the room and hears everything. Ivy bounces into the room to announce she got rid of the bloodstain on the wedding dress. She comes face to face with Kay's accusations.

Ivy denies it but Kay won't back down. Ivy demands Sam to make Kay apologize. She accuses Kay of trying to stop her from marrying Sam. Kay gives details. She points out that Ivy probably paid David to pretend to be Grace's husband. She also had the money to create a credible fake paper trail. Ivy is good at being sneaky. She kept Julian in the dark about Ethan for 20 years.

Ivy's says it was different with Julian. She loves Sam. She always has. She would have to be a monster to do those evil things Kay accuses her of. Ivy begs Sam to believe.

Now that Kay has opened up there is no turning her off. She relays how David fell in love with Grace. That's why he continued the charade. She's sure Ivy paid to have the DNA test results changed so that he would say that John was David and Grace's son.

Miguel and Sam ask Kay how she knows all this. She confesses she overheard Ivy talking to David in the park. She reluctantly tells them it was before the two left for Europe. The two men can't believe that she kept quiet about something like that for all that time.. Kay explains she wanted to hurt her mother for always choosing Charity's side over her. She kept quiet because she wanted her mother out of her life.

Sam can't believe his daughter hated her whole family that much. She let her mother throw away her family to run off with a stranger. Ivy says it's unbelievable because it's a ridiculous lie. Sam believes his daughter over Ivy.


Ivy has no where to go

"You used David to break up my marriage with Grace?". He storms into the kitchen with Ivy right behind him.

Ivy justifies her actions because she loved him but he wouldn't leave Grace. Stuff just happened. Sam calls her a liar. It took time, effort, planning and money to do what she did. He doesn't know who she is. She tells him she is the woman who has loved him her entire life. The woman who bore his first child. The woman who will do ". . .everything in her power to make you happy every day of your life."

But she is not the woman Sam plans on marrying any more. What she did is unforgivable. He wants her out of his house and out of his life. Ivy is devastated. She has no place to go. Sam knocks the table over and throws her wedding dress at her. He warns her he won't be responsible for his actions if she doesn't get away from him.

In the living room, Kay is apologizing to Miguel. He can't believe that she is the girl he has known since they were kids. He is so upset with her that he leaves. Kay starts to go after him. Fox stops her. She thinks everybody hates her. He doesn't. He understands why she did it. She was hurt. She finds comfort in his arms.


Rebecca can't fool Pilar

Rebecca is doing her best to pry Theresa's secret out of Pilar. She encourages Pilar to unburden herself. Pilar agrees to tell her secret to Rebecca.

Gwen is having similar luck with getting Whitney to divulge the secret. Whitney excuses herself while she checks to see if Chad has left for work. She wouldn't want him to hear.

Gwen gloats as she waits in the hallway. Whatever the secret is, she will use it to keep Ethan and Theresa apart forever.

Whitney lets Gwen in. Chad has left. Whitney starts blabbing about how Theresa just found out about it from J.T. in Rome. This confirms Gwen's suspicions. Whitney asks who told her because it couldn't be J.T. Gwen and Rebecca claim they never met the man. Gwen avoids the question. Whitney insists she call Theresa so that she can tell Ethan. Gwen stops her. Whitney is on to her now. She asks her what Jared thought since he has to be the one who told her, right. Gwen agrees. Wrong answer! Jared doesn't know anything. Whitney calls Gwen a lying sneaky bitch just like her mother and throws her out.

It's time for damage control. She has to warn Theresa about what almost happened.

Rebecca is having similar problems with Pilar. She brags about how she almost got a Ph D in psychology before she got her MRS. She could really help Pilar if she would just unburden herself about her problems with her children. Pilar unburdens herself of some choice names for Rebecca like imbecile and arrogant fool. Does Rebecca really think she would be so stupid that she could be tricked to confide in her? Pilar throws her out. 0 for 0. Pilar realizes she has to warn Theresa.


Ethan will fight for a father's rights

Ethan is playing ball with Little Ethan. The boy runs after the ball, leaving his mom alone with Ethan. Theresa mentions how odd it is that Ethan would be helping Julian sue for partial custody of Little Ethan. It's about the father's rights to Ethan. "Simple as that."

It's not so simple to Theresa given their complicated situation. Ethan understands Theresa so he knows how much her children mean to her. That's why it is so puzzling to him that she blew off the custody hearing. He asks her why. Theresa thinks back to what her mother told her and her advice to tell Ethan the truth. She says nothing. Ethan tells her that's okay. The truth has a way of coming out.

Little Ethan comes back with the ball. He wants to play some more with Uncle Ethan. They leave for another section of the park to work on his hitting and to let Theresa gossip with Whitney who just showed up. As soon as they are gone, Whitney tells Theresa to be careful. Gwen is on the hunt and she almost tricked her into giving up the secret.

Pilar joins the women. Her story is the same as Whitney except it was Rebecca trying to worm the secret out of her. They want to know what the game plan is now. Theresa says they need to make sure they don't slip up and make sure Gwen doesn't find J.T. Both Pilar and Whitney vow not to reveal the truth. Theresa feels her secret is safe since J.T. promised to keep quiet and leave town as soon as she pays him.

Gwen reconnects with her mother. Rebecca informs her that Pilar isn't the stupid peasant she thought she was. They both struck out. Gwen did learn something though. The secret definitely concerns Ethan and J.T. is involved.

Rebecca decides it's time to call J.T. again. This time he answers. She chastises him for not calling her back. He responds that he didn't want the phone to get tied up. He is waiting for an important call. Rebecca says he must be tense waiting for Theresa's hush money. She offers to come right over and relieve the tension in his special muscle. He tells her where he is.
Rebecca prepares to go. She checks her bag. "Hand cuffs, feather and a golf ball." She has everything she needs to make him talk.

Rebecca arrives at J.T's room. She shows off the toys she brought. He is ready for her. He drops her pants and she reveals she is nude under her coat. She wants to trade favor for favor.". . . give me what I want, and you will get what you want." And what she wants is what J.T. told Theresa in Rome.

J.T. and Rebecca are in bed. He is handcuffed to the headboard. Rebecca has been pleasuring him. She inflicts pain on his special muscle and he shrieks in pain. That is to reminds him there is a thin line between pleasure and pain. She can make sure he doesn't feel pleasure ever again unless he tells the secret. J.T. agrees to tell her everything.

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