Sam knows what Ivy did!

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Ethan and Little Ethan bond, Gwen and Rebecca try to trick Pilar and Whitney, and Kay tells it all.

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Pilar's comments to Kay start trouble

Ethan and Theresa walk together through the park on their way back to work. Theresa plans on meeting Little Ethan there. Ethan questions Theresa again about her strange behavior. He wants to know what is bothering her. He's sure he saw a man running away from her in the alley. She ditched the custody hearing to meet with someone else in an alley? She explains again the meeting was extremely important.

Ethan urges Theresa to tell him what she is hiding from him. What is causing her to act so strangely. Theresa thinks about her mother's advice to tell Ethan all. She starts to tell him what is going on until she is interrupted by her son.

Little Ethan if full of details about his day. He asks his uncle Ethan to take him for something to eat. Theresa tries to dissuade him saying Ethan is too busy but Ethan jumps at the chance to be with the boy. Alone, watching the two of them, Theresa wishes it could always be like that.

Theresa watches father and son play football. She thanks God for allowing her to keep her secret. Even though she can't have Ethan, at least her son can have his father in his life. And as long as no one knows the truth, her son's future will be secure.

Miguel and Fox are duking it out in Sam's living room. Sam tries to break them up but he gets pushed aside. Pilar and Kay watch the melee in horror. Ivy runs in carrying her wedding dress. Miguel connects with a good, hard punch and knocks Fox down on top of Ivy.

Fox and Ivy get to their feet. Tempers are still hot. Sam demands to know what started everything. Fox explains how Pilar was encouraging Kay not to marry him. Pilar defends herself saying Ivy doesn't want the wedding to happen either. Ivy argues that Fox is marrying the daughter of the man she loves. Pilar counters that she may love Sam, but she thinks Fox is too good for Sam's daughter. Fox asks Ivy if that was true. Of course, Ivy denies it. Kay knows different.

Pilar feels she is not welcome any longer and decides to leave. Miguel tries to stop her. Her mind is made up. She whispers to him not to give up on Kay and leaves. Ivy notices some blood got on the wedding dress. She goes into the kitchen to salvage it.

Eve comes in the back door and sees Ivy working on the dress. She is there to check on Jessica. Jessica fail to show up for her session with Eve. Ivy explains all the bad things going on with Jessica. Everything is hectic in Sam's life. And on top of that, they're getting married right away and there's blood on her wedding dress. Eve can't believe Ivy is going through with the marriage. Secrets always have a way of coming out. She disapproves of how she got Sam in the first place. Eve believes all the bad things that happened to her started when she helped Ivy get Sam away from his wife. Maybe the blood on the dress is a sign she shouldn't marry Sam.

Ivy informs Eve that the stain on her dress was caused by Miguel and Fox fighting not fate. Eve continues speaking metaphysically". Maybe everything we do is just meant to be." Ivy has no time for that nonsense. Eve says it probably is nonsense to Ivy since everything that happened was her doing. And Ivy is proud of it because it all worked out. Eve tells Ivy it must be "bliss" not having a conscience.

Ivy flips the conversation to Eve and her relationship with Julian. She thinks Eve was stupid to give him up. Eve just couldn't turn her back on T.C. after his stroke. Ivy wishes her the best, she really does. Eve thanks her but she can't forget what Ivy did to her best friend's marriage. What if David decides to tell Grace the truth, she asks. Ivy knows that won't happen because David would face jail time if he does. Eve considers being the one to tell Sam the truth. She walks toward the living room. Ivy grabs her. She threatens her with all sorts of pain. "I would kill you to keep Sam!" She points a knife at Eve's face.

Eve reminds Ivy she can't marry the chief of Police if she is in jail. Ivy pleads with Eve not to interfere. She and Sam are going to get married and they are going to be happy. Eve slowly takes the knife from her and tells her she has serious doubts about that.

Gwen pulls Rebecca into her bedroom. They have a lot to talk about. They discuss Theresa and the canceled custody hearing. Gwen knows it has to have something to do with what J.T. told her in Rome. It also influenced Theresa to make Ethan Little Ethan's trustee in her will. Rebecca agrees they have to get to work on figuring out the answers. She pulls out Martini glasses from her bag of tricks. This calls for "pometinis."

They decide the first thing they need to do is talk to J.T. Rebecca calls J.T. and gets his voice mail again. Since J.T. is unavailable, they look for an alternate plan. They eliminate Jared. He is as clueless as they are. They decide that Theresa probably confided in her mother and her best friend.. Rebecca volunteers to weasel the info out of Pilar and assigns Gwen to work on Whitney. Gwen is doubtful her mother will be successful with Pilar. She's not a man. "Oh, ye of little faith," Rebecca says. She is very confident in her skills of persuasion and goes on her merry way. Gwen has a sinking feeling that this is going to turn out to be their Armageddon.

Pilar isn't home ten seconds before she hears a knock at her door. It's Rebecca. Rebecca claims that God spoke to her and told her to amend her ways. Of course, the first person she wanted to speak to was Pilar because of all the horrible things she has done to her. "Will you help me to find the path to righteousness? This is a matter of life and death for my immortal soul."

Pilar suggest that she go to a priest and confess her sins. Rebecca doesn't want to bother Father Lonnigan and the other priest is a stranger to her. She'd rather talk to someone she knows. She has a secret that is heavy on her soul. "Have you ever had a secret like that, Pilar?"

Pilar thinks of her secret about Little Ethan's real father. She answers Rebecca that she does have a secret like that. Rebecca thinks it would help her to help Pilar.

Rebecca tries another tactic. She sympathizes with Pilar over the mess between Katherine and her husband. She tells Pilar that she can unburden her secret on her. She is a good listener. She will be her rock. She won't tell a soul the secret.

Pilar looks at a photo of Theresa and Ethan and the children. "Alright Rebecca. I will tell you."


Chad feels no guilt

Whitney and Chad wake up late. It was part of Chad's plan. They needed more relaxation time. They roll over. He wants to make love. Whitney giggles in agreement.

It's later still. Chad and Whitney are still in bed. They just made love but Chad's thoughts drift to his other bed partner. He says he doesn't feel guilty but when Whitney calls his name, he looks guilty.

Whitney senses he has something on his mind. She asks him if he is okay. He asserts everything is fine. To prove it, he is ready to make love to her again and again and again. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. Whitney opens the door to find Gwen there.

Alone in the bedroom, Chad remembers talking to his lover and deciding to meet at a motel from now on. They were sleeping in Whitney's bed!

Gwen tells Whitney she needs her help. "I know the secret that Theresa has been keeping."

Whitney is astounded that Gwen knows. At first she tries to play it off but Gwen tells to quit pretending. She knows what Theresa learned in Rome. Whitney asks if Ethan knows too. Gwen tells her he doesn't. Whitney suggests that Theresa be the one to tell him and they call her right now. Gwen stops her as she starts to make the call.

Whitney asks why Gwen doesn't want her to call Theresa. Gwen claims that she is thinking about Ethan. Theresa will just keep lying to him. She wants to soften the blow for Ethan and help him get over the news. She wants Whitney to help her tell him.

Chad has gotten dressed for work. He gets a call from his lover. He tells the person that he has to get to work but he can take a few minutes to meet. "Can't wait to see you." He grabs the key from under the bed and leaves for the rendezvous.


Ivy's secret is out

Sam insists that there by no more fighting in his house. He gets a telephone call and leaves to take it. Fox tells Kay it is time for them to leave too. Before they can get out of there, Miguel tells Kay not to make the same mistake her mother made.

Fox and Kay stop in their tracks. They look at Miguel. He explains that Kay's mother isn't happy because she is with the wrong man. Fox demands he shut up. Miguel keeps on talking. Kay insists that her mother is happy. She told her so. Miguel knows that is a lie. Kay asks him how he knows.

Miguel explains that the knows because Grace has spoken to his family. She misses Kay and Sam but she is afraid to come home. He repeats he is afraid Kay will end up just like Grace because she is marrying the wrong man. Kay becomes very upset. Fox demands Miguel to back up and leave her alone.

The guilt overwhelms Kay and she breaks. She confesses "It wasn't me! It was Ivy. She set my mom up and made her think that she was married to David before her amnesia . But it was all a lie!"

Sam enters the room but Kay doesn't see him. She continues talking. She apologizes to Fox for his mother's lie. Ivy invented the whole charade and convinced Kay's parents that David was her first husband. That is why Grace left Harmony. Sam heard every word.

Ivy bounces into the room. She doesn't have a clue what has just been said. She's all bubbly about getting the bloodstain out of the wedding dress. All eyes turn toward her. From the look on everyone's face, Ivy knows something is very wrong.

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