Secrets, lies and murder!

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Luis suspects Chris of murder, Theresa meets with J.T. , Fox and Miguel comes to blows again.

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Fox--chip off the old Crane block

Ethan is looking everywhere for Theresa. He can't figure out why she postponed the custody hearing.

Julian is in his office recuperating from his sexcapades with Rebecca. Fox enters. He relates to his father how he killed Miguel's modeling career.

Julian is very proud of Fox. He misjudged him. He is becoming a chip off the old block after all. Julian wants details. Fox gleefully recites how he ruined Miguel's modeling career and dashed his hopes of making more money. Julian believes Alistair would have loved it. Fox didn't do it to be evil, he explains. Miguel gets on his nerves. He's always underfoot. Fox just wants him away from Kay. "Why put temptation in her path."

Poor Miguel. He is down on the docks feeling sorry for himself. He can't think of a way to make more money and have time to spend with Kay and Maria too. Ethan passes him as he searches for Theresa. He asks if Miguel has seen her. He hasn't. Ethan continues on his way. Miguel continues wallowing in self-pity.


J.T. ransoms the big secret

J.T. finally arrives for his meeting with Theresa in the back alley. Theresa wants answers. Why is he back in Harmony? She demands he leaves town. J.T. has questions too. She chased him all over Rome and now she wants him gone?. Why did she change? Why doesn't she want him to meet with Ethan any more? He puts two and two together and comes up with Ethan being the father of Little Ethan as the reason. Theresa freaks and verifies his guess. He still doesn't understand why though. Theresa explains he already lost her daughter to him. She will not lose her son too.

J.T. calls Theresa pessimistic. She should tell Ethan and get everything she wants. Theresa argues that it wouldn't matter. Gwen will convince him to do what she wants. Gwen can convince Ethan of anything.

J.T. sees fodder for his tabloid. Theresa won't hear of it. The light bulb goes on J.T.'s head. Little Ethan is set to inherit billions as a Crane but if he is Ethan's son, he gets nothing. He puts out his hand. He promises if he gets enough money he will leave Harmony. Theresa pulls out her checkbook. J.T. wants cold, hard cash. They're wrangling the details when Ethan calls out Theresa's name. He is very close. She rushes J.T. away before they can finalize anything.

Ethan discovers Theresa alone. He accuses her of talking with J.T. Theresa denies it. She was having a very important meeting with some other person. In an alley?, Ethan asks. He doesn't understand her strange behavior. What is the secret?

Theresa tells him he out of bound. She is fine. Ethan doesn't buy it. She demands that he mind his own business. Irritated, he starts to walk away. Theresa softens and stops him from leaving. She pleads with him to promise he will do his best to keep Crane Industries on top for the sake of her son. She won't let him go until he promises. He does. That puts her heart and mind to rest.

Still on the terrace of Theresa's mansion, Pilar works overtime to convince Kay not to marry Fox. Kay defends him. He's been a good man to her. She is going through with the marriage. Pilar warns her there is a curse on the Crane family. She's learned this from experience. The Cranes are vile and evil. Kay feels Fox is different. Pilar disagrees. If she doesn't watch out, she will end up as miserable as all the other Crane brides. Kay believes Pilar just wants her to marry Miguel. That's why she is saying all those things. Pilar agrees that is her wish but what she said about the Crane is the truth.

Sam plops on his couch. Ivy comes downstairs and sees how down he is. He tells her about seeing Jessica prostituting herself. He doesn't know what to do. Ivy comforts him with a hug.

Ivy advises him not to wallow in self-pity. He should accentuate the positives like the two of them being in love and the wedding. Sam mistakes the wedding she is speaking about as Kay's. Ivy corrects him. In fact, "why wait," she says. "Let's get married right away." Sam agrees. Why not."

Kay and Pilar arrive together at Sam's. They bring in a package for him. Sam sees that it is postmarked from Italy. He realizes it must be from Grace.

Sam tears open the package. It is an antique silver picture frame from Grace. She sent it as a wedding gift for Sam and Ivy. Pilar and Kay are impressed. Ivy downplays the gift. Kay flashes back to when Ivy made her promise not to tell Sam about her part in breaking up his marriage.
Kay suffers pangs of guilt. Ivy rattles on about her upcoming wedding. It causes Kay to threaten Ivy to be a good wife to her father. "Or what," Ivy wants to know. She counters her threat with her own. How would Sam feel if he knew his own daughter was as deceitful as his fianc. She walks away and passes Fox on the way in.

Fox is feeling pretty good. He is full of talk about the wedding. He teases Kay about the honeymoon. He is keeping it a surprise. Pilar takes Kay aside. She criticizes Fox for not sharing the details of the honeymoon. She thinks he is being selfish and controllingmore reasons not to marry him. Fox overhears her. He gives her a piece of his mind. Miguel walks in and hears the exchange. He becomes angry at Fox for talking to his mother that way. Fox accuses Pilar of being a busy-body. Miguel wants Fox to apologize for calling his mother names. Fox refuses. Miguel punches him. The rumble is on.


Chris is the prime suspect

Phyllis the maid lies dead on Sheridan's living room floor. The police are there including Luis and Fancy. Luis questions Sheridan about what happened. Sheridan explains how she came upon her lifeless maid. The examiner tells Luis that she was strangled, probably by a male. Luis notices a scrap of paper still in her hand. He has it bagged as evidence. The examiner adds she didn't put up a struggle. Luis deduces that the maid was killed by someone she knew. He asks Sheridan "where's Chris?" He wants to talk to him right away. Sheridan is indignant. She defends her husband. He was working in the garden. He couldn't have done it. Luis believes Chris is a perfect match as the killer. Chris walks into the cottage. He acts surprised.

Chris asks what is going on. Sheridan gives him the details. Luis makes it clear to Chris that he suspects him of the murder. Sheridan is furious at Luis. Her husband is not a murderer!

Chris continues to act innocent. He asks how was he murdered. Luis tells him she was strangled. Then he asks how did he get those cuts on his hands.

Chris demands Luis back off. He explains he was in the garden, clearing away some brush. That's why his hands are scratched. Sheridan reminds Luis that the examiner said the maid did not put up a fight. There would be no reason for scratches.

Luis is not satisfied. He continues to interrogate him. Fancy suggests other possible suspects. None come to Sheridan's mind. As the police prepare to move the body, Luis notices a gold pen that was underneath Phyllis. Chris admits it is his pen. He has nothing to hide. Luis has it bagged as evidence. He and Fancy continue their investigation outside.

After they leave, Sheridan moans because it's all about her. Tragedy seems to follow her wherever she goes. Chris comforts her. She in turns offers to make him something warm to drink. She leaves to do so.

Alone, Chris pulls a crumpled sheet of paper out of his back pocket. It is missing the piece that was in Phyllis hand. Dum da dum dum.

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