Murder on the Crane Estate!

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Fox ruins Miguel's chance for a better future, Julian and Rebecca role play, and Sheridan discovers a dead body in her living room!

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Theresa almost comes clean

Gwen and Rebecca are eager to locate J.T. They want to find out the secret between him and Theresa. Rebecca calls him again and gets his voice mail again.

Ethan meets with Julian in his office to prepare him for Little Ethan's custody hearing. Julian is furious. He heard about Theresa's new will. He finds it absurd that Theresa would pass him over as trustee especially since he is the boy's father. Crane enterprise has been in the family for over 300 years. He should be the one to take it over and not Ethan.

Ethan points out that Alistair did disinherit him. Julian is aware of that. He is more concern about the present situation. He is reconsidering Ethan as his attorney. There is an obvious conflict of interest if Ethan will be guardian over Little Ethan at Theresa's death.

Ethan assures him he will work on his behalf. He is as puzzled as Julian about why Theresa made him trustee, although he knows he is qualified to run Crane. He leaves it up to Julian whether he should proceed for him or not. Julian decides for the time being to leave things as they are.

Rebecca and Gwen have eavesdropped outside. They barge in and interrupt their meeting. Rebecca feels so sorry for Julian she decides to give him some special attention. Julian is in need of her kind of attention. Ethan and Gwen flee in distaste.

Rebecca is very happy to have her "pookie" back to his old self. She is always prepared for something kinky. She just happens to have some costumes in her purse.

Some time later, Julian wears a Tom Cruise costume and Rebecca wears a Katie Holmes one. They made love as Tom and Katie. Julian reminds her that it was just for fun. Rebecca is okay with that. She's ready for a lot more fun.

In her office Theresa tells Whitney on the phone that she can't let Ethan know he is little Ethan's father. Jared walks in on the conversation. He wants to know what she was talking about. Theresa gets off the phone. She wants to know what Jared heard. He reassures her he didn't hear any of her little secrets. All he heard was something about Little Ethan's father. He came to go over certain stipulations in the custody case.

Theresa has only one stipulationJulian to stay out of Little Ethan's life for good. She wants 100% custody. Jared informs her that can happen only if she proves Julian is not the boy's father.

Theresa becomes paranoid. She wants to know why Jared would say such a thing. Jared was just pointing out the legal logistics. He notices how jumpy Theresa is. Theresa claims she is tense because of the custody. It's a touchy subject for her. Jared asks if there's anything she can tell him that will him in the custody hearing.

Fox interrupts them. He asks Theresa if she got his proposal. She did and it's a go as long as he is the CEO. That makes Fox very happy. This is the news he was waiting for. He leaves the two alone.

After Fox leaves, Theresa decides to come clean with Jared, client to lawyer. She begins by telling him how much she loves little Ethan. She doesn't want Julian to worm his way into her son's life. The phone rings. Whoever was on the other end wants to see Theresa right away. She abruptly ends her meeting with Jared and asks him to postpone the custody hearing. She runs to meet with whoever was on the phone. Jared knows something is very wrong.

Ethan with Gwen in tow talks with Jared about the abrupt cancellation of the custody hearing. He wants the meeting rescheduled ASAP. Ethan, Jared and Gwen know something isn't right with Theresa. Gwen decides she will find out what it is.

On the docks, Theresa waits to meet with J.T.

Out on the terrace at Theresa's estate, Pilar lectures Miguel about Kay. He cannot let her marry Fox. Miguel tells his mamma he has been telling Kay how he feels about her until he is blue in the face. Pilar warns that is not enough. He needs to put his money where is mouth is. He needs a better career than temporary fisherman so he can compete with the Crane money. Miguel spies Kay inside the house. He is certain he can win Kay back.

Inside the mansion, Fox and Kay go over wedding plans. He is anticipating the wedding and a happy marriage to Kay. He tells her he may have more good news soon that will involve even more money. He plans to give her and Maria the kind of life they both deserve. He leaves for work.

At his office, Fox talks on the phone to Alfredo about an ad campaign. Alfredo wants to use Miguel exclusively as the model for the campaign. It could set Miguel for life. Fox remembers the advice he got from Julian. "If you want to hang on to Kay, you make it impossible for Miguel to ever support her." He tells Alfredo that Miguel has retired from modeling.

Miguel walks in. Fox ends his telephone conversation. Miguel talks with Fox about doing some more modeling jobs. Fox lies to him and says Alfredo won't use him ever again. Fox discourages him from trying to model anywhere. "The whole muscle-boy look is kind of pass." Fox runs off, leaving Miguel feeling washed up as a model and without prospects for Kay.

Kay discusses the wedding plans with Pilar. Pilar takes the opportunity to promote Miguel. Kay informs Pilar that she has made up her mind. She is marrying Fox. Pilar pleads with her not to do it. If she does, she will regret it for the rest of her life.

In her bedroom, Fancy is having a nightmare. Luis runs into her room at the sounds of her screams. He wakes her and she immediately grabs him and kisses him. The maid Phyllis spies them kissing and leaves before Luis pulls away. Fancy remembers she was dreaming about the mobster Lester. And the next thing she pulled him into a kiss, Luis says. Fancy smiles. Maybe she should have nightmares more often.

Luis gets a call from Sam. Sam is livid. He wants the both of them down at the station ASAP.


Luis and Fancy don't fool Sam

Down at the station, Sam gives Fancy and Luis a hard time about the porn tapes. A still from the tape is plastered on the front page of every newspaper in town. He thinks he should fire them both! Luis pleads for a second chance to make things right.

Sam relents. He gives them another chance but they have to stop hanging out together. Luis protests that they aren't involved. Sam points out that they are no actors. The kind of passion on the tape was not manufactured. They better keep their hands off each other or they' will be fired. Luis vows to Fancy that it will be strictly business from now on. Fancy can't make that promise.


Sheridan finds a dead body

Sheridan is sitting alone in the cottage thinking about Luis. Chris surprises her with a kiss. He mentions she looked like she was a million miles away. She says she was thinking about how much she loves him.

As he steps outside the cottage, Chris receives an unwelcome phone call. He tells whoever is on the phone to never call him again. He has broken all ties to the Omega Society and nothing can link it to him. "Alistair is dead and so is my association with him. It's over." He ends the conversation. Now if only Spike keeps his mouth shut. He's the only one who can ruin things for him.

Inside, Sheridan gossips with Phyllis, the maid. Phyllis lets slip that she saw Luis and Fancy in bed kissing. Sheridan acts brave. It's none of her business what Luis does now. Phyllis adds that everyone talks about how much in love Luis and Sheridan were. "A real love never goes away. It stays in your heart forever." Sheridan can't help but agree.

Phyllis continues cleaning the living room. She vacuums the living room floor. A piece of paper peeps out from under the couch. It has the omega symbol on it.

Sheridan leaves for the mansion to check on James. Chris stops in and tells Sheridan he'll be working in the garden. They leave together. Phyllis continues vacuuming until the piece of paper under the couch gets stuck in the hose. Phyllis removes the paper. She reads the writing on it. Whatever it says, disturbs her. She decides someone needs to know about it. Just then, someone comes up from behind her. Phyllis turns around and shouts "no." She senses danger.

Luis gets an urgent call at the station. It's Sheridan. She wants him to come over right away. She found her maid Phyllis dead on the floor. Someone murdered her! Underneath Phyllis is an ink pen. Is it a clue?

Next Passions:
Theresa lays down the law to J.T., Pilar continues to needle Kay about her upcoming wedding, Sheridan declares to Luis that her husband is not guilty of murder!.

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