Gwen and Julian throw down the gauntlet

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Memories of Timmy don't soften Julian's heart, Tabitha sees red, Gwen confronts Theresa and vows to discover her secret.

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Julian remembers Timmy

Luis is on Sheridan's mind. The porn tape of Luis and Fancy keeps playing in her head. Sheridan is sleepless in Harmony. She steps out on the ground in her nightgown. Visions of Luis are making her restless.

Luis is staying at the Crane's estate in a guestroom next to Fancy. He's there just in case the intruder returns. Luis wishes her a good night and turns in. Fancy smiles like a cat with cream. She has designs on making a very good nightwith him.

Luis is having no trouble sleepingat first. Next door, Fancy turns up the music. She remembers the lap dance she gave him. Luis wakes up and leaves his bed. He needs some fresh air.

Sheridan wanders on the estate grounds. She dreams of Luis and kissing him as Fancy watches. In reality, Luis is on his balcony looking down at Sheridan. Fancy is in the next bedroom staring at them both. She thinks to herself, that Sheridan is Luis' past but she is his future. She's going to make him hers.

Julian refuses to take no for an answer when it comes to being a part of his daughter Endora's life. He will sue for custody if Tabitha doesn't give him access. Tabitha refuses. She considers herself the only parent Endora has or needs. Julian believes he has as much right as Tabitha. He's sure the court would side with him against batty Tabitha. It's a wonder to him that Timmy survived with her as long as he did. That offends Tabitha. Timmy was the best thing that ever happened to her or him before Endora came along. She doesn't understand how vile and cruel Julian could ever have been friends with Timmy. Julian says he was his friend and he misses him.

Tabitha changes the subject to Fox and Kay. She thinks it is dastardly what he is doingmaking Fox suspicious of the woman he love. Julian believes where there's smoke, there's fire. His behavior proves to Tabitha that Julian would be a bad influence on her daughter. What would Timmy think of what he is doing?

Memories of Timmy go through Julian's mind, bringing a smile to his face. "It would break Timmy's heart if he thought that -- that you were going to take a child away from her own mother." Julian wants to leave Timmy out of it. He remembers how he first met Timmy.

Fox is knocking on the bathroom door. He wants in. Kay and Miguel are bewildered. They don't know how they ended up in the tub but Kay knows they're back to reality. If Fox finds Miguel in the tub with her, she will lose Fox forever.

Kay answers Fox to ease his concern. Fox goes to get the bathroom key to unlock the door. He wants to talk. He burst into the bathroom. Kay sits in the tub covered in bubbles. Kay explains why she didn't go to the store. She decided to take a bath instead. so she ended up in the tub. Fox asks if she knows where Miguel is. She says no but in actuality, he's holding his breath under water in the tub with Kay.

Tabitha has noticed the boiling bubbles in her magic bowl. She sees the awkward situation in the bathroom. She chides Endora for starting the mess. Endora rectifies it by zapping her magic into the bowl.

Fox decides to take a bath with Kay. Kay stops him. He notices Miguel's air bubbles. Kay freaks a little until Miguel disappears.

Fox apologizes to Kay for his suspicions. Kay accepts them. They decide to go back to bed. While Fox goes off to find some wine, Kay leaves to find out what happened to Miguel.

Julian is distracted for a moment by the way Tabitha speaks to Endora as if she is an adult. It is another reason why he wants Endora with him. And he thinks Timmy would approve of him being part of Endora's life.

They argue until Fox interrupts them. He wanted them to know he found Kay. Julian jumps in with his suspicions again. Fox refuses to listen to him. He gets the wine and goes back to Kay.

The memory of Timmy didn't jolt the cold-heartedness out of Julian. He admits Timmy changed him but Eve stomped on his goodness. He vows he will never let anyone take advantage of him again. He will use everything in his power to get his daughter.

Tabitha shouts at him. "No. No. No." She sees red. In fact, Julian does too because the whole room turns dark red. Tabitha shakes her fist and the room begins to shake too.

Slowly she calms everything down and orders Julian out of her kitchen and warns him that if he backs her into a corner, he will be sorry. Julian leaves after he declares he will get Endora and Little Ethan, too. Tabitha comforts Endora. "No one will ever take you away from me. No one over my dead body."

Kay finds Miguel back in his bedroom. He is completely dry. They are puzzled by all the happenings of the night. Miguel decides he must be dreaming and pulls her into a kiss to prove it.

On his way back to bed, Fox hears noises coming from Miguel's room. He stops to check. He finds Miguel, sweating and out of breath. Miguel claims he was working out. Fox leaves and Kay steps from behind the door. They just had another close call. She thanks Miguel for not giving her away but she demands he leave her alone from now on. She is going to marry Fox. She leaves to be with Fox.

Miguel says to himself that's one promise Miguel won't keep.

Kay rushes into Fox's arms. She wants him to make love to her. Miguel listens outside their door.

In the halls of the hotel, Gwen talks with her mother. They're puzzled by Theresa's actions. She wants J.T. to stay hidden as much as they do. And what price is too high? She believes the answer lies in what Ethan said. Whatever J.T. told Theresa in Rome stopped her dead in her tracks in her plans against Gwen. It also made her change her will in Ethan's favor. J.T. is the key. They're going to get the information out of him as soon as they can find him.


Gwen vows to bring Theresa down

Theresa is in the hotel corridors, too. She meets with Whitney. She got her out of bed to discuss her worst nightmare coming true--J.T. in Harmony! She admits to Whitney that she saw J.T. on the ledge with Rebecca. Whitney asks her why didn't she take advantage of the situation. Theresa would have but now she believes Ethan will never leave Gwen, no matter what proof she gets against Gwen. She can't risk losing her son. She asked Whitney to help her find J.T. before Gwen does.

Whitney goes off to find him. Theresa turns to look in other direction and runs into Gwen. She asks her what she is doing. Gwen tells her the same thing she is doing. Looking for J.T.

Theresa can't believe that Gwen admits J.T. is there. Gwen wants her to cut the routine. She knows Theresa saw J.T. on the ledge. What she doesn't know is why she didn't tell Ethan. What changed? "Why are you passing up this chance to destroy my marriage? Is Ethan right?"

Theresa's frightened face gives her away. Gwen knows she's right. Theresa learned something so huge from J.T. that she gave up breaking up their marriage. Gwen is determined to find J.T. and get that secret out of him and "bring you down for good."

Theresa tells Gwen she's way off base but Gwen doesn't think so. She knows she's on the right track. Theresa explains to Gwen that Ethan would forgive his wife anything. It wouldn't matter what proof she brought up against her. Gwen needs to just drop it. Gwen can't do that now. She hates Theresa too much.

Theresa cautions her. Like her mother says, "Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it." Gwen responds with her mother's favorite saying. "Payback's a bitch."

She will do everything to find out what J.T. knows. For once, Rebecca's sex life may be an asset.

Theresa recounts her conversation with Gwen to Whitney. Theresa decides she has to find J.T. and shut him up permanently.

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