Ethan closes in on J.T.

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Ethan chases Rebecca and J.T. through the hotel halls, Kay wonders if she is Miguel's second choice, and Eve and Julian add insult to injury.

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Eve remembers better days

Julian is in the halls of the Crane estate, talking business on the phone. He slips into a memory about better times�times when he and Eve were happy together. It breaks his concentration and he hangs up. He knows he is wasting his time thinking about Eve. He goes into the bedroom and finds Eve there.

Julian questions Eve about her showing up at his home. She answers that she just came to get a few of her things. She thought he was going to be out. Julian took care of that. He had someone pack up her things and sent it to T.C.'s house. She tells him that whoever did the packing forgot something. She's there to retrieve it. This only proves what Julian suspected�Eve is a gold-digger. Eve doesn't have time for his insults. She realizes she was stupid to come back, especially since it was for an old carnival prize Julian had won for her. She steps on the memento and crushes it. As she leaves, Julian hurls more insults at her. Once she is gone, Julian picks up the pieces of the memento.

Eve arrives at T.C.'s house. He is watching an old movie, a favorite of theirs. It reminds him of better days when they were dating. T. C. apologizes for his reaction to discovering her affair with Julian. Eve rather the past stays in the past. T.C. thanks her for taking care of him. She tells him she will always be there for him. "Always." She kisses him.

Tabitha chastises Endora for her current magic manipulation. As she lectures her on her childish ways, Fox walks in. He asks what Endora has done now. Tabitha covers the magic bowl and her tracks with the lie that Endora was eating chocolate again. Fox is looking for Kay. He woke up and found her gone. Tabitha tells him that she went to the store to get some milk for the morning. He should go back to bed and back to sleep. Instead, Fox decides to stay up and do a little work while he waits for her to come back.

Tabitha orders Endora to get the two back immediately. Endora won't bring Kay and Miguel back until they are engaged!

In their fairy tale land, Miguel is ecstatic. Kay finally admitted that she loves him! He knew he could convince her to marry him if he only had some alone time with her. However, Kay is not convinced yet. She loves Fox, too. Fox was the one that stood by her when Miguel went off to look for Charity. She still plans on marrying Fox. Miguel apologizes for all his past stupidity. He knows now that they belong together. Engagements can be broken. He tells her to follow her heart and marry him.


Endora sweetens towards Fox

Finished with his business, Fox plays with Endora. Endora thaws a little toward Fox. Tabitha tries to convince Endora to lighten up on Fox. He was just looking out for her. She looks in her magic bowl. Miguel and Kay are kissing again. It looks like Endora has gotten her wish and Fox is the odd man out. Tabitha warns her that if she is having any second thoughts in favor of Fox, she better get the two back now. Endora will not be rushed.

Julian arrives. Fox is eager to show Julian the numbers he crunched for the business deal he was working on. Julian says hello to Endora. There is a chill between him and Tabitha. She tells Fox to take Julian elsewhere so she can clean up the room. The two take the hint and leave.

Fox notices the grim mood his father is in. He thinks Tabitha is the cause. Julian says she just added to it. Seeing Eve again is the main reason for his foul mood. He tells Fox to marry Kay as soon as he can before Miguel takes her away from him. Fox isn't worried about that. The wedding is taking place and soon. By the way, where is Kay, Julian asks. Fox tells him Kay went to the store. Julian finds it odd then that all the cars are still in the driveway.

Inside Endora's head, Miguel is happy that he convinced Kay of his sincerity. When they get married, the three of them are going to be a happy family. Kay wonders what would he do if Charity came back. He insists that Charity won't ever come back. Kay won't let it go. What if Charity came back and said she loved him, would he want to be with her or would he want to be with Charity?


J.T. is running out of luck

J.T. must use extra-strength viagra. He is still making out with Rebecca on the ledge. Ethan heads toward the window. Both Gwen and Theresa try to stop him but Ethan will not be stopped. This is the moment of truth.

Gwen can't figure out Theresa's agenda. She doesn't understand why Theresa hasn't told Ethan about seeing J.T. and Rebecca on the ledge. It would all but prove Theresa's claim about Gwen and Rebecca outing Ethan as a Bennett.

Theresa's agenda is to keep J.T. from telling Ethan that Little Ethan is his son. She's afraid she will lose her son and her son would lose out on the Crane inheritance.

Ethan looks out the window and sees Rebecca and J.T. J.T. hides his face away from Ethan.

"Can't a recently divorced woman enjoy the attentions of a man in private," Rebecca scolds Ethan. J.T. edges away from Ethan. Ethan orders them both inside. Rebecca tells him not yet, they're not finished. Ethan contradicts her. Rebecca and J.T. are both finished. J.T. inches toward another window. Ethan tells Rebecca to get J.T. back, Rebecca contradicts him this time. She tells him the man is not J.T. Ethan starts to climb out the window.

Gwen rushes over to stop him. Ethan wants to catch them before they get away. Gwen points out that maybe it isn't J.T. If it was, wouldn't Theresa be chasing him too? Ethan would have thought so but now he's not so sure. He believes J.T. stopped Theresa from trying to prove her claims about Gwen and Rebecca while he was in Rome. Whatever information he used also made her change her will in favor of Ethan. Ethan heads out the door to catch J.T. in Jared and Theresa's room. Gwen follows close behind him.

Now that they're alone, Jared asks Theresa to fill him in about J.T. Theresa answers, "It's too late. If Ethan finds JT, everything's going to be over." Jared just wants to help Theresa. He tells her it's never too late. Theresa just wishes it was over. Jared is bewildered.

Ethan returns. He couldn't get into the room without a key. Jared hands it over. Ethan asks for his help and he two leave together to track down J.T. As soon as the men are gone, Gwen tells Theresa she doesn't know what kind of game she is playing, but she is going to deny everything. Gwen leaves to follow the men.

Theresa gets a call from Pilar. She just called to tell Theresa about something Little Ethan did. Pilar hears the sadness in Theresa's voice. She asks what's wrong. Theresa tells her that Ethan is about to catch J.T. Pilar thinks it's the hand of God working. The whole truth should come out. Theresa fears the consequences of that would hurt her son but she will let fate decide. She fills somewhat guilty for Ethan losing the Crane inheritance. She doesn't want the same to happen to her son.


Ethan will not be stopped

Still on the ledge, Rebecca and J.T. make a plan. They'll go to Jared and Theresa's room and then separate. They can't let Ethan see them together. In the meantime, Ethan has unlocked the door. He rushes to the window. When he pulls open the curtain, it startles Rebecca. Her stiletto heels slip off the ledge and she falls backward, screaming and flailing.

Ethan pulls Rebecca off the ledge, with some help from Jared and Gwen. They fall on the floor. Rebecca can't believe her luck. She thinks she needs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. While they are untangling themselves on the floor, J.T. is inching away from that window to make his getaway. Ethan runs to the window. He sees J.T. and yells for him to stop. J.T. continues his escape. Ethan goes to the door. He is going to head him off. Gwen sees him and demands he stop. Her mother almost died. Ethan looks at Rebecca. "She'll be alright," he says and continues out the door.

Theresa is still talking to Pilar when J.T. enters the room from the window. Ethan knocks on her door. He orders her to open up the door so he can stop J.T. That's what she wants, right? Theresa freezes. J.T. stares at her.

Ethan pleads through the door to Theresa to open up. J.T. takes Theresa's indecision as an opportunity to run. When Theresa finally opens the door, she lies and says she was in the bathroom. Ethan searches the room for J.T. with no luck. He checks the ledge and sees J.T. . scooting the other way. Rebecca lets him in through the window in the other room even though she is a little cross that he didn't help her when she almost fell. They quickly leave the room before they are discovered. Ethan steps out into the hall in time to see J.T.'s back and Rebecca.

Ethan chases after J.T. and Rebecca with Gwen close behind him. She tells him she can't keep up. That doesn't slow Ethan down.

Alone again, Jared asks Theresa if she was telling Ethan the truth. Was she really in the bathroom? Did you she J.T. in the room?

J.T. gets winded and sits in a chair to catch his breath. Rebecca drags him to his feet and gets him going again. She knows if Ethan catches them together, he will kill them. And if he doesn't, Gwen will! They run into a blocked hallway. It's a pile of dirty laundry. They try to go around it.
Ethan catches up with them a few seconds later. He digs through the laundry and comes up with Rebecca, clutching something or someone. Theresa arrives with Jared. Both Gwen and Theresa fear "it's all over for."

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