'Swimming with the fishes'

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Jared applies for a position in Crane Industries, Kay tries to persuade Endora to send Siren away, and Fancy cries,'Sexual Discrimination!'

'Swimming with the fishes' image

In the kitchen, Kay and Tabitha discuss how Fox is almost back to normal. Tabitha tells Kay not to get her hopes up. Once a man makes love to a mermaid, he can never love another woman. Fox isn't free of her curse!


Siren, free of her binds, talks to herself about putting a curse on Miguel so that both he and Fox won't want Kay! She surprises Miguel, coming up behind him and rubbing his chest. Miguel can't be with her now, because he is a fisherman, and gets paid by the fish. Siren thinks to herself that if she helps him catch a lot of fish, he can come home to be with her.. Alone!

At the office, Whitney visits Theresa with coffee. They talk about how Jared was at her mother's house with her, dancing to Salsa. She explains how she thought he was a burglar, and Whitney now thinks Jared is a keeper, because he's sticking around, even after being scalded with tea, and getting hit on the head with a vase. Theresa thinks maybe she is meant to date Jared. She has concerns. She worries that he thinks she is a struggling single mother who works for a whip snapping witch. She fears Jared will either be intimidated by the truth or use her for her money. Whitney tells her it's better to come clean now, rather than later.

Sheridan is looking at a photo of her and Luis, until she's interrupted by Chris. He wants to take her back to bed with him, but although she says it's tempting, she has to renew her license today, so can't.

Fancy and Paloma show up at the police station, and while Luis is ranting about what happened last night with Fancy's irresponsibility. Fancy apologizes profusely, but he refuses to take her apology, and Sam comments that he hasn't seen anyone argue this much since Sheridan and Luis! Paloma overhears this and thinks to herself that maybe the two are made for each other!


Jared shows up for an interview with Valerie, at Crane Industries!! Little does he know that the position is to become Theresa's right hand man! Jared's interview is going well, and he asks what Mrs. Crane is like to work for. Valerie praises her, calling her fair, but Jared thinks to himself that she's probably just a money grabber.


Back in the witch's kitchen, Kay and Tabitha keep analyzing what Kay can do to get rid of Siren. Tabitha tells her that Endora can't help, because she likes Siren. Tabitha remembers there is a book in the attic that makes mermaids 'swim with the fishes', and the pair run off to get it. Since it's nowhere to be found, they assume Siren has it, and go into the kitchen to ask Endora if she can help.


Siren is holding the spell book, laughing to herself that Kay can't get rid of her now! With that, she throws it into the water! She then puts a spell on the fish to send them to Miguel's waiting net! They can't believe their luck, as thousands of fish swim into their net!

Back in Theresa's office, Whitney persuades Theresa to tell the truth about her wealth and career. She hands her the phone, and Theresa leaves Jared a message to meet for lunch. Valerie enters Theresa's office, telling her she has found the right applicant for her. He's gorgeous and qualified! Before he comes in, Whitney leaves through the back door, making her friend promise to tell Jared the truth right away!

Back at the Police Station, Luis refuses to receive Fancy's application. He jokes that this is serious, not Paris Hilton going to work on the farm! He rejects her application, but she demands the same consideration of the other applicants. Paloma comes to her rescue, but he tries to stop Paloma from becoming a police officer as well. Sam asks him to reconsider, and Fancy cries sexual discrimination, and they argue more!

Chris enters his house, holding some papers that he found in the garden, with the omega symbols written on them but misses the one still underneath the side table, in the living room.

Luis, Paloma and Fancy continue to fight about the girl's rights to become police women, when Sheridan comes in with James, to get her license renewed. Sam explains to Sheridan what's going on, and they both notice that Fancy and Luis seem to know how to get under each other's skin, just like she and Luis used to.

Jared goes into the office, sees 'Tess' and she feels tense. Jared is surprised to see her there, but doesn't realise who she is, giving her a kiss!


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To Kay, Tabitha says, ...You'll have to choose one, Fox or Miguel....

Jared is introduced to Mrs. Crane!

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