Temptation and True Love.

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Sheridan chooses Chris over Luis again, Theresa chooses not to drop the J.T. bomb, and Spike and Jessica move out.

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Chris makes Sheridan choose

Luis is in Sheridan's bedroom. He holds her. The door opens. It is Chris and Fancy. Chris is angry at the sight of them together. Luis claims it's not what it seems. Chris wants to know what is it then. Fancy tries to excuse it as fear of the intruder. At first Sheridan agrees. Then she decides to come clean. She admits to Chris she still has very deep feelings for Luis. Chris wants clarification. Sheridan asks Fancy and Luis to leave so that she can talk to her husband. They leave after Luis reminds her to remember what he said.

Chris starts talking first. He tells Sheridan that he loves her but he has his pride. Is she sure she wants him instead of Luis? First, Sheridan apologizes to him for putting him in this position. Chris thinks she is getting ready to let him down. He asks her to skip straight to the punch line. All he needs to know is whether it's him or Luis. He tells her to take her time and think about it before she answers because he wants to have this conversation only once. Sheridan leaves abruptly. She spies Luis and Fancy sitting on the couch. They are very comfortable with each other. Sheridan goes back to give Chris his answer. The only right answer for her is the one she gave him before. She chooses him. It may take time for her feelings for Luis to fade but she is happy about her choice. "Thrilled about it." They go to join the other two.

Luis and Fancy chat about Sheridan. . Luis is hurting for Sheridan. It doesn't matter what conversation she is having with Chris. He just wants her to be happy even if it isn't with him.

Chris and Sheridan join the other two in the living room. Sheridan tells them that everything is fine. Fancy apologizes about the tape. Sheridan doesn't want to rehash it or her reactions to it. Fancy and Luis leave. Sheridan thanks Luis and says good-bye. The good-bye is more than just good-night. It's final.


Miguel wants a happy ever after

Tabitha watches Kay and Michael in the magic bowl. They are in a fairy tale setting. Tabitha tells Endora that while she may be teaching Fox a lesson for taking her magic candy bag, it may backfire on Kay. Endora doesn't care. She refuses to bring Miguel and Kay back.

Miguel kisses Kay. She pulls away from Miguel. She can't kiss him. She is about to marry Fox. Miguel suggest that marriage to Fox will be a nightmare. He proposes to Kay. It doesn't matter. She has made up her mind to stay with Fox. Music plays and the two waltz even though they never learned the dance. Confetti falls from the sky. Everything is beautiful but Kay wants to get out the fairy tale and back to Fox. She runs away from Miguel.

Miguel chases after Kay. Everything goes dark. Suddenly a beam of light shines. Kay looks down at her feet. There is a huge teddy bear with pins sticking in its heada voodoo bear!

Tabitha recognizes the location of the fairytale. It is inside Endora's head. "You can't put a mortal in a dark-sider's head," she warns Endora. "Reverse the spell. Reverse the spell." Tabitha speaks to Kay inside Endora's head. She tells her to be patient. She's working on getting her out of there.

Miguel tells Kay to stop running away from him. Kay says she can't be with him. Miguel refuses to accept no for an answer. She's not married to Fox yet. Kay says she loves Fox. Miguel thinks Kay is just afraid to be with him. Kay admits Miguel is a temptation but that doesn't matter. "You have to commit to your partner."

Miguel isn't buying that. To him, there is no temptation in true love. He proves his case with the examples of Ethan and Theresa and Luis and Sheridan. Kay thinks she will be different. Miguel knows she won't because he is the man she loves. It doesn't matter to Kay. She is still going to marry Fox. Miguel tells her "no, you're not." He pulls her into a kiss. He feels her love with every kiss, with every breath. They belong together.

The couple is transported back to the ballroom. More confetti falls, more music plays as the two waltz. Tabitha gives Endora an A+ for romance. Miguel pushes Kay to admit that she loves him. And finally she does.

Spike and Noah are fighting in Sam's house. Sam returns with Ivy just in time to pull Noah off Spike. Sam repeats his request that Jessica seek therapy. He has a number of a doctor she can see.

Spike won't have it. Not only is his wife not going anywhere, he wants Noah arrested for assaulting him. He claims Noah attacked him without provocation. Sam was not in the room when it happened. He asks Jessica if it was the other way around, did Spike provoke Noah. Jessica lies and says no.

Paloma begs Jessica not to send her own brother to jail. Sam asks Paloma if it is true. Paloma answers the provocation was not physical. That leaves Sam no choice. He orders Paloma to arrest Noah. Simone begs Jessica to stop the arrest. Spike demands that she not talk to his wife anymore. Simone leaves for the police station.

Sam tells Spike it isn't over. Spike gives him the news that the two of them are moving out of his house, forever. It's also news to Jessica. They leave after much protests from Sam and Ivy.

As they leave, Jessica asks Spike how are they going to live now. They have no money. Spike informs her that she is "gonna have to work the streets again."

It is very sad. It's pouring down rain. Sam stands in the rain, watching his little girl go with a thug. He prays for answers.


Noah ends up in jail

From his jail cell, Noah expresses murderous thoughts toward Spike. Paloma warns him not say it aloud. Noah compliments her as a cadet. Paloma gets him to take off his wet shirt. She enjoys the view. Paloma thanks Noah for what he did for Jessica. The two discuss the situation with Jessica. Simone has joined them at the station. She notices Paloma flirting and eyeing Noah and calls her on it. Paloma admits to the attraction.
Simone thinks he's too old for her. Paloma thinks he is just right.

Gwen knows that Rebecca and J.T. are out on the hotel ledge. She can't stop Theresa from checking it out for herself. Gwen braces herself. Her life is over.

Theresa looks out the window and sees the guilty pair. "They're having sex? Eeew" J.T. and Rebecca look at Theresa looking at them. Theresa turns around, smiles and looks straight at Gwen. Ethan and Jared asks if she saw anyone. Theresa shuts the window and says "wait."

Gwen prepares herself for the worst. She waits for Theresa to tell Ethan who is on the ledge. Theresa thinks to herself that if she tells Ethan about J.T., Ethan will leave Gwen. But on the other hand, J.T. will tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan and she will lose her son. Gwen wonders why Theresa doesn't drop her nuclear bomb on her. She wants to get it over with.

Theresa lies and says there's nobody out there. "Nobody at all."

Gwen is totally surprised. She didn't see that coming.

Theresa claims the noises must be coming from the ventilation system. Jared asks her if she's all right. She's looking kind of tense. Theresa snaps at him. Ethan remarks that Theresa looks like she just got bad news. Theresa blames it on being very tired.

Ethan gets a call from the front desk. Apparently there have been reports of a couple on the ledge having sex. So why did Theresa say she didn't see anybody. Gwen wants to know the answer to that question too. "I bet you would, Gwen," says Theresa.

J.T. must think he's a cat in heat on a hot tin roof instead of a drowned rat on rain-soaked ledge. He still wants to have sex.

Ethan gets a call from the front desk. Apparently there have been reports of a couple on the ledge having sex. So why did Theresa say she didn't see anybody. Gwen wants to know the answer to that question too. "I bet you would, Gwen," says Theresa.

J.T. gets frisky again and whoops it up like a cowboy. Everyone hears him.
Ethan asks, "What was that? A pigeon in heat?" He's going to check it out for himself. He goes to the window.

Ethan suspects Rebecca is running down the hall with J.T., Julian insults Eve some more, and Kay says she is going through with the marriage to Fox

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