Theresa sees J.T. for herself

Monday, October 16th, 2006

Spike ruins Jessica's intervention, Fancy and Chris interrupt an intimate moment between Luis and Sheridan, and Theresa sees the last person in the world she wants to see, J.T.

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Spike interrupts the intervention

Spike stands in Sam's living room. He has interrupted Jessica's intervention. All he wants to know is what has her family done to her. Noah and Sam order him to get out of their house. Simone and Paloma stand behind Jessica's decision, too. Sam tells Spike that Jessica is against him too.

Spike asks Jessica if she is going to testify against him. He tells her if she wants to testify, then they will both testify. Jessica knows what that means. Spike is threatening to tell about her and the dead johns. Sam encourages her not to be afraid of whatever Spike is using against her. Spike accuses Sam of brainwashing Jessica. Noah thinks that's rich coming from the premiere brainwasher. Spike's subtle threats work. Jessica backs down. Sam begs her not to go back to Spike but Jessica is too afraid.

As her family watch in horror, Jessica retreats completely. She apologizes to Spike. She disavows that Spike has been beating her. Simone shows Spike Jessica's scars from her cutting herself. "This is the real proof of how Jessica feels." Sam concedes that he can't make her leave Spike but he wants her to see a therapist about the cutting. Spike won't let his wife do therapy. Any problem she has, Spike is going to take care of them. Spike goads Noah and Noah ends up punching him. Spike punches back. Spike beats the mess out of Noah as the women scream.


Endora is angry at Fox

In Tabitha's kitchen, Miguel holds a crying Maria. Fox thinks the baby's problem is due to some chocolate Endora slipped her. He thought he took the candy away from her. He didn't know Endora has a bottomless candy bag. He takes the candy away again. Unwittingly, Fox has made Endora very angry by finally taking the bag away from her. "There's nothing more risky than coming between a witchlet and her chocolate," Tabitha observes.

Kay go with Miguel to put Maria to bed. Fox volunteers to take Maria but Kay nixes the idea and leaves with Miguel.

Tabitha explains to Endora that Fox was only looking out for her when he took the chocolate from her. Unfortunately, that was enough to lose Fox his biggest ally in the house. Tabitha warns her not to do anything rash but if she must use her magic, Tabitha wishes she would help Miguel win Kay. That way she would be sure Charity was gone for good.

Michael tells Tabitha that he wishes he could have some romantic one on one time with Kay away from Fox. The next moment, he disappears. In Kay's bedroom, Fox and Kay are in bed kissing. A pink cloud envelopes them. Fox falls asleep in the middle of the kiss. Kay disappears, too.

Thanks to Endora, Miguel and Kay are in a magical place. Miguel is in a tux and Kay wears a ball gown. They think they must be dreaming. At least, Miguel does. Kay suspects Endora granted his wish. Wherever they are, Miguel won't waste the opportunity of being alone with her. They waltz around the ballroom and kiss.

Sheridan is inside her bedroom, watching the porn tape on TV again. She's clearly disgusted. Luis stands back looking ashamed. "How could you, Luis," she asks. "How could you."

Outside, Fancy wrestles Chris to the ground. She's beating him pretty good until she sees who it is. She thought he was the intruder. Chris thought she was one too. He knows the intruder was Spike. He warned him to stay away from the Crane's estate.

They discuss the porn tape. Chris tells Fancy how much it upset Sheridan. Luis is inside having the same conversation with Sheridan. He is explaining how it wasn't real. It was part of a sting operation. Sheridan and Luis have their usual conversation:

Luis: Tell me that you love me.
Sheridan: I told you to move on. And what better person than Fancy to move on with.
Luis: It's not too late for us.
Sheridan: It's over. I want to be with Chris. I'm happy to be a mother

Luis wants to hold her. Sheridan is afraid that if he touches her, she won't be responsible for what happens next. She starts weeping. Luis holds her to comfort her.

Fancy has checked the perimeter. She runs into Chris again. He was waiting to talk to her. He is feeling insecure about his relationship with Sheridan. He asks Fancy if James is the only reason Sheridan married him. Fancy reassures him that Chris is part of Sheridan's dream come true. They realize Luis and Sheridan are inside alone. They come to the same conclusion that it might be a good idea to check on them. They go inside to find Sheridan and Luis about to kiss. Chris and Fancy are not happy at the sight.


Rebecca and J.T. can't help the noise.

Theresa, Jared, Gwen and Ethan are standing in the hotel hall. Ethan figures out that the noise makers were Theresa and Jared. Three of them are oblivious to Rebecca and J.T. watching them in the hall, too. Jared is the only one that sees them. For some reason, he doesn't out them.
Gwen knows they're there, too. She pushes them back into the hotel room. Miraculously, Ethan and Theresa don't even notice. Ethan is too busy complaining about all the ruckus they were making. "Duly noted," Theresa responds smugly.

The couples return to their respective rooms. Gwen is very nervous. Her attempt to get Ethan out of the room fails. He decides to stay and order room service.

Theresa finds it very awkward being right next door to Gwen and Ethan. Jared coaxes her back into a romantic mood. Everything is fine until Rebecca and J.T. can't keep the noise down in the closet. Each couple thinks it the other one making the tacky noises. Gwen sends him out to complain again. In the meantime, she demands Rebecca and J.T. be gone! She joins Ethan in the hall. Theresa is accusing the other couple of making the noises. While all four of them are in the hall, the noises begin again. Theresa points out that the noise is coming from Ethan and Gwen's room. They all go to investigate with Theresa leading the way.

Rebecca and J.T. escaped the closet. They ended up on the ledge. That doesn't stop them from making out. Neither does the thunderstorm. Theresa hears the noise coming from the ledge. Gwen tries to discourage her from checking outside. Theresa questions Gwen about why she is trying so hard to keep them from finding the guilty parties. Ethan noticed her reluctance, too. Gwen claims it's just because it's a waste of a perfectly romantic evening. Besides the ledge is too narrow for anyone to be hiding. Ethan still wants to check it out. Theresa does too. When she does, she sees the last person she wanted to see, J.T.

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Rebecca is afraid the jig is up, Jared questions Theresa about her big secret, Miguel proposes yet again, and Spike presses charges against Noah.

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