Gwen is having her worst nightmare

Friday, October 13th, 2006

Jessica's family show her tough love, Gwen is living in a nightmare, and Luis is thinking about Fancy!

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Paloma and Simone want to help Jessica

Jessica is quietly reading a magazine. Paloma and Simone watch her. They are very worried about her. They wish she would get rid of Spike.

Jessica reaches for a knife to cut some fruit but they think the worst. Paloma and Simone run in to stop her from hurting herself. She wishes they would leave her alone. She tells them she is fine and she isn't going to press charges against Spike. She leaves.

After she leaves the room, Paloma and Simone discuss what to do about her, even if it means calling Spike's bluff. They decide Jessica needs a family intervention. Kay stops by. Paloma and Simone tell her timing is perfect. It's a matter of life and death.
Paloma and Simone explain to Kay about Jessica cutting herself again and Spike beating her. Sam and Noah arrive. Paloma and Simone tell them how bad things have gotten with Jessica. Sam had no idea. "I am going to kill Spike." Noah wants a piece of that action.

Paloma and Simone stop them because hurting Spike will only make things worse. The girls think intervention is the solution. They need to give Jessica an ultimatum.

Jessica walks into the room. She sees everyone sitting around and asks what's going on. Paloma tells her that if she doesn't leave Spike, she is going to die.

Jessica feels like everyone is ganging up on her. She tries to leave but Noah won't let her. She tells them that she loves her husband. Kay mentions the beatings. Jessica denies them. Noah exposes her bruises to everyone. Simone says, "We love you Jessica. We are just trying to help you." When Sam says something about her marriage, Jessica throws at him that "at least I can hold on to Spike and you couldn't do that with mom." Sam responds that no man who truly loves a woman, abuses her. He says Spike doesn't care about her and he will arrest him if she only tells the truth.

After much prodding from all of them, Jessica finally breaks down. She admits that Spike hurts her all the time. She runs to Sam. "I am so scared."

She apologizes to Sam. She just wants it all to be over between her and Spike. Sam promises that Spike will never hurt her again. He'll protect her. Noah tells he will, too. Spike walks in. He wants to know what they're doing to his wife.

Luis is giving Fancy a ride home. Fancy tries to apologize to him. She thinks Luis is angry at her. Luis is too busy visualizing Fancy stripping, their fake sex scenes, and nearly runs into another car.

Luis admits his mind was not on driving. Fancy want to know where was it then. He blames it on being tired.

A call comes in on the police radio. There is an intruder at the Crane estate. Luis turns on the siren and lights and speeds to Crane's. He prays that Sheridan is safe.

Sheridan is home with James and Chris. She keeps thinking about Luis in the porn tape. James pleads for a bedtime story. She reads him one as Chris watches with satisfaction. Chris hears something outside. He goes to check. It's Spike.

Chris tells Spike he can't keep sneaking on to the Crane estate. They hear the police sirens coming. Spike thinks it's time Sheridan knew the truth about Chris. Chris won't be rushed but Spike doesn't care. He wants his money now. They hear Luis and Fancy coming and they hide.

Luis and Fancy have checked the main house. They didn't find anything so they are checking Sheridan's place. Fancy is investigating outside while Luis checks inside. Fancy cries out and falls to the ground. Luis finds Sheridan in her bedroom watching the porn tape again. Sheridan sees him at her door.


Chad has Whitney fooled

Whitney is still in the dark about Chad's cheating ways. She talks to Theresa on the phone about Chad's gift to her. Now she is convinced he wasn't seeing another woman. Chad's motel key is on the floor unseen. She asks Theresa about Jared's surprise. Theresa tells her she feels horrible. She keeps thinking about Ethan. She takes 2 steps forward and one step back when it comes to getting over Ethan. Whitney wants her to be with Jared. She thinks he's perfect for her.

Jared returns to the hotel room. Theresa explains she's talking to Whitney and then hangs up. Jared decides he wants to dance with Theresa but without their clothes on. And that's what they do amid the kissing. They end up making love again.

After hanging up the phone, Whitney walks by the key without seeing it. Chad and Whitney are back in bed talking. Everything is fine until Chad notices the key on the floor. From the look on his face, Whitney knows something is wrong. Chad plays it off. He makes a move for his pants and the keys. The keys end up under the bed.


Ethan has Gwen running scared

In J.T.'s hotel room, Ethan is about to open the closet door. Rebecca and J.T. are so worried they will be discovered that they make out. Gwen tries to stop him, but Ethan will not be delayed this time. He opens the door and finds J.T. and Rebecca snuggled together. Ethan turns around and calls Gwen a liar.

Gwen faints. Rebecca throws water on her to revive her. Ethan asks J.T. if Gwen is the woman that ruined his life. J.T. confirms it. Gwen says it's just a huge misunderstanding. Ethan won't accept that. "You have been lying to me Gwen!"

He can't believe he believed her over Theresa. "You were the one who leaked my real name to his tabloid. "He can't believe he believed her over Theresa. "You were the one who leaked my real name to his tabloid. "
Gwen said she did it because she loved him. "Theresa has loved me too and all this time she has been telling me that he is innocent and I told her that she was lying and now I find out that she was right. JT is the proof."

Gwen blames her mother for everything. She didn't want to go to the tabloids by Rebecca convinced her it was the only way to hold on to him. It doesn't matter. He wants a divorce. He tries to leave her but she grabs hold of his legs and begs him not to leave.

At least, that is the nightmare Gwen is having while she was passed out. In reality, Ethan is still there. She had called out "Don't leave me, Ethan." He promises her he won't. Gwen comes to. She looks at the closed closet door.

Ethan asks what's wrong with her. He was about to check the noises in the closet when she fainted. She tells him she's just hungry and ask him to get her something to eat. He starts to go but is stopped by the noises of J.T. and Rebecca in the closet. He is annoyed but not angry. He thinks it may be mice.

Gwen tells him she will check it out. She pulls open the door. Ethan looks in but doesn't see J.T. and Rebecca in the closet. Gwen closes the door quickly. She tries to get him to leave again to get the food. He notices her nightgown. He remarks he's never seen it before. It looks like something Rebecca would wear (which she would since it's hers. Rebecca is always prepared with extra lingerie).

Next door, Jared and Theresa are making love and lots of noise. Ethan decides to go tell the people next door to keep it down.

As soon as he leaves, Gwen goes to the closet. Rebecca and J.T. fall out. "Will you two get out of her before my whole life goes up in smoke?"

Ethan bangs on the door. He yells at them to keep it down in there

Gwen orders J.T. and Rebecca to get out of the room while she goes to find Ethan.

Gwen joins Ethan in the hall. Jared peeks out the door and sees them. Theresa joins him to find out what's going on. They're all in the hall looking at each other. J.T. and Rebecca come out of their room and see the four staring each other down. Jared turns toward them.

"Oh my god," Rebecca says to JT. "I think that he has seen us."

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