Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Fancy and Luis suffer the fall-out from their porn tape, Spike strikes Jessica in front of Simone and Paloma, and Ethan discovers Rebecca and J.T. together.

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Sam blasts Luis and Fancy

Sam makes an announcement at the police station about the porn tape starring Luis and Fancy. The police are going to circle the wagons against the bad publicity and its consequences.

To Fancy and Luis, he gives another lecture. Luis tells Sam that it wasn't real. They faked the sex. It doesn't matter, according to Sam. It looks bad for the department anyway.

Sam says the whole thing is a disaster and for once, Alistair is not the blame. Both Fancy and Luis defend their actions. The phrase "lap dance" crops up. Sam says, "tell me there were no witnesses." Fancy answers, "a few but there was no wardrobe malfunction." She takes all the blame. Sam agrees it is all her fault.

Luis jumps to her defense. Sam says her heart may have been in the right place but her head wasn't. No one is going to believe they were faking the sex. The mayor calls. Sam goes to explain things to him but first he orders them to stay away from each other.

Fancy apologizes to Luis. Luis is too tired to care any more. He just wants to go home. He offers Fancy a ride. She accepts and thanks him for everything. While she goes to change clothes, Luis recalls their fake sex. It brings a small smile to his face.

Sheridan watches the porn on the news. The news explains about the sting operation and the porno tape. Chris wonders who was busted, the criminals or Luis and Fancy.

Sheridan is hypnotized by the story. She can't turn away. Chris changes the channel but they're on every channel. He turns off the TV and asks Sheridan if she is okay. She claims she's fine but she can't believe Luis would do that with Fancy and on TV. But Luis is a free man. She has no hold on him. Chris understands, though, that it has to be shocking to see Luis doing it with her niece given their past relationship, and on TV. That clip was way more explicit than any pay-for-view he's ever seen.

James come in because he is thirsty. He asks why is his mother so sad. Sheridan puts on her happy face and says she couldn't be happier.


Jessica gets smacked down

At Jessica's, Paloma, Simone and Jessica watch the porn tape on the news. Paloma worries Pilar will freak if she sees it. Jessica wonders how Noah will take it. Paloma knows it had something to do with the sting operation Luis was involved in. She explains what she knows and about Fancy's part, too. Spike comes in. He gets a good laugh when he sees the two on TV.

"Stinking hypocrites," Spike says. Porno is one thing he wouldn't do. Paloma defends Luis. Spike suggests that he and Jessica make one too. Paloma and Simone have had enough and decide to leave for the station to give Luis and Fancy moral support. Jessica tries to join her friends but Spike wants her to stay with him. She says no. He smacks her and knocks her down.

Paloma and Simone rush to Jessica's side. Spike says he didn't hit her. Simone tells him has to stop abusing Jessica. He claims that heterosexual like it rough. Paloma responds that she likes men but she doesn't like men that hit women. She advises Jessica to get away from him and press charges against him.

Spike orders Jessica to tell them she would never press charges against him and for her friends not to either. If they do, he will tell the police about her part in the murders of the dead johns. She complies. He tells Simone and Paloma to stay away from his wife or Jessica will suffer the consequences.

Chad and Whitney are in bed after making love. Chad tells her they are meant to be together. All the while, he keeps recalling his tryst with the mystery person. Whitney thinks she is the luckiest woman in the world. She has all she needs. She doesn't need anything else. But Chad thinks to himself, he does.

Chad and Whitney did it again. Miles' cries interrupt their cuddling. Whitney goes to check on her son. Neither Whitney nor Chad know see the motel key that dropped from his pants onto the floor. Chad is too busy fantasizing about his mystery lover. Whitney comes back to bed with a drawing by Miles. It's a picture of them, the happy family.

Miles cries again. Chad goes to check on him this time. While he's gone, Whitney calls Theresa to tell her everything is wonderful again. She was wrong to suspect him.

Theresa and Jared are still in bed at the hotel. She votes for not sleeping the night away. They make love but it is Ethan that Theresa keeps fantasizing about.

Jared senses that she's distant. He ask her where was she just now. She was back in the sauna with Ethan. She tells Jared "nothing is wrong. Everything is wonderful." Jared tells her she inspires him. They go back to where they left off. So does her mind. She still has to remind herself that she's with Jared not Ethan.

Jared and Theresa cuddle after sex. Jared gets up to get a drink. He decides to go get his own ice instead of waiting for room service. While he's out, Theresa wonders out loud what's wrong with her. She may be falling in love with Jared because he's so wonderful. So why can't she stop thinking about Ethan.


Gwen, J.T. and Rebecca get caught

Gwen, Rebecca and J.T. rush inside the hotel room just in time. Ethan followed the noise to their door. He bangs on it and calls for J.T. Rebecca and J.T. thinks the situation calls for a drink. Gwen is panicking. Ethan is not giving up. He conveniently finds a service key on a maid's cart and let's himself into the room. He is shocked to find Gwen sitting in bed. She claims she is waiting for him. (It was Rebecca's idea.) Ethan knows that he traced the calls on Rebecca's phone to this hotel and he followed noises to this room. He asks Gwen "Where is J.T.?" He's in the closet with Rebecca.

Gwen lies and says J.T. isn't there. Ethan is not playing dumb this time. He doesn't believe Rebecca when she says she doesn't know J.T. He believes that she outed him to J.T. In the closet, J.T.'s happy place is on the mend and he wants Rebecca to make it happier. Rebecca is staying strong. She doesn't want to be discovered.

Ethan asks Gwen why is she there. Gwen answers she thought it was the perfect time for a get-away. It doesn't feel right to Ethan. Light bulbs are going off in his head. "How did you get here before me? . . .How did you know I would be here in this very room?" Gwen tries to distract him with kisses. It's working until he hears noises from inside the closet. Ethan goes to investigate the noise. Gwen shouts at him "No."

Ethan wants to know why she doesn't wants him to look in the closet. Gwen can't distract him or convince him this time. Ethan is back on track now. He saw a man come in there and he's sure it's J.T. He opens the closet door and discover Rebecca and J.T. He turns around and yells at Gwen, "liar!!"

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