Gwen is in a panic

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Chad lies to Whitney, Chris lies to Sheridan, Fancy is rescued, Kay is happy to know her life makes a difference and Ethan is hot on J.T.'s trail.

Gwen is in a panic image

Life for Miguel and Fox without Kay--bad.

Whitney says good-night to Miles. She stares at Chad's photo and thinks of all the promises he made her. Promises he didn't keep. Chad arrives at her door with flowers. Whitney is not satisfied. She wants to know where he's been and who he's been with.

Chad is guilty but he's not spilling. He tells Whitney he brought her roses because he loves her. That's not exactly what Whitney wants to hear right now. She wants the truth. She interrogates him.

Chad's mind wanders off to his rendezvous at the motel. He lies to Whitney and tells her he was in Boston on business and too busy to call. Wrong answer. Chad decides to come clean, sort of. He confesses to her he was seeing another woman but he did not have sex with that woman. He was having a doll made especially for her. He goes to get it. The doll looks like Whitney. It must be a voodoo doll because now Whitney is apologizing to Chad for being so suspicious. She asks him to make love to her.

Chad lies in bed with Whitney. His thoughts are elsewhere. It kills him to admit it but Whitney is not woman enough for him, not even close. He does not admit it to Whitney.

Miguel and Fox kiss their women. Kay isn't happy that Miguel and Fox are happier without her. Fox and Miguel take off to get ready for their dates. Kay wants to disappear forever. Then she hears the women comparing their men's sizes...
"I wonder whose is bigger."
"They're both huge."
"I think that Miguel is 8. . ."
"Mine is 9. . ."

They're comparing their bank accounts! The women plan to marry the men for their money, the Crane jet, the condo, even the artwork.

These women don't love either Fox or Miguel. Kay understands now that the guys don't have perfect lives without her. She tries to get physical with the women but can't because she doesn't exist. She decides to teach the girls a lesson. She asks Endora for help.

Endora zaps the two "hustling heartless" women and their hair turns into frizzy disasters. She zaps them again and their dresses fall apart. Fox and Miguel walk in on their disheveled dates. The women flee in shame. The men chase after them.

Kay is ready to resume her old life. Endora zaps everybody backs to normal�well, normal for Harmony. Kay is feeling wonderful. "I was wrong," she tells Tabitha. "Everyone wasn't better without me."

The moral to the story for Tabitha is love. "Life is all about love--finding it, winning it, and keeping it. If you want it, all you have to do is marry the man that you truly love."
"Easier said than done," Kay responds.

Sheridan and Chris are still in the bath tub but the bubbles have burst. Sheridan questions Chris. "Are you hiding something from me, Chris?" His mind goes to Alistair and how he ruined his life. Chris lie that the witness protection program makes it difficult for him to answer questions about his past. Sheridan accepts this explanation and apologizes.


Luis and Fancy are in the news

Lester holds Fancy hostage. He demands a helicopter, a passport and $50,000 or it's "bang, bang" for Fancy. Fancy uses her cadet training and escapes Lester's clutches. Luis attacks Lester. They fight for the gun. It goes off. No one is hurt. Lester is captured and taken away in cuffs.

An officer makes a crack about what to call Luis' and Fancy's porn tape. In their defense, Sam publicly congratulates them both for their excellent police work. Privately, however, he chews them out and threatens to kick them both off the force if they're dating!

Luis denies dating Fancy. He follows the rules. Sam isn't so sympathetic to Fancy. He warns her he will kick her out the program if she breaks the rules again. Luis defends Fancy saying she actually was a help. Sam is more worried about their porn tape going public.

Too late! An officer approaches Sam. There's something on the news they need to see. He turns on the TV. It's Luis and Fancy under covers, groaning and moaning in sexual delight.

Chris and Sheridan are in bed. They get an anonymous call. The person hangs up after telling Sheridan to turn on the news. She grabs the remote. The two of them watch in horror at Luis and Fancy doing it on TV.


Gwen fears the worst

There must be no vacancies at the hotel tonight. Rebecca and Gwen are there trying to find J.T. before Ethan. Ethan is there looking for the person who called Rebecca. Jared and Theresa are there in their room enjoying their tryst until a loud commotion in the hall interrupts them. J.T. is the cause. He lies on the ground after his run-in with a food cart.

Jared and Theresa get up to check on the noise. They find the food cart but not J.T. They go back inside their room. As their door closes, Ethan walks by. He didn't see them but Gwen and Rebecca saw him. And J.T. sees Rebecca. He greets her with joy. He goes to hug Gwen and gets kneed in the groin. He falls to the floor in pain. "What are you doing here," she demands. He passes out before he can answer.

Ethan is still roaming the hall. He thinks he heard Gwen's voice. He calls out to her. Gwen panics. She and Rebecca grab J.T. by the legs and start dragging him down the hall. He comes to and complains about Gwen kicking him in his "happy place." He gets to his feet. As they go down the hall, J.T. points out his hotel room. He tries to get in but can't probably because it's not his room. It's Jared and Theresa's room.

They listen to J.T.'s attempts to get inside their room. Jared is annoyed at all the noise and interruptions. He goes to see who it is. Theresa stops him. She looks for something to hit the culprit.

Gwen grabs his key in impatience. She sees that it's the wrong room. They drag J.T. away. Jared opens the door but nobody's there. Jared and Theresa go back to the safety of their bed. They aren't interrupted any more. They enjoy the peace and quiet by making love.

In the hallway, J.T., Gwen, Rebecca hide from Ethan. J.T. yells when he finds his room. Ethan hears him and walks toward the voice. Hurriedly, Gwen tries to open the door. "It's not working!" The situation is driving Rebecca to drink. Gwen finally gets the door opened. They rush in, slamming the door just in time.

Ethan has followed the voice and heard the door close. He knocks on the door. "I know that you are in there," he tells them. If they have anything to do with the tabloid information that got out about him, "I am going to find out!" Gwen is terrified the truth is about to come out.

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