It's a Wonderful Life?!!

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Kay finds out what life would have been like if she had never been born, Ethan tracks down Rebecca's caller, Fancy ends up in danger, Jared tells Theresa he loves her and Sheridan suspects Chris

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Tabitha looks for Kay

Tabitha wonders out loud what Endora did to Kay. Fox and Miguel return to the kitchen. Tabitha asks if they have seen Kay. The two haven't a clue who she is talking about. They leave to complete their chores. They don't want to be late for their dates!

Tabitha flashes back to what Kay said right before she disappeared. Tabitha realizes Endora granted Kay's wish. She was never born!
She tries to coax Kay's whereabouts out of Endora. Endora apologizes and brings Kay back. Tabitha explains to Kay that she got her wish. Just then the boys come in for water. They walk right through Kay!. The guys mentions their hot dates. Kay asks them "what dates." They can't hear her.
It appears that Kay isn't all there.

Kay figures out she's starring in her own version of "It's a Wonderful Life." She wants Endora to fix it but Tabitha thinks it's a wonderful opportunity. The boys think Tabitha is acting weird, talking to thin air. They decide to stick around a little longer and watch her.

Kay is not happy with the developments. Tabitha changes her mind. She thinks Endora should reverse the spell immediately. Kay has changed her mind too. Now she wants to find out what would have happened if she hadn't been born.

She has Tabitha ask them about their lives. Fox and Miguel are both in serious relationships and couldn't be happier. Kay now wants to know why they're so friendly to each other. They talk about how they have been friends since childhood. Fancy remembers the day they met. That was the day she first came between them.

Fox and Miguel lives has been wonderful. Miguel went to college on a scholarship Fox helped him get. He graduated from college, the first in his family. Now he is a vice-president at Crane Industries. They both live in penthouse apartments. They drive Ferrari's. Their dates show up at Tabitha. They are very attractive in a male fantasy kind of way. Kay is dismayed. They are better off without her.

Sheridan looks for Chris. She finds him and a candlelit bath. Chris has prepared it for her so they can celebrate the adoption and she can relax. Sheridan is so grateful.

Chris looks down at Sheridan in her bubble bath. She invites him to join her and pulls him in, clothes and all. The bubble bath reminds Sheridan of a happy childhood moment. She asks Chris about his childhood. He says he can't remember anything special. Sheridan becomes distrustful. She accuses him of hiding something.

Fancy is pleased but she can't figure out how they can do a porn movie and not have sex. Luis promises they won't. They will just fake it so that Lester won't kill them. He blames Fancy for another fine mess she's got them in to. She says she was just trying to help.

Lester interrupts them. "The game's up." He knows what they're up to. Luis starts sweating a little. He plays dumb. Lester isn't much smarter. What he came up with was that Luis wanted Fancy so much that he paid the actor to disappear. Fancy is flattered. She thanks her hero. Luis tells her to save it until they're out of there.

Lester hands them the scanty script. He calls for action and that's what he wants. Fancy slowly drops her towel. They're in bed, kissing but that's not good enough for Lester. He wants them to make some noise. They oblige. All the while, Fancy is fantasizing that it is real and Luis is professing his love for her.

Now she is on top of Luis. Lester complains some more so they moan and groan like they're really having sex.

Lester is very happy now about the film and all the money it's going to bring him. Unfortunately for him, the police finally get there and raid the place. Sam is shocked at what he seesLuis and Fancy naked in bed together.

Fancy and Luis get dressed. Lester has figured out they were in on it all the time. Sam wants to know what's going on with Luis and Fancy. Fancy defends herself, saying she went undercover on her own to help Luis. Sam is livid. Luis gives him the details he found out about Lester's operations. Fancy is in awe. She wonders how he was able to learn all those things. Experience, Luis tells her. Sam tears into her. He is so angry that he threatens to throw her out of the cadet program. Fancy pleads with him not to kick her out. Sam accuses her of not thinking. He will discuss it with her later. He turns his back on her. At that moment, Lester grabs a gun off a policeman and grabs Fancy. He threatens to kill her if they don't let him go.


Jared is in love.

Theresa has followed Jared's instructions. It led her to a hotel room. Jared is waiting for her. He rented out the room just so that they could dance, make a little romance. They dance slowly. Theresa remarks how it feels like they have been dancing together forever. Jared tells her he loves her.

Jared hopes he didn't scare her by moving too fast. She says she's not afraid. Theresa looks at him but all she sees is Ethan saying those words. To Jared, she says she's glad she's with him. She tells him she loves him too.
Theresa thinks he is the most romantic man she's ever met. He promises her more. Jared wants to move the romance to the bedroom. Theresa responds with a surprise of her own. She comes out wearing a red baby-doll nightgown she picked up on the way over. He likes it. He likes it a lot. They kiss.


Ethan doesn't believe Rebecca

Ethan has Rebecca's cell phone. Now he will discover who she's been talking to. Gwen is frightened her mother still has photos of J.T. on the phone. Rebecca can't be sure they were all erased. Gwen knows if Ethan sees even one picture, all her lies will come back to haunt her. J.T. calls Rebecca again. Ethan reads it. "I miss you. We haven't talked since Rome." Gwen is sure it's all over now.

Ethan asks Rebecca if J.T. has been sending her messages. Rebecca once again denies knowing J.T. Ethan says it could be J.T. since he was in Rome. How many people from Rome does she know. She claims plenty. He wants her to name one. She spouts all these Italian men names.

Ethan doesn't believe her. It doesn't matter. He is going to use his firm's GPS tracking system to find out who has been texting her. Ethan gets the answer from the GPS. It is from someone in a hotel right outside Harmony. He demands Rebecca tell him the truth. Was it J.T. Did she do all those things Theresa claimed she did?

Rebecca denies ever knowing J.T. and she denies exposing his paternity. He doesn't believe her. Ethan leaves to check for himself. Gwen sees destruction ahead. She thinks the only thing worse would be Theresa finding J.T. first.

J.T. has finished a whole bottle of champagne. He can't see straight. He can't even dial the numbers on the phone. He leaves his room to look for more champagne.

Jared and Theresa are enjoying cuddling after making love. Theresa is still seeing Ethan's face saying all those words coming out of Jared's mouth. She can't stop thinking about him no matter how hard she tries. They are disturbed by commotion outside the door. They get up to see who it is. It's J.T., fallen-down drunk.

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