Two lurkers, one stolen gun!

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Both Paloma and Fancy want to become police officers, Spike continues to threaten Chris, and someone is lurking outside Theresa's home.

Two lurkers, one stolen gun! image

Luis and Paloma argue about her becoming a cop. Paloma doesn't need Luis vote. She'll become a cop even if he disagrees. Luis still insists he wants her to become a Lawyer, not a police officer. Chief Sam Bennett is standing in the room, not wanting to get in between the two. Luis doesn't want to risk losing her. Sam asks Luis to talk in the back room. Sam and Luis disagree that Paloma should be a police officer, and Sam tells Luis that if he forbids Paloma to become a cop, she'll only do it to spite him. Sam reminds Luis that he has to live with Spike and Jessica being married, but it's better than the alternative.

Luis apologizes to Paloma, telling her that he understands how she feels, but wishes she'd consider another profession. He locks the gun in the top drawer of his desk, and tells her to lock up when she's ready to leave. Chief Bennett and Luis go to the gym.

Theresa is at the mansion, alone, drinking wine. She is thinking back to what her Mother told her, in disbelief. Frightened, she sees someone lurking outside the door! She grabs a vase, opens the door and hits the person over the head. It's Jared! She thought he was a burglar, but he was dropping off flowers to her front porch, so that she would see them when she picked up her morning paper! Jared forgives Theresa for hitting him, and as they clean up he wonders why she doesn't have a ton of men vying for her attentions. The two go inside, put ice on his head. They hear Salsa music playing (Pilar listens to it at night) and begin a sexy dance.

Spike is still torturing Chris, telling him to stay silent about everything. Spike puts his knife away, but threatens him, he'll do what he wants in order to keep his silence. He orders Chris to get the gun back from the Police Station, but Chris thinks it would be easier for Spike to steal it. They agree that Spike will steal the gun.


In the kitchen, Sheridan picks up the pieces of the teacup she dropped, thinking she misunderstood what Fancy was saying. Fancy tells her that she hasn't misunderstood, and is asking for her blessing to date Luis. Sheridan is taking it all in, and agrees that Luis is an incredible man. While Fancy feels that she has spoken too soon, Sheridan stops her, telling her that she wants Luis to be happy. She appreciates Fancy's honesty, and accepts that if she wants to date Luis, she has her blessing. Fancy is overcome with relief and happiness and the ladies hug. Sheridan is turned away from Fancy, getting another cup of tea, trying hard not to cry. When Fancy leaves, she asks ...Dear God, what have I done?...

Trying to gain Luis attention, Fancy thinks about throwing a big rock into his window! Paloma comes out of the police station, just in time to stop her. She happily tells her that she's signing up to become a cop, then guesses that Fancy is into Luis, giving her blessing. Fancy thinks to herself ...I always looked good in Khaki...

After Paloma leaves, she lets herself into the police station in order to get a recruitment form! As Fancy is filling out the form, Spike lets himself into the station, and retrieves the gun from Luis desk. Fancy's back is turned and she doesn't hear a thing! He eyes Fancy, thinking to himself that they have the place to themselves, but Fancy gets ready to leave, so Spike hopes that he'll have another time to get with Fancy.


Luis and Chief are out back at the PD's gym, working out, discussing Sheridan and being with the one who loves them. Sam hopes that Spike doesn't hurt Jessica. He tells Luis he won't rest until Spike is in jail.

Later, Sheridan almost catches Spike in her bedroom with Chris. She's concerned about his blood loss, and goes to get fresh bandages. Spike comes out of hiding, and leaves before Sheridan gets back. Sheridan goes on about how she is happy that Chris isn't lying to her about anything, or connected in any way to her Father.

Paloma arrives home to find Jared and Theresa dancing. Jared asks for a dance with Paloma, and he shows her his moves! Jared tells her about growing up in Santa Cruz, where they grew up! Paloma thinks it's a coincidence that he's now here, dating her sister.

Luis goes back to his office to find Fancy waiting. He looks for the gun in his desk and it's GONE!!

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