Lust for Life

Monday, October 9th, 2006

Fancy and Luis are in a tight spot, the private investigator knows who Chad has been with, Kay gets her wish, and Ethan argues with Gwen about J.T. and Rebecca

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Kay makes a wish

Fox must have completely recovered. He is at Tabitha arguing energetically with Miguel. Tabitha accuses Kay of setting the whole thing in motion. Kay is contrite. She never meant to do that. "'Never meant to' doesn't cut it," Tabitha tells her. "You're not over Miguel." Tabitha believes the funeral is for one or both of the men.

Fox orders Miguel to leave. Miguel answers he doesn't have to because his daughter lives there. And they're off again. Tabitha tells them she'll throw both of them out of if they don't stop the fighting. She points out it isn't good for Endora's tender young ears. The men apologize and leave to do chores for Tabitha. This gives Tabitha another opportunity to lecture Kay on sending mixed signals. She guarantees that if she doesn't stop, someone will be hurt.

Kay begins to feel sorry for herself. She wants to do the right thing but it seems to have the opposite effect. Tabitha guesses that they may have time to change things so that no one dies. Fox and Miguel return at that time and they return to arguing.

After they leave the room, Kay stresses. She calls herself a lousy mother. She blames herself for the breakup of her parent's marriage. And now she believes she may be the cause of one of the men dying. She wishes she had never been born. Endora hears the word "wish" and zaps Kay. She is no longer there.

Tabitha is frantic. She asks Endora where is Kay? Before she can get the answer, Fox and Miguel return. They are much chummier. Tabitha mentions Kay. They have no idea who she is talking about. At first, Tabitha can't believe her ears. The men say if she's hot, they'd like to meet her. She describes Kay to them. They don't know her. Tabitha realizes Endora granted Kay's wishher wish never to have been born.


Luis has a plan

In the back room at the strip club, Lester asks if Luis has a problem with Fancy starring in his porno. They looked like they were real good friends when she was giving him that lap dance. Luis admits they may have run across each other in the past. Fancy denies he was anything but the cheapest customer she ever had. Lester still smells a mole.

Luis says he doesn't care if Fancy does porn. Lester orders Fancy to "stand and drop the towel." Luis interjects that Fancy is a dancer not an actress. Lester responds he's not looking for "no Meryl Strip." Luis tries again to run interference but it isn't working.

Luis chastises Fancy for not leaving when he told her to. Fancy clutches her towel and tells him she was just trying to help. Luis points out she made it worse. Fancy is very sorry. She doesn't think she can do the movie.

Lester butts him and tells her not to ad-lib in the movie. Fancy mentions she hadn't seen a script. Lester gives her her lines. "All you got to say is 'Ooh baby, ooh.'" He calls out her co-star Gary. The "actor" is very happy to meet her. He is licking his lips as he eyes Fancy up and down her body.

Gary is getting a little too close to Fancy for Luis' comfort. He decides to forget the bust and just get both of them out of the room. Lester catches them before they can sneak out. When Gary goes to put on his costume, Luis follows. He makes him a proposition.

Lester is ready to shoot the movie. He calls for Gary. Fancy frets that's she all her own now. Lester notes the script has been changed. Gary is playing a cop. Fancy prays that Luis saves her. Luis comes in dressed in his uniform. Lester remarks if he didn't know any better, he would believe was the real thing. When Lester questions Gary's whereabouts, Luis informs him that Gary left. He is taking his place. Fancy looks very pleased.


Who is Chad seeing?

Theresa and Whitney are still in Theresa's office. Theresa won't believe Chad is cheating on Whitney. Whitney wishes she had "sicked" the private investigator on Chad or Valerie. In fact, she wishes she had followed Val herself. She tells Theresa she's got it easy. She has two great guys falling all over her. Theresa quickly changes the subject. She is thinking about the private investigator she paid to spy on Chad.

That investigator is staked outside the motel where Chad is now. "Cheaters always come back," says the investigator as he looks at the photos of Chad and Valerie. Chad is inside making love to someone we can't see.

Whitney doesn't want to not trust him. Theresa tells her then start trusting. Whitney claims she will. She changes the subject and asks Theresa about Miguel. She goes on to ask about every member of Theresa's family to keep from breaking her promise about trusting Chad. It didn't work. She never listened to a word Theresa said. She calls Chad again and gets his voice mail again.

At that moment, Jared checks in with Theresa. He tells them about all the drama at Tabitha's. He mentions that Chad was with him. This gives Whitney hope that Chad is there at Crane's just like Jared. Jared burst her bubble by telling her that Chad claimed he had somewhere else to go. She calls Chad again with no luck. Jared has returned with an envelope for Theresa. It is a romantic surprise. Whitney is happy for Theresa and Jared but she is obviously feeling sorry for herself. Theresa tells her to go home to her baby and wait for Chad. Whitney says that could be a long wait.

Ever since they got back from Rome, things have gone badly for her and Chad. Theresa remarks that just the opposite happened to her and Jared. She's glad too that J.T. is far, far away.

Chad stepped out of the room to get some ice. The investigator now knows who is the mystery person. He chuckles. Theresa and Whitney won't believe who it is. The person leaves the room, the high heels clicking on the walk. The investigator says "it is amazing the things people do to mess up their lives." Chad says to himself that Whitney would hate him if she knew.


J.T. wants Rebecca

J.T. is sending photos of himself half naked to entice Rebecca to come to his room. On the other end, Gwen is defending her mother to Ethan. She accuses him of badgering Rebecca. Ethan isn't backing down. He is positive J.T. holds the key to why Theresa named him trustee in her will. And he is sure Rebecca is connected to J.T.

Back in his room, J.T. is growing more and more impatient. He blames Gwen for Rebecca's no show. However, at the moment, Gwen is doing her best to protect her mother from the accusations of Ethan. Rebecca is acting very nervous to Ethan. That means she is either hiding something or lying. Whatever it is, Ethan knows she is guilty of something.

As Gwen and Ethan argue about her mother, Rebecca gets more messages from J.T. Gwen pulls out the "Theresa" card. She accuses him of using her mother when it's really about Theresa. He is using her mother as an excuse to leave her for Theresa. Ethan claims it is about the truth. So Gwen gives him the truth (which we all know is a lie) that she and her mother had nothing to do with J.T. and the expos.

Ethan states that he doesn't want to be with Theresa. Just the mention of her name drives her insane, Gwen says. She gets him out of the room on the pretext of checking on Jane. As soon as he is gone, she interrogates Rebecca about the text messages. Rebecca can't deny it wasn't J.T. Gwen is extremely upset. She wants Rebecca to tell her where he is. "Where is the man who can destroy my life?" Rebecca confesses that J.T. is in Harmony but that it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Maybe he can find out what Theresa is up to. For Gwen, the cost of finding that answer will be the end of her marriage. She orders Rebecca to erase all the messages on her phone. J.T. sends Rebecca another one. Gwen begs Rebecca to text J.T. to quit sending her messages and to get out of Harmony. She complies.

Ethan comes back from tucking in Jane and sees the two women. The scene is very suspiciousRebecca seated across from Gwen texting someone. He wants to know who is the person she is texting.

Rebecca can't answer. She sputters something. Ethan knows it's just another excuse. She's given him three different stories. He wants the truth

Gwen tells him he needs to let it go. He refuses and grabs for the phone. He and Rebecca tussle over it. He finally wrenches it from her. Gwen asks furtively if Rebecca had a chance to erase the messages. Rebecca isn't sure. Ethan checks the phone. Now he is going to find out who Rebecca was texting.

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Ethan is going to check the GPS to find out who Rebecca has been texting, Jared and Theresa share a romantic moment, and Lester tells Luis and Fancy he knows what they're up to.

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